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The State of Israel has decided that the best manner to save the sanity of its Jewish citizens is to obstruct the vision of the Palestinians across their towns and villages.  The policy is “NO see any Palestinian then, he does not exist” .  Golda Meir wished to believe that “There are no Palestinians”.  That was before the Palestinians established their resistance against the occupier.  The policy says: “If the Palestinians are not seen then, they are not to be considered as a people”

As long as the Israeli citizens are blind to their neighboring Palestinians then, the State government can deal leisurely with the legal aspects of the UN obligations of the occupation and handle the media in the civilized World.

Israel built the infamous Wall with the support of Bush Jr. and against the prohibition of the UN.  Israel claimed that this long and high Wall will prevent physical infiltration of “terrorist Palestinians”; the real reason is to obliterate the sight of the Palestinians across the Green Line as a sore reminder of their nasty occupation policies.  Israeli can no longer see the Palestinian working his fields and gardens, the Palestinian children playing in muddy streets with a makeshift soccer ball, the women in tattered garments, and old people left unsheltered… Consequently, the Israeli citizen has no longer to be anxious about his moral obligation for dispossession of the original inhabitants of their lands and homes.

No see thus, does not exist policy applies to constructing special highways and routes to circumvent Palestinian communities, at the expense of more confiscation of Palestinian lands under the guise of security requirements.  Before the Israeli colons evacuated Gaza in 2005, the French author Regis Debray was visiting Gaza with a Dominican priest.  They were on the highway under the terrible noon sun and then, the highway was closed for 30 minutes.  Regis thought that a terrible car accident occurred.  Wrong.  Israeli soldiers closed the highway to let a 4×4 of a colon family going to the beach to cross the highway “safely and quickly”.

To make matters worse, the soldiers had to stop many Palestinian cars just to demonstrate that the closing was indeed for security checks.  The Palestinian driver asked Debray to bow down his head and not look the soldier in the eyes: “He is the master” said the driver.  These humiliations occur everyday in the West Bank and on over 600 check points.

For every artisanal and homemade missile landing in an empty field, Israel bombs a whole sector killing and injuring civilians.  For every Israeli soldier killed, Israel kills 100 Palestinians.  For every Israeli soldier kidnapped, Israel incarcerate 10,000 Palestinians (including kids and girls) without due legal procedures using the defunct British colonial martial laws.

Israel has existed for 60 years and refused to demonstrate any good will for peace.  The name of the game for this implanted State is waging preemptive wars on the ground that Israel is a tiny country and pretty vulnerable.  Fact is, Israel launched all its wars during period of truces.  In 1982, it invaded Lebanon for no reasons:  The Palestinian factions had not launched any missiles into Israel for 6 months:  They were busy surviving the onslaughts of the Syrian army,  the Lebanese Christian militias, and the Moslem militias at the sold of Syria.  In 2008, Israel invaded Gaza though the Palestinian factions had not launched any homemade puny missiles into Israel.  Actually, Israel expanded its territories in 1949 during the truce of the “Arab States”.

It is not the Shoah that created Israel and the Palestinian Shoah is not about to wait another 60 years to return to his homeland. The State terrorist of Israel terrorized Palestinians before its recognition and has continued to terrorize the Palestinians ever since.  The big difference is that satellites and internet are transmitting images and news that the Zionist medias in the Western World censured and selected for over 50 years.

Bigotry and indolence: What a miserable couple

Apparently, Western Europeans and Jews of  “noble classes” were sent to Buchenwald, whereas Eastern Europeans, the gypsies, and the poorer Jews from the ghettos and shtetl were shipped to the Polish concentration camp of Auschwitz.  Many Jews in Auschwitz were directed to gas chambers while the prisoners in Buchenwald mostly died of famine, diseases, and poor health.  Prisoners in Buchenwald had a higher probability of surviving and returned from the camps in the shape of skeletal.  The Zionist movement named the Shoah to mean only the returning Jews from Nazi camps.

The Western media would like to repeat that “Arabs” (always lumped together regardless of States or religions or locations) are blind to the Shoah.  First, no Jews in “Arab” lands were sent to concentration camps in order for them to see returning Jews from the Shoah.

Second, the few returning Jews who immigrated to Palestine were isolated in agricultural collectivities or members of terrorist Zionist groups such as the Irgun, Stern, or the Haganah.  The returning Jews were terrorizing and harassing Palestinians in their towns and villages and massacring all of them, children and women.  The only returning Jews that the Palestinians might have seen were wearing guns and demolishing their homes without warning, the random violence tactics of terror organizations.

Third, the “Arabs” were prisoners in their own Ottoman caste system and suffered isolation and ignorance for over five centuries.  They barely saw the next town communities!  The Western nation governments and colonial powers never raised any monument for the suffering Arab and Palestinian Shoah, or cared to establishing a homeland for them.

They say that Zionism encourages Jews to be blinded by the Shoah.  Most probably, it is the Western media and governments doing their best to demonstrate outrageous penitence by supporting all kinds of horrible activities against human rights by the Israeli State.

Apartheid policies of Israel against Palestinians (the other miserable face of the Shoah)  are not deemed that serious to be condemned at the UN or economic,  financial, and military embargoes levied against Israel.  The new generations of Jews in Israel are tired of constant reminders of the holocaust and succumbing to another one.  They want out of the three years military service and killing as many Palestinians at point-blank.

In 1982, Lebanon was suffering a terrible civil war.  Lebanese killing one another, Palestinians killing one another and Syria had invaded Lebanon at the urge of the US.  And here you have Israel Menahem Begin PM proclaiming: “Israel must invade Lebanon or suffer another Auschwitz.”  What?  What Auschwitz had to do with a preemptive war that permitted Israel to occupying South Lebanon for 25 years?  Israel frequently deliver the stupidest reasons for invading neighboring  “Arab” States.

Zionism insists that “The Shoah is our pain and our affair; a secret that nobody else can comprehend”.  What, Armenians cannot comprehend their plight and shouldn’t have their own “secret”? What about the Slaves, the Gypsies, the homosexuals and the many minorities that died in Nazi concentration camps?  What about the current holocaust in Rwanda, Congo, Pakistan, Kosovo, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Lebanon?

Regis Debray should revise a long paragraph that sounds infamous to the Palestinians.  He wrote: “You see pictures of a Palestinian child getting out of a cave with arms raised; an old decrepit man on the ground being kicked by Israeli soldiers; an old woman in tattered cloth with joined hands imploring an Israeli soldier (to releasing her kid or letting her cross a barrier to go to a hospital)… The difference is that all these Palestinians are not going to any gas chambers.  They will serve ten years of prison without any due judicial procedures, they will get out crippled and handicapped, but they are not sent to gas chambers”

This is how Western writers have to apologize for the Shoah and their devoid meaning of penitence.

The British and French mandated powers in the Middle-East, along with their protegé the Zionist movement, were the initiator of random violence, of creating terror organizations, and planning and executing countless genocides, years before Nazi Germany came to power and emulated and fine-tuned their programs of crimes against humanity.

Fact is, Nazi Germany learned and assimilated the previous methods of humiliating indigenous people, applied by the British, French, and Zionist criminal organizations in Palestine and Syria. Fact is, Nazi Germany applied the racist check-list administered by the US to the immigrants, flocking to the land of “The Free”.

Do you remember the carpet bombing of Dresden in Germany?  Over 150,000 German civilians were burned carbonized by tons of phosphorous bombs.  Dresden had no military headquarters, no military factories, no industries…and it was destroyed to the ground.

Do you remember the carpet bombing in Viet Nam, Beirut, Gaza, Iraq…? Israel is still using phosphorous bombs in Lebanon and recently in Gaza (2008), as well as cluster bombs, 4 million of them peppered in south Lebanon in 2006…

They were the Masters of ignominious activities and still are.  The western powers and Israel may frequently try hard to sweep under the carpet their consistent tendency for criminal activities against the developing people, through intermediaries and mercenaries.  They are still funding, training, and planning for random violence through factions of religious extremists and racist mercenaries.

The citizens of the Free World are making the effort to going beyond indolence and bigotry to confronting the sustained efforts of the colonial mentality of apartheid. The citizens of the emerging Free World don’t want anything to do with humiliating the developing people to the altar of the vested interests of the 1% richest classes…

Note:  You may read this post on race…

“Le livre des saviors” edited by Constantin von Barloewen, (December 22, 2007)

This manuscript is a series of interviews of thinkers that Barloewen considers as representative of this century such as, the Syrian poet Adonis, the Egyptian diplomat Butros Butros Ghali, the biochemist Erwin Chargaff, the French politician Regis Debray, the Latin American writer Carlos Fuentes, Nadine Gordimer, Stephen Jay Gould, Samuel Hutington, Philip Johnson, Leszek Kolakowski, Julia Kristeva, Federico Mayor, Yehudi Menuhin, Czeslaw Milosz, Oscar Niemeyer, The Israeli writer Amoz Oz, Raimon Panikkar, Cardinal Paul Poupard, Ilya Prigogine, Arthur Schlesinger, Michel Serres, Wole Soyinka, Edward Teller, Tu Wei-Ming, Paul Virilio,, and Elie Wiesel.

Adonis said: “I was born in the Koran”.  Adonis is the pseudonym of the Syrian poet Ali Ahmad Said Esber; he published his first poems at the age of 17.  Adonis collection “The chants of Mihyar of Damascus” started his career in 1961.  He founded the magazine Poems “Chi3r” with Yousef Al Khal and then “Mawakif” and translated many French poetry manuscripts.  He published “The time of cities”, “Memory of the wind”, “Prayer and sword”, and “Grave for New York”.

Adonis says that there are two texts for the Koran; the first text is the compilation of the revelations proper of the Prophet Mohammad, and the second text is a compilation of what the prophet said or alluded to and the interpretations of the ulamas called” Hadith”.  The jurists, the philosophers, the politicians and Caliphates favored the second text “Hadith”, which has eclipsed the main text in matter of daily rules and obligations.  The reliance on Hadith mainly transformed Islam into an ideology. The present problem is related to this dualism of the two texts.

Religious fundamentalism is a form of anti-modernity but we need to define and differentiate the meaning of modernity among regions.  Fundamentalism is anti-liberty, anti-change and anti-openness to other cultures but Moslem fundamentalism was encouraged by the Western Nations to counter communism. The Moslem mystics interpret the notions of hell and paradise symbolically.  Islam had been a culture opened to other religions and adopted the mixing among various cultures and Israel has to realize that it existence is linked to her intermingling with the culture of the neighbors.

Many believe that identity is pre-set and that the citizens have to find their identity at the source but identity is related to the future and is formed by perpetual openness to other cultures. My tradition is not just Arab but go al the way to over five thousand years before the Arab conquests.

The late Erwin Chargaff said: “No scientist knows what is life”.  Chargaff  is a renowned biochemist who contributed in the understanding of the DNA and taught at Columbia University for 40 years.  He considers the USA as a big waste disposal State with no culture: the melting pot or the lowest common denominator among the various ethic groups revolves around money.   It would take a miracle for the USA to acquire a homogeneous culture.

There is a mechanism in place that paralyses spiritual thoughts and sensibility: any form of pure poetry is viewed as grotesque in the US culture. The lyrical thinking of the 18th century was replaced by natural sciences; thus, instead of explaining what is life, the scientist analyze the components of life and try to colonize nature.  Chargaff states that what we comprehend is far remote from what we can do with science: the irreversible genetically altered genes in human and vegetables are very dangerous, scary and criminal.

The scientist of previous centuries used to dabble in the spiritual but the little scientists of this century have no idea of the general context and are very indifferent. Chargaff claims that science is interesting but should not be given too much importance: there should be no time limit imposed on any scientific discovery and thus, the less scientific institutions receive in grants the better for science and societies.

In the essential of progress we might still be as developed as the Neanderthal. We do not need to have more superior musicians or philosophers in order to claim progress. The history of the world is a catalogue of violent acts and accidents, and beauty has no place in that history. Nobody can teach us in the domain of literature and human sciences and we are on our own to conquer these fields.

Chargaff has religious sensibilities but he has no religion; he said that everyone should build his own chapel in order to defend his internal forces against the ambient impiety. It is dangerous that the sacred is vanishing from our culture and traditions.

Regis Debray said: “The Futurists are always wrong”.  Debray is a French writer, philosopher, and political activist.  He was President Francois Mitterrand’s third world foreign affairs. He was a war correspondent in Venezuella and Bolivia and served three years prison term in Bolivia in the 60’s. He published articles in “Les temps modernes” of Sartre and is the founder of the “mediology” and is more oriented toward the effects of religions in the secular domain.

He says that religion is linked to the idea of institutions and personified divinities but the religious has no need of a God or of confession; communism, fascism and Nazism were religious secular atheist ideologies.  Debray has coined this maxim “The less the secular authorities are spiritual the more the spiritual power is secular” and he gives as an example of the extensive secular meddling of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The source of cohesiveness in any community is founded on the sacred or faith in a final objective that guarantee its continuation; the sacred cannot be manipulated because it is not controlled by man.  A community has to open up to transcendental values such as lost paradise, myths, or even a Constitution in order to keep its internal unity and has to set boundaries too.  Thus, what attaches a group together is a certain faith, unlike individuals who may know but not necessarily have faith.  The group or community may be specialized organizations that set up rules and regulations and programs as sacred rituals.

The marketing tendencies of setting political programs in the Western States, which are supposed to satisfy peoples’ wants and wishes, do not enhance the political will or rationality, but purely the cult of emotion; and thus, the social and humanitarian aspects are replacing diplomacy at the expense of the ideal.  Communication used by the media propagate information in the dimension of space, while transmission of knowledge and traditions propagate information along the time dimension; and thus, the transmission vehicles, which characterize human development, such as family, school, university, and organization for educating and preserving the heritage of our ancestors are losing ground.

Carlos Fuentes talked about “the Creole or mixed offspring or the Latin American drama and the future myths”. Fuentes was born in Panama and is a Mexican writer, academic, politician and diplomat; he served a term at the UN in the section of international work and founded several literary magazines with Octavio Paz. His publications are “Days of carnival”, “The most limpid region”, “The death of Artemio Cruz”, “The songs of the blinds”, “New skin”, “Terra nostra”, “The old gringo”, and “The century of the eagle”.

Fuentes thinks that the 21st century will be marked by mass immigration from the South and East to Europe and the USA and poor Latin America will have no choice but to invade the USA, unless mass investment are allocated to that impoverished continent.  He is saddened that the Greek tragic dramas have been replaced by Hollywood melodramas, where one party is right and the other is the bad:  tragical dramas are not necessarily unhappy and pathetic stories because the two protagonists are both right in their positions depending on your philosophy and focus in values.

He described Don Quixote as the book of uncertainty; the name, locations and even the author are not clearly defined.  The locus of novels should be the media of the doubt, of re-questioning the dogmas and the uncertainties in the world.

During the revolutions for independence from Spain in 1820, the Latin American States decided that they had enough of Spanish culture but they had to seek education and culture from Europe and France because the indigent Indian and black minorities could not be of any substitute.  At that year, the USA issued the “Monroe doctrine” which stated that the USA reserve the right to intervene in Latin America and consequently, the population get their distance from acquiring knowledge and culture from this Calvinist and utilitarian State.

The Cuban Alejo Carpenter explained the Negro traditions, the Guatemalan Miguel Angel Asturias explained the Indian traditions, and the Argentinean Borges explained the Islamic and Jewish traditions; thus, the identity of Latin American took form in the 20th century.




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