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Jon Stewart: “A terrible place, even if you don’t live there. Democracy in the Middle East is so hard. Maybe we shouldn’t have done it Second Amendment first.”

Jon Stewart mocks US peace efforts as we sell weapons and disrupt all sides

Jon Stewart makes a very sad observation about the Middle East that while done comically, is very serious.

After watching the video it’s hard to believe that our involvement have been a net positive for the stability of the region.

“The Middle East, this is terribly upsetting,” Jon Stewart said.  “It remains in turmoil. This is a dangerous region. Even for people who don’t live there and say merely express the mildest of concern about the humanitarian tragedy of civilians who have nothing to do with the warring factions, only to take rat shit from everyone who went to your bar mitzvah.”

It is evident that Jon Stewart is not taking kindly to the recent attacks on him from both the Right and the Left for examining the inability to question Israeli actions and taking a moral stance on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

In this schooling Jon Stewart demonstrates the hypocrisy of America’s involvement in the Middle East.

America pushed for democracy in the region. When democracy elected the wrong leaders in Palestine, Egypt, and other places, America was not so happy for democracy.

America provided millions to prosperous Israel for its missile defense system, Iron Dome.

And while needy Americans cannot get funding for programs to help build its middle class, politicians are attempting to add $225 million to the Border Bill for Israeli missile defense. Priorities anyone?

America’s arms dealing is worse.

It turns out the United States sells arms to all the characters in the region directly or indirectly. The arms that went to Syria may ultimately end up in the hands of ISIS. American arms in Afghanistan are likely falling into the hands of the Taliban. Qatar funds Hamas even as we sell them $11 billion in arms. “Are you re-gifting,” Jon Stewart asked.

It is hard not to be cynical about America’s fervor for military involvement.

It is hard not to see a defense industrial complex’s propensity to influence politicians on taking military stances for their profit.

“Democracy in the Middle East is so hard,” Jon Stewart said. “Maybe we shouldn’t have done it Second Amendment first.”




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