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“Writing Rights” Daydream project

1. Everyone who has a manuscript to publish in Hard Cover should be able to publish it without an editor, As Is.

2. And for Free.

3. The new author will b provided with board and shelter at the publishing center until he finishes publishing his manuscript.

4. The first batch will be of 3 copies: One for the author, one for the center and the third one for the local library where the author resides

5. If the book generates enough interest by word of mouth, then another batch will be produced at cost, including the salary of the author and the main editor of the larger batch.

6. One rule: The author has to work in the center, focusing on his manuscript and be paid minimum wage for part time jobs in the center.

7. The author will enjoy the environment to connect and learn the publishing business while in the center

8. Manuscript from all languages, even the dying ones, and those of very ancient alphabet and other characters will be welcomed.

9. The author will be his own master and his own editor for the first batch, no questions asked.

10. These publishing centers around the world will encourage any writer to publish in his own slang and in whatever culture

11. These centers will disseminate the cultures and languages, even within minority communities, and encourage people to write in their own slang.

12. For languages with No computerized word software, a software engineer will work with professional linguist and graphic designers to simplify the characters

13. For verbal languages, the author will select the written language he prefers to translate the vocals into words, preferably in the language the local community will eventually learn.

The vision behind these centers is that the first step toward acquiring consciousness is to put into words what your spirit is speaking.

The objective is to move to the second step of awakened consciousness by actively applying your knowledge and life experience




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