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What singer Xriss Jor has to do with Lebanon, Dubai Music Week, and Quincy Jones?

A jury that consisted of Timbaland and Will.i.Am chose Lebanese Xriss Jor as the winner of the talent part at the Dubai Music Festival. Xriss performed Listen by Beyonce. As a result, Jor will sign a record deal contract with Sony Music and producer Quincy Jones, who has worked previously with Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra.

She will get a single and a music video out of this.

Lebanese Xriss Jor Wins At Dubai Music Week, Signs Recording Contract With Quincy Jones

Xriss Jor Dubai Music Week

Xriss was competing with Emirati singer Hamdan Al Abri, Dubai-based Lebanese band Jay Wud, Lebanese singer DD Fox and Sudanese R&B singer Nile.

I figured her name was familiar so I looked into her some more and it transpired that she was a contestant on The Voice and managed to reach the later stages of the show before being disqualified in the 1/4 finals.

Those talent show contestants keep going at it until they hit the jackpot apparently.

Another batch will find its way to the spotlight tonight with the re-launching of Star Academy.

This seems to be Xriss Jor’s most popular performance on The Voice:

And this is the version of Listen that I was able to find:

Dubai is all about music these days.

Another Lebanese band is participating in another music event taking place there.

Make sure you head to Pepsi Band Slam and support Adonis (Funny, my name just keeps popping up everywhere and in every industry)

Note: Got this link from Tania Saleh on FB “GOOSE BUMPS ALL THE WAY!!!!!WHAT AN AMAZING LEBANESE VOICE!!!!




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