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Bored. Boredom. An environment, you got to invent excitement

An environment, no matter how hard you look around,

Nothing is to be found to hang on to it for a hint of excitement.

Pain is more powerful than death

And boredom is next to pain in power.

Too hot to take walks.

No car to flee the premises of confinement

The idea of laying down and imagine a hot sexual encounter is to much of an old trick to sustain

The idea to figure out a day dreaming project is an old hat.

You already know that the Witch Wang will Not function

Alcoholic people are bored people.

A few addicted smokers need this break to figure out the next task

To reschedule a general plan for the long day.

Housewives keep dusting, vacuuming, re-arranging, re-designing…

Bored. Boredom

Zeh2en. Shi bi zahe2

Kind of feeling healthy with no pains

Any mild pain would do to focus your mind on

One constipation per week that would last a day and a night

A stomach ache once a month, the kind of gases, that no farting will do to alleviate the uneasiness.

This feeling that something is rotten inside.

Or the intestines is too dry to absorb extra gases

Just lay down and hope to sleep it off.

In downtown, many marches, demonstrations and sit-in.

By youth movements that have gotten fed up of a locked out future.

Treated like chattel by militia leaders who still control the political system.

Even hunger strikers whom the government had ignored for 10 days.

Joining the hunger strikers is a great idea.

Now I need a ride, but no one to volunteer.

Mother would not mind if I joined the hunger strikers,

On condition that I include quitting smoking.

7erak madani. 7erak shababi. 7erak for social changes.

Great events taking place, but no where to go.

7erak to vanquish boredom. To imagine hope in the horizon.

To cling to any reform, before illusion sets in.

Bored. Boredom.

A state when it dawns on you that life sucks.

Lucky the people who die early on.

Before they get convinced that life simply sucks.

Before they experience utter boredom.

Living with an elderly mother who would welcome a good storyteller

Or any TV stories and series

I know no stories and I’m a lousy story teller.

No patience for stories.

No one visiting us to hope that mother will spend quality time.

The purpose of the very few who pay us a visit is to raise mother’s blood pressure

And increase her frustration and despair.

Waiting for the night fall so that mother go to bed.

The night is my free time and hope for good movies and documentaries to fill the time.

I refuse to get up before 9 am: the days are too long to suffer

I have been mulling a second life change

On another continent and far away from relatives

Never to return or be in contact with any one I knew.

Does life provides a second change for older people

To try a new life?




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