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Back to school for Real Seniors in Lebanon: Sort of continuing education

 If you know anyone aged 50 and above in Lebanon who would like to go to AUB to take part in VERY interesting courses and programs and events, at extremely low prices (and scholarships are even available!)

Especially catered to them, in a FUN atmosphere, send them the below link to the new Fall/Spring programs of the University for Seniors.

I used to help organize these, and used to be lucky enough to attend many of the courses and programs, and trust me, they are AWESOME.

You do NOT have to be an AUB graduate, or any kind of a graduate to attend!

Some activities in English, others in arabic

The vision: Where older adults remain intellectually and socially engaged, energized to learn new things, and active contributors to their communities.

Fees are 150$ for a full term- regardless how many classes or lectures you attend!

Registration is next week! I recommend you go early so you get your first choice for classes to attend! They fill up FAST! Registration starts on Monday September 15th.

Term runs from 29 September to 12 December. For info, Phone: +9611350000 Ext 2563 or 3632

Don’t be intimidated, I promise it is EASY and FUN and WORTH IT!

ps. the team in charge (Maya Abi Chahine and Amani Zaidan) are SUPER friendly and will make registration a piece of cake for you, even if you are a first timer!

Yalla everyone join! or get your parents or grandparents to join! i promise they will have a

— with Maya Abi Chahine, Ayman Jalloul, Maurice Rustom, Amani Zaidan and Nadim Frenn.

Note: Someone was willing to pay my fees a couple years ago, but I had no steady ride to go to Beirut. Now that I may get a ride, I might have to pay the fees.




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