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Why this wave of immigration to Africa at the turn of the 20th century?

There are evidences that most of the immigrants, (from the Levantine region such as Lebanon and Syria), at the turn of the century paid dear money to go to “America” (read the USA).  Many scoundrel ship Captains tried to increase their turnover rates of customers; thus, they dropped many travelers in Africa and told them “Here is America”.

Many Lebanese, Syrians, and Palestinians ended in Cuba, Mexico, Brazil and elsewhere: “Here is America” would say the ship captains.  Then, those established immigrants sent for their relatives. 

The city of Sao Paulo (Brazil) counts twice more Lebanese descendants than all of Lebanon.  Immigrants from the Levant used to be called “Turks” because they were citizens of the Ottoman Empire; then, they were called Syrians after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in 1918.  Being called a Syrian meant to be a citizen of one of the independent Levantine States.

Immigrants to Africa were fleeing famine during the first world war: locusts and the Turkish army (worse than locusts because they horded all the food and forced citizens to enlist in this empoverished and demoralized army).  Many citizens bartered their lands and houses for a loaf of bread or wheat clandestinally brought from Syria by mule caravans.

Immigrants to Africa managed to accumulate wealth in honest hard work, mostly in trading or commerce; many of them were the lonely “white” people in remote areas like my young parents. Many were entirely robbed of their saved and hidden money and they restarted in another town like my young parents; fact is, my parents were robbed of everything one month prior of my birth.  Immigrants imported from France or England and traded with the lovely natives.  Mother used to tailor make cloths from “patrons” or drawings in fashion magazines and then offer new born complete set of needed clothing. Immigrants  installed the first motors to generating electricity.

Africa is still the best place to immigrate to and make money.  The only handicap is that the USA, China, and France are constantly distabilizing this rich and beautiful continent. Until these colonial powers come to terms on how to divide regions of influence and plunger its natural resources Africa will be the land of stupid genocides and tribal warfares.  Africa is the continent of the future where it is great to settle in and work hard among great people in heart and in life style.

From 1970 and on, Lebanese from the south immigrated to Africa and Detroit to flee the frequent collective “reprisals” of Israel against so-called Palestinian “rocket launching” and infiltrations into northern Israel.  This wave of immigration increased during the following 13 years of civil war that began in 1975.  

The Lebanese graduates immigrated to continue their education in the US and Europe. My stay in the US lasted 20 years because of the civil war; I had to be in frequent touch with the Red Cross to get news from my family: there were no internet or cellular phones.

Note: Israel has been accepting Africans in the 1980’s as slave workers (from Eretria, Sudan, Ethiopia…) in order to refrain from using the Palestinians. This July, 2013, Israel is in contact with several African States to barter the African immigrants in Israel in exchange for arms.

What that! Nobel Prize for Passivity? (October 17, 2009)


            A new Nobel Prize is created!  The criteria are no longer life-time award for active fight on famine, diseases, human rights, establishing international organizations for caring to the wounded fallen on battle fields (Red Cross), catering to the lowest castes of humanity, coming to the scour of human dignity buffeted and trampled by the blood sucking “mosquitoes”.  Nobel Peace Prize has changed criterion: it is awarded to new political leaders to encourage them to work toward peace; a sort of pre-emptive incentive hoping that the dangled “bait” might promote peace more effectively than waiting for actual deeds.

            What that? He is barely 9 months in office and nothing tangible to show and account for that he might be a potential “peace loving” leader.  Was Barak Obama awarded the most honored Peace prize for canceling the “offensive missile shield” in Europe simply because the US can no longer afford extra expenses and China refused to cough up the dough? Was Obama rewarded in exchange of Brazil being selected as the next soccer Olympic site?  Was Obama awarded this prestigious prize for voting NO to the discussion of the report on crimes against humanity committed in Gaza? Was Obama rewarded for increasing troops in Afghanistan (over 40,000 soldiers) since he came to power?  Was Obama rewarded this life-time achieving work for failing to put a hold on further Israeli expansion on lands not its own?

            Is the Nobel committee too lax and anxious to debase the value of Peace Prizes?  I sit lacking worthy nominees and opting for the last come first served candidates?

            What that?  How come the Peace Prize has become exclusively awarded to political leaders?  Why all these political leaders were selected from among those who signed “peace treaties” on the White House Lawn (blue, rose, green, I forgot, but never white) before waiting for the proper execution of the terms of the peace contracts?  Began and Sadate were awarded this prize and then Begin started his pre-emptive war on Lebanon in 1982 and Sadate encouraged the civil war in Lebanon to go on indefinitely. Arafat and Rabin were awarded the same prize and then all the peace process terms were freezed and canceled by successive Israeli leaders.

            The Norwegian Nobel committee, used to award “Peace Prizes” for personalities who contributed greatly to communicating the spirit of peace and actively working toward instituting peace around the world and in their communities; the decisions have been politicizing: they contributed to lavishing this prize to totally undeserving individuals of war criminals and criminals against humanity. The latest of awardees is Israel President Simon Perez who said lately: “Israel can protect its babies against Gaza babies” and who participated in the decision making to perpetrate genocide on the Palestinian civilians in Gaza and shelled the UN peace keeping forces in Qana Lebanon in 1986 killing 120 civilians and double in severe casualties.  Many deserving Nobel Peace Prize awardees signed a petition saying that they feel ashamed that Peres was awarded such an honorable prize.

            The Norwegian committee has awarded this prize to Kissinger, the US Secretary of State under Nixon who prosecuted the Viet Nam war until it was a losing case; Kissinger is the one who planned and prosecuted the Lebanese civil war in conjunction with Sadate of Egypt.

            What that? Any President to the US after Bush Junior could have gotten this award!  Should this prize be extended to the American people simply because they got tired of all the Bush Junior Administration nonsense and for witnessing the worst world financial crash?

            I suggest that the Nobel Peace Prize be split into two prizes: the life-time social activists for human peace and the most passive political leader who refrained from interfering in other states affairs. It is the responsibly of the Norwegian government or its Parliament to strip the names of those who won these prizes and then proven to be undeserving from the list of this Hall of Fame or we will label this list the Hall of Shame!


Note: Read my previous post “No mas for Nobel Peace prizes” published on January 15, 2009.

The under-developed countries are plagued with common diseases: any Resolutions? (February 15, 2009)

Fundamentally, most governance in “non-developed” countries is performed on a caste-structure basis, regardless of religion, race, language, or colonial mandates. 

I have written many articles on caste structures but this is not the topic of this articles.

The facts are that many diseases that have been conquered and eliminated in the developed States, are still raging in the poorer States, and millions die uselessly, especially kids under 5 year-old.

 Why the funds and medical aides from the developed States and the UN are not making a dent in saving millions from common diseases that already had remedies for decades? 

Since 1941, penicillin has vanquished countless microbes and new antibiotics are being produced to counter the resilience of microbes that have developed resistance strategies, such as the Staphylococcus and other Streptococcus.

Diseases like malaria, diarrhea, measles, tuberculosis, cholera, polio, and countless others banal diseases that have vaccines, or can be treated with antibiotics, are still rampant and killing everyday thousands of babies and adult under-developed States.

The best angle to analyze the topic is to divide the diseases in three categories: 

The first category represents the diseases that have effective and cheap vaccines and antibiotics;

The second category represents disease that require costly vaccines, expensive treatments, and common surgeries, but can effectively cure;

And the third category is reserved for diseases that have no cures, but can be contained for several years until progress is achieved like AIDS and a few other cancerous cases.

For the third category, funds are allocated to the under-developed States, simply because the rich States need guinea pigs to experiment with treatments that are traumatic in their own communities.

The first category is the most promising for decreasing drastically the casualties at an affordable cost.  Basically, the vaccines and the prior generations of antibiotics have already covered the expense of experimentation, and have been a cash cow for many decades. 

The main expense would be to train local nurses in remote communities, and university students in medicine, to administer vaccines and inexpensive antibiotics that are still effective.

The second category is not as urgent for the under-developed States as the funding and the structural organizations for eradicating the diseases in the first category. 

There has been a mobilization in 1994 for creating a world bank for medicaments and vaccines, and a few States invested funds in that bank, but there was lack of active pursuit for the long-term. 

All the health related branches in the UN such as UNICEF, OMS, PAM, FUND, Red Cross, and Red Crescent have been working on the field for many decades, but diseases are gaining the upper hand.

The scarcity of resources allocated to fighting disease in the under-developed States need to be restructured.  Priority should be given to diseases in category #1, before attacking effectively diseases in category 2. 

At least, trained nurses and medical students would be ready to tackle more complex treatments.

Note: Constitutions in the under-developed States are shells. Constitutions were created to satisfy the basic requirements for adhering to the UN as a member State. Saudi Arabia failed to satisfy even a single clause of the UN Charters.

No Independent Palestinian State? Think again! (January 16, 2009)


Note: Israel pounded yesterday the south-west corner of Gaza City and had demolished the UN agency headquarter and the Red Cross hospital; 500 injured Palestinian babies were trapped in these locations.  The death toll has climbed to 1,100 and the injured to 5,200; the world community is finally realizing that apartheid Israel has gone way too crazy against the UN charters. Keeping silent on the facts that this is a war crime being perpetrated in Gaza is no longer tolerable.


            The US, Europe, the hateful Moubarak of Egypt and the Wahhabi monarchy in Saudi Arabia  do not want a sustainable Palestinian State in the West bank and Gaza; they want a recognized Palestinian State by name only, devoid of the conditions attached to an independent and self-autonomous status.  They want what their puppet of “Palestinian” Abbass is willing to bow to, under the excuses that resisting the Zionist occupation should not involve arms struggle, no matter the humiliation and miserable conditions that the Palestinian people are subjected to.

            Hamas represents the dignity and pride of the Palestinian to stand tall and reclaiming their rights as deserving people under the sun, with full recognition and the application of the UN charters on the apartheid Zionist State.  The religious ideology of Hamas is a byproduct for denying the Palestinian people their due rights and recognition; when the liberal approaches of negotiation and democratic results are canceled, trampeled, and made a mockery by the US Administrations and the EU.


I have published in November 12, 2008 “The State of Palesrael: a future plausible resolution” and I feel compelled to re-iterate my position after the Gaza fiasco and the genocide that has been watched live for over 20 days.


            There are reams and reams of plans and counter plans and resolution suggested to containing this everlasting unjust and uncalled for reality of the 20th century monstrosity that permitted the establishment of the State of Israel by displacing its original inhabitants (the Palestinians), as one of the worst monstrosities in this century. There are two viable solutions for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, short of exterminating one party or the other or most probably both, that has been spreading death, disabilities, miseries, indignities and humiliation since 1920.

Before the Gaza onslaught, Israeli Olmert PM had declared that “the time to facing truth has come”.  Since the Madrid convention in 1990 among the Arab States and Israeli delegations, (mediated by the Bush Father US Administration), for a resolution of this conflict, it was becoming evident that the “Biblical” strategy of Israel, for further expansion and pre-emptive wars, is no longer tenable.  A resolution was contemplated but the US had an old battle plan to prosecute: invading Iraq. The US allowed Israel to scrap the comprehensive agreement of “land for peace”

The Bush Junior administration dusted off this war plan and invaded Iraq. This invasion has failed miserably but Israel realized that it is no longer a necessary State for the strategic interest of the US in the Middle East:  The US has military bases in the Arab Gulf, it has many heavy weight allies among the Arabic States, and the price of oil on the market is far cheaper than physically securing its exploitation and distribution in Iraq or elsewhere or even resuming plans to intimidating China and blackmailing her by outdated military presence in Iraq.  The return of the heavy investments of the US in Israel has been reflecting sharp negative rates for decades, politically, economically, and socially within the US society and foreign policies.

My plan is of two phases: the first phase is recognizing the State of Palestine by the United Nation, a State self-autonomous, independent and all.  It is of primordial interest by the world community and the Jewish State that the Palestinian people recover their dignity and rights as a full fledge State and be permitted to exercise the complex task of administering and governing a State.  At least from a psychological necessity, the Palestinian people should feel that persistent resistance and countless “martyrs” for re-establishing their rights as legitimate and independent people have brought fruits, as any genuine national resistance ultimately should. The burden of proof for peaceful co-existence is on the occupier force, the apartheid Zionist State.


            The second phase is the merging of the two States of Palestine and Israel into a confederate State with a central government and several self-autonomous “cantons”.  I can envisage the following cantons: West Bank, Gaza (including Escalon), Galilee (including Haifa and Akka), Judea (around Jerusalem and Bethlehem), the “East Shore” (Tel Aviv, Yafa), and the Negev (including Akaba).  I have this impression that the tight religious extremists on both sides would opt to move to Gaza and Judea, the very secular citizens would move to the East Shore or Galilee and the economically minded people might reside in the Negev backed by strong financial incentives.  The second phase will witness the return of the Palestinian refugees as ordered by the UN resolution of 193 in 1948 and the refugees would have the right to select the canton of their preferences.

            I can foresee that the key offices in the central government would be equally, including gender, shared by the Palestinians and Israelis and a rotation imposed.  The representation in the cantons would be proportional to the general census of the period (at 5 years intervals).  The representation among sects, factions, or other types of social divisions within each “people” would also follow the proportions in the census.

I suggest to the interest of the future “Palesrael” State that Israel let Lebanon experience, without foreign interventions, the full extent of its caste structure so that the State of Palesrael might study the pitfalls and strength of such a system of co-existence and avoid the unnecessary miseries of minor civil wars and countless frustrations in its future unfolding.  The “Wall of Shame” constructed by the vegetative Sharon has to come down.

It would be inevitable that the State of “Palesreal” be guaranteed a neutrality status (no pre-emptive wars within and outside its borders) by the world community and the regional powers.  Then, it is hoped and strongly desired that the State of Lebanon would secure this neutrality status.  Amen.




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