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So many were raised in Lebanon and on Lebanon:

How many of them do care anymore about this bankrupt pseudo-State?

I was raised on Lebanon

Samer Asfahani

I was raised on stories of a paradise city in a pleasant and fertile land

Where the mountains, rivers and seas played as backdrop to life

I heard of a city so beautiful, so true that it could only be compared as the Paris of the Middle East

It’s a peculiar thing to love a country that does not raise you, a love formed from the nostalgia of your parents’ generation

To be raised in one home, but pine for another

It is a not a unique situation, the plight of the Lebanese diaspora to have more of us outside the country than in

An entire generation raised on a Lebanon that no longer exists, trying to understand their part in a Lebanon that does

Witnessing a domestic generation fight corruption and strife on an unfathomable scale while we fight adopted injustices in adopted nations

To witness death and destruction on a city you love but don’t understand

And how to respond as a Lebanese Brit living in America

Through donations, through social media, through prayer?

An apt reaction to pick up a pen to write about my father’s country, one for which he has used an ocean of ink on a forest of paper

This tragedy is the crescendo in the suffering our country has faced in recent months, and recent years

While it is unclear how, or to what end, our distant generation is coming of age and must have a role to play

Why so would such events pain us, why so would we feel so much for a home that was never our hearth

To go beyond memories and nostalgia, beyond thoughts and prayers

And back to the Lebanon we were raised on




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