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Why do I read? (May 12, 2009)


Note:  After I started publishing my main reason for reading has changed.  I purposely read for discovering themes that I can develop based on individual reflection after due study and reporting from sources in three languages English, French, and Arabic.  Before the publishing phase I had other urgent reasons for reading; a natural progress.  I decided to publish my initial urging for reading; these reasons were written at least seven years earlier.


Keeps Me Sane


Reading keeps me sane.

The time for enjoying a great book is still there, and always will be.

I expect jewels on human relationship.

I like surprises of reveal feelings that I would never divulge;

Either to a shrink or to anyone at my deathbed;

Feelings that reveal emotions I thought were my exclusive domain.

I am amazed at puerile ideas that I would be ashamed to express;

Dangerous tendencies that I like to ignore.


      The more I read, the more I am convinced that I am sane,

That everyone is sane given time to read as much,

That humankind shares every thought and emotion I can come up with.

Accepting that humbling knowledge needs time,

Time to reach a stage of vulnerability where life seems too complex;

For diminishing energy and forever growing dreams.


      Run baby run, though you are sane and think otherwise.

Sink baby sink, though you are not much different than your neighbor.

Once I realized that feelings are common to all,

What little work remains is a trifle.

It is a job you did all your life with no effort: Acting normal,

Acting normal to all who cannot stand reading.


Why wait to be reincarnated, now and then,

Over thousands of years, as a new kind of animal?

Why not have a thousand human souls in a lifetime?

Every character in a story is you.

Under different time, country, climate, class, birthrights, condition, situation

Social, political, financial, and gender; any character could have been you.


You span the whole gamut of human emotions

You are the good, the bad, the evil, the saint.

You are the rich, the poor, the nobleman, the peasant.

You are the genius, the idiot, the hardworking, or the fainéant.

Pick a well described character, good or evil, personify it,

And the story changes as you change,

Your heart and mind reedit the story as you change character.

The character could have been you; it is you indeed.

You can be everybody, everywhere and it is still a fact,

You are a changed person, many peoples in one.

How can your best friend empathies with you if he hates reading?

How can someone who cannot know himself empathies with your many selves?

The odds for a one-life men (who doesn’t read) could empathies

With someone with a thousand lives is almost nil.

You earned the rights to be richer, more complex, and much different.

You ought to feel proud on this discriminating dimension.


      My everlasting appreciation to my heroes

The writers who bared their souls,

They endured the ultimate hardship to make it possible

For me to endure myself and grow.

I hate to talk, read, and write. Oh, and I hate math: Different teaching resolutions… 


I got this revelation. 

Schools use different methods for comprehending languages and natural sciences.  Kids are taught the alphabet, words, syntax, grammars, spelling and then much later, they are asked to compose essays.  Why this process is not applied in learning natural sciences?

I have strong disagreement on the pedagogy of learning languages. 

First, we know that children learn to talk years before they can read. Why kids are not encourage to tell verbal stories before they can read?  Why kids’ stories are not recorded and then translated into the written words to encourage the kids into realizing that what they read is indeed another story telling medium?

Second, we know that kids have excellent capabilities to memorize verbally and visually whole short sentences before they understand the fundamentals. Why don’t we develop their cognitive abilities before we force upon them the traditional malignant methodology?  The proven outcomes are that kids are devoid of verbal intelligence, hate to read, and would not attempt to write even after they graduate from universities.

Arithmetic and math are used as the foundations for learning natural sciences. We learn to manipulate equations; then solving examples and problems by finding the proper equation that correspond to the natural problem (actually, we are trained to memorize the appropriate equations that apply to the problem given!).  Why we are not trained to compose a story that corresponds to an equation, or set of equations (model)?

If kids are asked to compose essays as the final outcome of learning languages, then why students are not trained to compose the natural phenomena from given set of equations?

Would not that be the proper meaning for comprehending the physical world or even the world connected with human behavior? 

Would not the skill of modeling a system be more meaningful and straightforward after we learn to compose a world from a model or set of equations?  Consequently, scientists and engineers, by researching natural phenomena and man-made systems that correspond to the mathematical models, would be challenged to learn about natural phenomena. Thus, their modeling abilities would be enhanced, more valid, and more instructive!

If mathematicians are trained to compose or view the appropriate natural phenomenon and human behavior from equations and mathematical models then the scientific communities in natural and human sciences would be far richer in quality and quantity.




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