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Why all the noise behind Nadine Labaki latest Cannes winning film “Capharnaüm”?

The newly elected deputy for the independent candidates, Paula Yakoubian, voted for Nadine Labaki as chairman of the new Parliament. Obviously, this vote was cancelled since Nadine is Not a deputy and this post is reserved to a Shi3a by convention and Not by any Constitution. But the message was clear because Berry party voiced negative opinions on Nadine latest film “Capharnaüm”, which won Cannes’ award from the jury.
The social media was frantic on the issue of Syrian refugees in Lebanon (more than 30% of population and the world community trying to deny Lebanon its rights to communicate with Syria in order to facilitate their return to the safe zones). Mostly the social media was in support of Nadine and her film,

Why Nadine Labaki scares them!
Is it because behind this name we find a committed filmmaker and a passionate activist who, with Brio, puts his finger on the wounds that hurt Lebanon society and various sectarian and feudal communities?

For examples:

“Caramel” in 2007 talks about the schizophrenia of the Lebanese woman between her deep desire and what society expects from her

“And now, where do we go?” is the film born as a result of the tragic events of may 2008 that failed to revive the civil war in a matter of hours.

(I Not sure I saw this movie. I recall watching two movies about expatriates returning to the south hunting for some explanation and lost people during the civil war (1975-1989). One of them is probably a Canadian documentary: A Canadian/Lebanese mother go about the South to locate the whereabouts of her missing son. Only to discover that it was her son, now living also in Canada, who raped her in an Israeli prison in Lebanon and his son is hers.)

Isn’t “Beirut Madinati” this dazzling success of the first steps of civil society and does not advance its commitment to another Lebanon?

Can “Capharnaüm” be separated from the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the war in Syria?

(Plausible with the hundreds of delinquent Lebanese and kids roaming the urban cities)

Let us continue to support all the achievements of Nadine Labaki and all those who, in shadow or light, are struggling to revive Lebanon!

Note 1Nada Corbani Akl wrote in a previous post:

The resilience of Nadine Labaki. The best that Lebanon offers to its children is to encourage them to migrate to countries where they shine, all without exception.

Nadine Labaki, who made us launch yesterday cries of joy mixed with pride, is doubly thanked because it resists here, in Beirut, in this bruised Lebanon, and that it is a message that we will, in spite of everything, get out of it, and brilliantly.

Note 2: My comment to this last post was: “Mais si on a decide’ de ne plus revenir et continuer notre mission au Liban, qui le fera? Our universities don’t take seriously scientific research, experimentation or free opinions that confront dogmatic pseudo-professors. We need a more reflective generation to hope for any change”




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