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Satisfying Sex is reserved for the “perverted” imaginative minds

Satisfying Sex for both partners is Not within the reach of adolescents and below the mid-age people, with rare exceptions.

Both partners cannot simultaneously enjoy full-blown sexual intercourse if they fail to recollect how they behaved during the puberty stage with respect the opposite sex.

It requires powerful imagination to remember how we behaved in puberty, and the gut to admit that what we did was the proper conduct to go about wooing the opposite sex…

The steady patience to find ways to delicately touch a finger, obstructing the body parts so that they come in contact, as by hazard…

No one was fool in puberty, and the game was admitted and encouraged as the right thing to do… to persist, to develop the imaginative power for sending the proper signal, the proper message of our attraction, of our passion… to devote time, and energy, and patience to just feel the body, the only reality that mattered…

In puberty, more often than not, we dared not look the partner face to face: We prefered to dwell on our imaginative mind, the way we wanted the partner to think of us, to get confused of mixed signals…

In puberty, we were not interested in direct questions and direct answers of the kinds “Do you love me“, “How do you feel about me”, “what do you like about me”… Those mentalistic formulas were not a priority

All these questions and answers are reserved to phases when we shovel our imagination under the carpet, and we start lying to ourselves for believing in the sorts of “Affirm yourself“, “Seek direct confirmation”, “Show confidence in yourself“, “Tell her how you feel”, “Do not give up and keep harassing your partner until you get a satisfactory reply”….

Mid-age people learn to prosecute satisfying sex, not from consciously emulation of the puberty period, but by procuration of  accumulated experience that somehow imitate how we behaved in puberty… recapturing the patience and invested time and energy to woo the other partner… slowly and delicately touching, and getting interested in every portion of the body, every piece of flesh representing the entire body in sensation…

Current movies and sitcom try to fool us that this generation of adolescent is far more mature than the previous one: This is pure fiction.

Mature screenwriters and directors are faking to reminisce on how as adolescent they wanted to behave, Not how awkwardly they behaved, as the law of nature dictates, growing up…

Sure the new generation is far more exposed than other generations in all matter of knowledge and reality of life through the endless streams of music audio-visual internet communication means, but this does not automatically translate in actual field of behavior with the other sex…

If adolescents could write

If adolescents dare to write, in any style, in their own slang, their own words…

They’ll inevitably bridge the gap with mature fiction novels, of authors doing their hardest, to recall how it was to feel, empathyze, share with mankind suffering, pain, and struggle to keep humanity healthy and sane… Trying their hardest and barely remembering, skin deep…

This post is supposed to be a draft, pending your stories, replies and comments…

“Adon’s World”:  A new way of life; (Dec. 12, 2009)

Start with the premise that your child is a special beast, behaving worst than a pet animal, with the full right to becoming an entity different from anyone else, and has the right to develop his full potentials, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Then, close your eyes and imagine how your child should be raised.  I am offering the following experiments:

One, “Indulge your child in the entire sensory material world (that does not kill him or maim him will strengthen him) and repeatedly, till the age of puberty; then, desist indulging on sensual pleasures to the bare necessity.”  The rationale is that, at that early age, the brain gets connected and trained to perceive the world from repeated signals and impressions from the outside material world, nature, community, and interactions.  When we are born, our brain has only 20% of the potential neurons to be developed.  Thus, your brain is learning to perceive the world as a “coherent entity”, a world that seems to be governed by activities of cause and effects.  After puberty, the brain is mostly engaged in re-structuring and maintaining what has been stored and registered. Thus, overindulgence after puberty is the ruin of health, confusion in the mind, and proliferation of worries and problems with no return for the brain development.

Two, “Exposed your child to all kinds of pains (that do not kill or maim him) till the age of puberty and then, let him flee any pain like the plague”.  Rationale: your developing brain has to be trained to control mechanisms in order to guide your well oiled “common sense” practices; your brain will be better equipped to guide your decision away from rash decisions and to plan for the longer term pleasures of the mind.  After puberty, we no longer have to suffer pain or try to endure it if we have treatments to alleviate it, because pain is totally counterproductive in all mental or physical activities.

Three, “Do not impress on your child to fear the Gods or the animal kingdom.” If you survived till your brain was properly trained and adapted to reflect, study, and control your behavior then, your well-developed “conscience” is a good moral guidance to rely on.

Four, “Do not worry about death and show your child that death is around the corner.” You are already a happy reflecting independent mind and you will adapt to happy philosophies that do not dwell so long on what happens after death. Fight against the “valleys of tears” teachings. Since it is a matter of belief then pick the positive and pleasurable belief.

Five, “The individual is a whole and integral microcosm of the universe and he is holy.” Struggle for the dignity of the individual, his well-being, and equality in human rights.  The more you repeat these rights to your child the better he is ready to raising high the flag of human rights.  We were all born to be free from oppressions and crimes against humanity and we must enjoy opportunities to be freed from oppressive environments.

Six, “Spirit and matter are one entity; the world of ideas and the material world are perception of our brain.”  Our brain has learned to unite these two worlds as a “coherent whole” and he may also dissociate them at will if necessity for survival arises. Once the brain is dead then the world is dead. Your friends will remember your good deeds and keep your memory alive. Thus, every individual created a world as he perceives it; there are as many worlds as living human beings. Listen to the other point of view carefully: his world is as real and viable as yours.

Seven, “If you are an introvert then enjoy your seclusion in good conscience. If you are an extrovert then go into politics with good conscience.” Do not fight your naturally acquired behavior; what was not rectified before puberty has no chance to be corrected. Your job is to investigate the best alternatives that extend and express your behavior.

Eight, “Do not worry about your neighbor until he asks for aid; then, extend a helping hand with all your might and energy”. Respect your neighbor’s sense of dignity and his individuality. Your neighbor might be your best resource to re-structuring your brain.

Nine, “Constantly work on improving your body, mind, and the pursuit of continuing education.” You have to learn to enjoy physical exercises, mental problem solving, and living in nature.

Ten, “Refrain from over indulgence in everything”: it is an ugly sight dying looking constipated. Moderation is the optimum strategy for a happy and durable comfortable and healthy life.”

Eleven, “You are a perfect atheist if you failed believing in the dignity of your own soul”

Twelve, “Never shirk the concept that you may once experience a fusion with the “cosmic spirit”, the “cosmic consciousness”, and feeling one with God.” Keeping the highest expectations in your mind and working on viable solutions will bring the best results in health, comfort, and pleasurable activities.”

Thirteen, “Refrain from extreme positions unless your goal is to reach a consensus for a working resolution.” Dialectical processes of thesis, antithesis and then synthesis of extreme concepts work in the long-term; time for reaching a consensus can be shortened commensurate to world knowledge development, and universal political institutions with executive power.  Thus, if you encourage the middle ground then, do not discourage extreme positions (unless violent actions are witnessed): the necessity of survival will select the appropriate period for social development.

Fourteen, “Once a grown up individual dies then an entire universe vanishes.” Nothing is lost, the interactions of the dead individual played the catalyst to changing many lives and transforming views on the universe. Knowledge is propagated and developed.




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