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Just for boasting (Kanfashi wa bass)? Is that all Lebanese “nouveau riche” was up to?

Un paon (tawouss) spreading his feathers for show and nothing substantial to back it up?

Even his feather are artificial and designed by incompetent and extra expensive art designer, and many of those designers ended up Not paid when the “fund” (borrowed from a bank) dried up

The Lebanese was willing to back any za3im (militia/mafia sectarian “leader” in order to build an Non necessary large villa, preferably on a hilltop and Not surrounded by any neighbor, and Not able to maintain it from his fixed income.

This inconsequential Lebanese needed to buy the latest iPhone, car, luxury items, throw the largest and most expensive wedding to his kids… As if people had no idea who he was, what is his real job, how he managed to come to this temporary wealth that cannot be sustained…

I know that most Lebanese have been living from their inheritance for many decades now, and most of our assets have been depleted and sold to the new returning “Real Estates” developers, freshly arriving from Saudi Kingdom, Dubai, Imarat, Africa…

Those earlier generations who travelled to the harshest of countries to eek out a living and starting from the little they had and made it with their stubborn work… are no longer here to give the example and guide and prod.

Those “Key vote persons” in a locality just wait for any kind of election to boast (rakkez tarboush) that they have a number of voting power in the locality and wait to the last hour of the closing booths to see where the wind is going, which candidate is willing to pay higher… and raise their price to sell their “voters slaves” (brothers, sisters, grandparents, eligible sons and daughters, extended family members…)

I feel so comfortable and glad with my confinement because of Covid-19: all those busy asses are also confined and running out of ideas how to keep showing off and driving their latest speed cars.

I don’t believe this extended confinement has changed the behavior of those self appointed “bourgeois”: Give them a free green light and they get back to their previous routines.


ما في شعب بالعالم بيسكن بشقة 250 متر
و بيعمل نصها صالون كبير و سفرة ومطبخ امريكي

مفتوح مشان لما يجي عندن ضيوف يقولوا والله بيتهن مرتب و حلو .
ما في شعب بيوم عرسه بيدفع راتب 4 سنين مشان يقولوا عليه قد المقام و عيلتو بتبيض الوجه..
نحنا كلنا عايشين غلط باختلاف طبقاتنا و إمكانياتنا المادية !..

من عند الشخص اللي ماسك آيفون 11 وراتبه على قده ، لعند الام اللي بتشتكي غلاء سعر الخضرة وهي بترمي نصها بالزبالة آخر النهار !
نكون صريحين

نحنا مش فقراء .. نحنا أغبياء
نحنا شعب تعبان تدبيرياَ..

للأسف مستهلك وغير منتج بالمرة
نحنا شعب بحب التفنيص وبيعشق المظاهر
(mrakkaz al tarboush)

بنشتغل بوظائف ما منحبها ومن خارج اختصاصنا مشان نشتري أشياء ما بنحتاجها مشان نثير اهتمام أشخاص بنكرهن !!.. تخيلوا..

اليوم من اول هزه صغيرة.. الكل بصيح وبيشكي.

كورونا و مصروف كورونا كان درس النا كلنا
لنصحى ع حالنا..

طلع فينا نقعد بالبيت ايام طويلة بدون ما نطلع نتسوق و نصرف..

وطلع فينا نتزوج بدون حفلة وصالات و معازيم..
وفينا وفينا وفينا.

والحياة سهلة اذا تخلينا
عن التفكير بكلام الناس وشو بدو يرضى الناس..
وفينا نسلم بدون تبويس و أحضان .. .

البخل شي بشع وانا ماعم قلكون كونوا بخلاء
بس ياريت نخفف مظاهر بلا طعمة..

كل التلفونات بتقول الو.. مش ضروري نبيع الكلية
ونرهن الكنبايات لنشتري تلفون ما فيو اي فرق عن اللي معنا..
لازم نغير كل أسلوب حياتنا ونعيش على قدنا.





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