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You have your Gods. I reserve mine: All for myself…

Let the people who need to re-read the old Books for stories, which are actually happening everyday and everywhere, do what they please: I prefer to read fresh versions, rooted in the current realities. Truth is uncovered by getting engaged in the reality, with all its miseries, injustices, indignities…

Let people who feel this urge to continually re-interpret the outdated and obsolete notions in old Books, abstract notions that you’ll never be able to experiment with and that you’ll never comprehend, do what they please: I have this one life to experiment with and a rich reality to investigate, at my reach everyday…

The live-forces in society have challenges to tackle, and difficulties to prosecute, while still healthy and full of energy and curiosity…Fictional abstract notions of the after-life are for the weak-minded and those witnessing serious degradation in their health and mind power…

The live-forces in society need to:

1. Confront injustices on all fronts: Elite rich classes of exploiters, dictators and oligarchies, totalitarian regimes, absolute monarchies…

2. Demand and capture their rights, civil, political, and human dignity…Free preventive health care, retirements, educations, opportunities to all…

3. Shoulder their responsibilities to the common good of communities…

4. Keep practicing their talents and skills that they invested countless time and energy to acquire and enjoy…

5. Keep acquiring comprehensive knowledge in order to make sense of books and be able to write interesting books…

6. Get engaged in social and political laws processes and ensuring transitions to government systems that guarantee free speech, free expression of opinions, free gathering…All the requirements of a Renaissance Age…

This is a one-life shot, and I want to live it. And I want to live what I desire in the living.

Complications, complications…a long string of imaginary complications.

Life is so simple though.

You are born by the fluke of an impossible series of events. You get to survive to be 5 year-old, a miracle 7 decades ago even in developed nations.  Your mother survived your birth, a miracle 6 decades ago in developed States, after giving birth to half a dozen of “unlucky” babies who didn’t make it among the living…

A couple of suckers of parents think they ought to sacrifice their lives to take care of this “happy happening“, way until he reaches 50 of years, on account that a baby is a baby as long as he looks chubby, roundish, and healthy.

And the parents die.  And you wait the long life expectancy statistics to come true.

And other persons, not your parents, are changing your diapers and cursing: “What’s this piece of shit they threw my way to tend to? They are exploiting my energy and hard work for naught: For negative results in performance, degeneration by the day…” (Fortunately, you are almost deaf, and if you did hear anything, you are in no position to confront the nurse “argument”)

The result of medications that extend life and destroy its quality…

Not an elegant return of the cycle to childhood, by any long shot, with the permanent infirmity you are in…

And ultimately, fodder to worms. And “dust to dust…” and ultimately to boson?

And you say: “How could you be engaged in the common good, if your outlook to life is so down right gloomy?”

And I reply: “A pragmatic demonstration for my respect of other people’s opinions, contrary to mine, in the notion and possibilities in the after life…”

How current “modern” Islam radicalized into negative and oppressive precepts?

I’ll discuss three radical trends: The Moslem Brotherhood of Egypt, the Wahhabi Islam brand in the Arabic Peninsula, and the Ben Laden (Al Qaeda) for international jihadists.

1. In 1929, Egypt was relatively the most modern State in the Arab World. The Al Azhar religious university was guided by an enlightened sheikh Abdel Razeq.  Author Taha Hussein had published a very controversial book on poetry during Jahiliya period (before Islam in the Arabic Peninsula), and the Egyptian court refused to ban it.

During that period, the monarchs Fouad and Farouk and their entourage went overboard emulating the western life-style and flaunting blatantly their unacceptable behaviors to the little people.

Hassan al Banna (founder of the Brotherhood in 1929) jumped at the occasion of life-styles that obfuscated the common people and blamed the modern interpretation of Islamic teachings as a cover to the to the ill-behavior of the ruling classes.

Consequently, a return to Chariaa and fundamental “bedouin” Islam: tribal ancient customs and rules were prescribed in order to overcome the current degenerate conditions that will weaken the Moslem spirit for Jihad against the infidels…

The presence of colonial Britain in Egypt was mainly opportunistic catalysts for every time the British governor harshly confronted street demonstrations and uprisings…

Colonial western life-style was added as a practical dimension to the reactions of the Brotherhood members. The Brotherhood was implicitly regarded anti-colonial and, as a logical result, a de facto national movement…

2. The Wahhabi brand of Islam.  This sect was initiated by Abd el Wahhab in the Najd region in the Arabic peninsula in the early 19th century, during the Ottoman Empire. This Hanafi sect was quickly supported by the emirs in Najd, particularly the Saud tribe, and is currently classified as the fourth admitted sect in Sunni Islam.

Mainly, the Wahhabi movement was opposed to the Ottoman Empire, which didn’t really administered directly the Arabic Peninsula, and was funded and supported with arms by the British Empire, which had plans to occupy strategic ports in Aden (Yemen) and the Arabic/Persian Gulf.

Mind you that Islam of the Ottoman Empire was pretty loose and accommodating since the foundation of the Empire, and the Chariaa was observed with wide latitude  All that the Sultan wanted was the title of Calif of all the Moslems.

It happened that in the early 19th century, the Ottoman Empire was wide open to western culture and life-style and some Constitutional reforms were underway, called “Tanzimat” (Regulations)

The British got wary of reforms starting in the Ottoman Empire, and worked on minorities to destabilize the already shaky and declining Ottoman Empire. And how best to rally the tribes around in the peninsula if not by adopting opposite theological and radical religious positions against the Calif?

And quick to a drastic shift to the “fundamentals” of Islam, as the Protestants acted against the Catholic Church in the 15th century. What are these fundamentals? Abolishing and destroying all icons, pictures of Imams and Holy men, prohibiting pilgrimage to Imam sites wide dispersed in all Islamic world, as substitute to the expensive pilgrimage to Mecca…And back to Bedouin customs, traditions, setting more constraints on women…: The modus operandi to rooting the movement within the dominant tribes.

The Ottoman Sultan kept harassing his Viceroy in Egypt, Muhammad Ali, to send an expeditionary military force to wipe out the spreading of the Wahhabi uprising.  Finally, Ali dispatched his young 19-year old second son who entered Mecca and liberated it from the Wahhabis after many difficulties. The elder son Ibrahim Pasha carried out an extensive campaign for years and managed to enter and destroy the main City-State of the Wahhabi inside the deep desert.

And for two decades, the Wahhabi movement subsided, until the Egyptian forces had to return home. The British resumed their funding and support for the Wahhabi movement and eventually conquered all of the Peninsula in 1923.

Since Sadat of Egypt acceded to power in 1970, the Saudi Arabia absolute monarchy had been building mosques all over Egypt and hiring clerics of Wahhabi  inclination, re-publishing their own Coran and distributing it for free…

3. The Ben Laden phenomena of international jihadist movement. Ben laden kept swinging between the Moslem Brotherhood and the Wahhabi sect, driven by the political opportunities opened to him and which captured his attention. Ben laden had no fundamental theological doctrine or dogma and with no definite long-term purpose for his movement.

In the early 1980, he was a CIA agent and was dispatched by Saudi Arabia to usurp the nascent movement of Arab Jihadist flocking to the city of Peshawar (Pakistan) to be trained and sent to fight the Soviet communists in Afghanistan. The CIA wanted to be in control of the “resistance movement” against the Soviet…

After the Soviet withdrawal in 1989, no Arabic State wanted these fighters to return home. These jihadists were relocated to created Hot Spots around the world. The CIA took charge of that bounty of cheap recruits who are zealot and already trained and dispatched them to “containment regions” under the Soviet dominion…It was still the Cold War era.

To make a long story short, (extensively developed in a previous article) the US became an ideal target for the Al Qaeda movement which resulted in the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers and the reactions in conducting frequent drone attacks killing potential Al Qaeda “leaders”…

Note 1: The US has got to understand that the Arab peoples feel that an entire century was wasted, for nothing, and worse than going back to point one in 1918, where the Arab people hoped and demanded independence, and the colonial mandated powers replaced the Ottoman and created the Zionist state of Israel. More on that in a follow-up article.

Note 2: How to win war on terrorism

No connection with interpreting “Holy Books”: Arab Renaissance demands other mass meetings in Tahrir Squares…

I keep reading the same broken records where consequences are switched for the causes of Renaissance in many periods of history.  The recurring proposal is: “Renaissance were consequent to religious Books being permitted to be interpreted…”

For example, authors keep repeating that Europe Renaissance in the 15th century was consequent to the Protestant schisms against the dominant Catholic Church exclusive interpretation of the Bible…

Facts are that Protestantism in Europe generated dozen of rigid sects with much stricter religious dogma that refused any interpretations of their Bibles and harvested many victims and acted worse than the Catholic Church of the period…

Wrong deduction, of how the renaissance of people spirit emerges.

Renaissance is a period of affluence, of generated wealth, of openness to outside wealth and cultures, dynamic trading with the others in economic and cultural terms, secured by a climate of free expression and free gathering…In a Renaissance period, the spirit of the people is up and ready to get engaged and acquire more knowledge and wealth.  In this environment, the clerics are pressured to retreat and converse among themselves and re-interpret the religious books to match this rebellious mood of the people for more happiness, pleasure and zest for life.

The Arabic Empires in the East and West (Spain) experienced several renaissance periods of affluence and explosion in scientific research and economic development: One of the consequences was a frantic re-interpretation of the Coran (Koran) to suit the spirit of the period…

It is during periods of dire miseries, famine, military operations…when people are down and feeling crushed that the religious clerics, supported by the monarchs and califat, revert to rigid comprehension of the religious Books “word for word, descending from God and even written by God…”

Renaissance in the Arab World is getting together en mass in various Tahrir Squares and demanding: “We are hungry and want to eat, we are sick and want to heal, we are oppressed and we want to participate in life, we are educated and we want jobs, we are poor and we want free education to all…”

Renaissance in the Arab World is getting together en mass in various Tahrir Squares and chanting: “We are isolated and want to communicate with other people and cultures, we are crushed and we want to connect with other civilizations, we are confronted with obsolete mentalities and we want to be freed and open to the wide world…”

Renaissance in the Arab World is getting together en mass in various Tahrir Squares and proclaiming: “We didn’t revolt so that clerics rule us, we didn’t resist dictators and the brutal forces of oppression so that we are submitted to the rules of antiquated and obsolete Books, we didn’t lose an eye, been beaten, physically handicapped, and many of us killed…so that we are hoarded into more obscure prisons of the mind and dealt with archaic judicial system of the bedouin period…”

We don’t want the girls to be re-educated to the family customs and traditions of the Wahhabi sect

Arab Renaissance has nothing to do with the re-interpretation of outdated and obsolete Books that teaches nothing of any value to learn and live in our present and be part of mankind progress…

Arab Renaissance is getting liberated from centuries of constraints and re-learning to read the current world with fresh eyes and young heart and larger mind..

Arab Renaissance will come when one city, anywhere in the Arab World, experiences a period of affluence, sustained economic wealth, direct interactions with foreign cultures and civilizations, and the people feeling secured in their freedom of expression, freedom to gather, freedom to interact with the other (regardless of genders, race,religion, class status….

Renaissance has nothing to do with interpretation of any Holy Book.

The Arab revolutionary spirit is being fooled to wait for the re-interpretation of the Coran…as if the Coran was not reinterpreted several times…

As if the living is waiting for the clerics to give the green light for the modern Arab Renaissance

Go back to Tahrir Squares and discuss Arab Renaissance, and avoid discussing religious abstract notions that no one will ever know, and no one will ever experience.

What direct advantages “Arab Spring” infused in the region?

This article will focus on the first and biggest advantage that the “Arab Spring” infused in the Arab/Islamic States: It is the serious pitting of the three other Sunni sect (Chafi3i (Egypt), Maliki (North Africa), and Hanafi (Syria)) against the radical, salafist, and obscurantist Wahabi sect called Hambali (7ambali) in Saudi Arabia.

Before the Arab uprising, Saudi Arabia had undertaking a vast campaign since 1980 of exporting its obscurantist brand of religious sect (Wahhabi Hanbali) to all the Arabic and Islamic States, infusing billion of dollars, constructing mosques, and hiring its brand of clerics to preach on Friday prayers.

The States of oligarchies and dictatorship cared about the money coming in and the support of the USA…

After the revolutions, the people in all the States with relatively moderate Islamic sects, not compatible with the Saudi Arabia brand, woke up from this serious infiltration and are vehemently confronting Saudi Arabia meddling in their religion and with determination.

The various Moslem Brotherhoods in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria are counter-attacking Saudi Arabia absolute monarchy that is buying off the spirit and soul of their Islamic belief system.

For example,

1.  Abd Fattah Moro, the leader of Tunisia “Al Nahda” Moslem Brotherhood in power said: “In Tunisia we have the Maliki religion, unifying our country, and it is a destabilizing factor for the foreign Hanbali sect to try to proselytize here…”

2. In Egypt, Sheikh Al Azjar said: “We have to keep a large distance with this “desert sect” imported from Saudi Arabia by the radical salafist movement of Al Nour…”

3. In Syria, the insurgents in Aleppo said: “We have scores of jihadists coming from everywhere to support our revolution. We were impressed of their initial large aura of valiant fighters from Al Qaeda. At the first bombing of the jet fighters and salves of tanks from the army, they instantly fled to Turkey, leaving us to fend for our life. Good riddance. They were of no value to us in Syria…”

And what the Wahabi sect is based on?

1. Moslems are prohibited to undertake any pilgrimage, except to Mekka, and to a lesser extent Medina. Pilgrimages to Holy figures and tombs (awliya2, makamat…) are apostasy and counter to true Islam faith… Consequently, all Islamic salafist movements who came to power (Libya, north Mali in Tombouctou, Nigeria, Yemen, Afghanistan…) have undertaken to destroy the tombs of the Holy figures in Islam.  In Iraq, Tunisia and Egypt, both Shia and Sunni Holy tombs have been desecrated and bombed to the ground by the Wahhabi Moslems, even though the local inhabitants had protected these Holy places for centuries…

2. No pictures of Holy figures are to be hanged in homes or public places…

3. The focus is on detailing the bodily punishments inflicted on the non-orthodox Moslems, and particularly the women

4. Daily activities are detailed and programmed, as in all strict religious ideologies…

If the Arab Spring generated a wave of vigorous counter-attack on Saudi Arabia hegemony, that is sufficient advantage for years to come…

Mind you that it was Saudi Arabia that initiated, ignited, funded the Al Qaeda jihadist movement in the 1980’s, supposedly to counter the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan.

Since then, Saudi Arabia had been pitting the Sunnis against the Shia in the Moslem world, tacitly propagating the urgency for demolishing all pilgrimage sites of tombs and mazarat.

Bandar bi Sultan, the everlasting Saudi ambassador to the US, is currently the chief director of funding and dispatching Al Qaeda members to the various “Hot Spots” in the Arabic and Islamic States. Obviously, all these managing and planning activities are ordered by the CIA

Note 1: There are documents from 1807: The Emir of Najd, Saud bin Abd el Aziz, dispatched letters to the Emirs in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco demanding that they switch from their Maliki sect to the Wahhabi hambali sect.  The replies were: “Thank for the offer. But No…”

A few years later, the Ottoman sultan ordered his viceroy in Egypt, Muhammad Ali, to send a military expedition to quell the uprising in Najd.  Ibrahim pasha (elder son of Ali) managed to enter the stronghold of the Saud fief in Saudi Arabia, destroyed and burned the large city and dispersed the followers of  preacher Abdel Wahhab. The British Empire was the main supplier of weapons and funds to this radical Wahhabi sect, and the British had to fall back to the port of Adan in Yemen.

The British came back and restored the power of the Al Saud in all of Saudi Arabia, including Mekka…

Note 2: In the 1920’s, scores of US politicians and oil explorers invaded Saudi Arabia and were awed by the similarity of the Wahhabi sect and their Protestant belief systems.  Kind if the Wahhabi agreed for Jesus to be at a par as a prophet with Mohammad, thing will be a total match…This was a minor disagreement: as long as the US got the exclusive exploration for oil in Saudi Arabia, the US was willing to sell its soul to the devil…

Every day of the week is dedicated to a God: Asking for the destruction of followers of the other and same God?

Friday, when some Devils, with deafening voices of going to war, stoop low to the ground to praise the divine, those who shoot sermons of hate…. My faith, I lost faith.
Saturday, when some other Devils, while swaying toward a wall, not only to praise their divine for the promise “Land”, but go so far as to demand the wiping out of the goyim (all the non-Jews) from the face of earth….My faith, I lost the faith.
Sunday, when some other Devils, hands raised, thanked their divine for their misfortune, as God apparently created them. They kneel before Him, even though He never kept his promises… I can’t take it anymore. I decided to join my friends… it is hell where they are.
Monday, when some other Devils, giving equal balanced adoration to the devils and archangels… On the ground that devils have demonstrated their power and might in our daily living. After all, evidences point to that direction, of who is winning the battle of good or evil…Those pragmatic worshipers are no longer in power, in any recognized state. Is it too late? And the ants will survive in the long run…
Tuesday. when some other Devils, sun worshipers…and also losing the battle: With skin cancer all the rage. Only those in cloudy, rainy, and snowy countries are taking their revenge on vacation periods…tanning to death their white/rosy skin.  The white supremacist should rule the world, against all odds…They didn’t lose their faith, machine-gunning people, and having no remorse whatsoever (lately in Norway)
Wednesday, when some other Devils, the Moon worshipers…Being harassed on Full Moon days, turning to wolves, snarling at the cat-like and cunning mankind…Dancing around a huge bonfire, in a secluded forest, and…
Thursday, when some other Devils, the animist, worshipers of nature, trees and the changing of seasons.  They are scared and losing the battle: Nature is dying…and the bees are vanishing quickly…Who is to pollinate nature, flowers, fruits…?
I can’t take it anymore. I decided to join my friends… it is hell where they are?
“This One God, counting minutes and dimes… A despaired, sensual and grunting God. A pig in gold wings, falling down everywhere, tommy up, waiting to be scratched and cajoled…He is our Master. Let’s hug one anotherFerdinand Celine

Note: I borrowed the French parts related to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from a posted notice by Khalil Toubia on Facebook, translated it correctly and resumed for the other days of the week

The French version:

Vendredi, quand certains diables, de leur voix de va-t’en guerre, se fléchissent pour louer le divin et se shooter de sermons de haine….ma foi…je la perds la foi.

Samedi, quand certains autres diables, tout en se balançant, ne se contentent pas de louanger leur divin pour la promesse « Terre », mais s’en vont en requêtes auprès de lui pour la « nettoyer »….ma foi….je la reperd la foi.

Dimanche, quand certains autres diables, les mains jointes, remercient leur divin pour leurs malheurs, qu’il leur a créé apparemment, et à genoux le louent, même s’il ne tient pas ses promesses, qu’il ne leur a jamais fait… n’y peux rien, je choisi de rejoindre mes amis…c’est en enfer qu’ils y sont.

“Rape is a far lesser evil than Abortion…” Cardinal nGiovanni Battista Re, from the Vatican

She is a 9 year-old Brazilian girl.

She got pregnant by her father in law. And carrying a twin babies.

Her mother decided for her to abort.

The Catholic Archbishop of Recife (Brazil) excommunicated the mother, and the entire medical team who performed the operation. Why?

Who is supposed to raise the twin?

The father-in-law was not excommunicated. Why?

“Rape is a far lesser an evil than Abortion…” declared Cardinal nGiovanni Battista Re

If you are interested in the entire story, I might translate it from the French notice in Le Nouvel Observateur.

Le cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, préfet de la congrégation pour les évêques au Vatican, a justifié l’excommunication de la mère d’une Brésilienne de 9 ans ayant avorté après avoir été violée par son beau-père, car les jumeaux qu’elle portait “avaient le droit de vivre”, apprend-on ce lundi 9 mars.

Vatican : “Le viol est moins grave que l’avortement”


 Photo: Cardinal nGiovanni Battista Re

L’archevêque de Recife dans le nord-est du Brésil a excommunié jeudi la mère de l’enfant, qui a avorté de jumeaux alors qu’elle était enceinte de quinze semaines.

L’excommunication a été étendue à toute l’équipe médicale qui a pratiqué l’opération, mais pas au beau-père de l’enfant car “le viol est moins grave que l’avortement” a expliqué Giovanni Battista Re.

“Il faut toujours protéger la vie”

“C’est un triste cas, mais le vrai problème est que les jumeaux conçus étaient deux personnes innocentes, qui avaient le droit de vivre et qui ne pouvaient pas être supprimées”, a déclaré Mgr Re, qui est également président de la Commission pontificale pour l’Amérique latine.
“Il faut toujours protéger la vie, l’attaque contre l’Eglise brésilienne est injustifiée”, a-t-il estimé.
“L’excommunication pour ceux qui ont provoqué l’avortement est juste”, car cette opération constitue “toujours la suppression d’une vie innocente”, a commenté le préfet de la congrégation pour les évêques, notamment compétent pour élire des évêques.

Lula contre les conservateurs

Vendredi, le président brésilien Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva avait vivement critiqué l’excommunication de l’archevêque de Recife, “déplorant profondément en tant que chrétien et catholique qu’un évêque de l’Eglise catholique ait un comportement aussi conservateur”.
La grossesse de la fillette comportait de hauts risques et mettait la vie de l’enfant en danger. L’interruption volontaire de grossesse est toujours interdite au Brésil, sauf en cas de viol ou de danger pour la vie de la mère.

Source: Le Nouvel observateur

Exiting Mosques every Friday and scanding Allah wa Akbar: Is NOT my kind of Freedom Revolution

I agree that it is no longer a great sight watching these masses swarming the streets after Friday prayers and shouting “Allah wa Akbar, badna nghawer al nizam“. Civil citizens have to refrain supporting these mindless singing of “Allah wa Akbar” and participate in these frenzied demonstrations that encourage the zealot pseudo leaders behind these activities.

I don’t feel any relief hearing one of these insurgent launching a rocket missile and shouting: “It is Allah’s hand that is guiding the missile…” Or this picture of a youth holding a rocket launcher preparing to activate it and shouting: “Takbir” and these hysteric and emotionally over tired companions chanting: “Allah wa Akbar”

I agree that other waves of mass disobedience movements should reignite against these theocratic movements that replaced dictators in power…

It is no longer acceptable, after the courageous and sustained uprising in the Arab States, to permit islamic fundamentalists harass and molest the liberal thinking citizens on the ground that man destiny is guided by Allah…Liberal citizens, artists, musicians, theater actors, teachers…should react fast to any innuendoes that they are impious people to be arrested if they persist in their professions…

In revolutions, you have morally engaged intelligentsia: They know that their virulent denunciations of the abuse of power in all aspect of the social/political structure are ground to be harassed, imprisoned, but deep down they are confident that the system will refrain from assassinating them…

These morally engaged intelligentsia say: “We are tired of repeating our thesis for reform and change…We have said all we had to say…Things are pretty clear, and all that is needed is to get moving into the act of changing the system…” But these intelligentsia are waiting for Godot to show them the way to participate in mass disobedience uprising.  They are in the dark of “who can ignite any kinds of uprising?”

There is no harm of repeating well thought-out engaged programs for reform and change. There is no harm in repeating the description of how the little people are struggling to survive…

The Algerian author Ali Chibani described the many stages of the successive Algerian uprising since Algeria Independence. From the kabile minority movement demanding that their Berber language be officially recognized, to the extremist Moslem Brotherhood movement who won the municipal election in 1988 and were violently suppressed by the military with the full support of the Western democracies…

The intelligentsia who get “eliminated with utmost prejudice” are those connected with the people, who learned to connect with people, and who managed to disseminate their engagement to the little people.  You don’t see many authors targeted for assassination: People don’t read and don’t swap books. In Algeria, university students are forbidden to get in with books not relevant to their course materials…The climate of culture does not encourage reading, and foreign  books are not entering the borders that easily, books that coaxthe  reflective power on existential questions…

The “enemies” are the roving theater leaders, moving from town to town, erecting their makeshift stage in locations were the little people converge to: They initiate moving fairs of culture and awareness, and circles for discussions

The”‘enemies” are the popular singers and musicians…

The enemies are the popular poets, singing in the dialect of the regions…

The enemies are those leaders who discovered means to connect face to face with the people

The last paragraph of Ali Chibany is disheartening:

“In order to tame the enduring military dictatorship in Algeria, it is imperative to figure out how to get rid of the overwhelming power and ingerance of the military institutions.  No one knows how to go about this objective…”

There is no harm of repeating well thought-out engaged programs for reform and change. There is no harm in repeating the description of how the little people are struggling to survive…

What is badly needed are detailed programs that define and offer operational guiding manuals for the abstract concepts of liberty, freedom, democracy…

What kind of freedom of expressions are mostly wanted, and how to go about establishing institutions and organizations that can sustain the drive and the spirit of freedom of opinions…

What is meant by Liberty? Are we talking of lack of opportunities and choices as we grow in educational programs, in prospect for talents, for working after graduation…?

What are the basic opportunities and choices that associations should focus on at the preliminary stages of a revolution?

Revolutions in the actual developed States had thought out pragmatic programs and project for the equality among the strata of the people and genders in education, health, equal opportunities at work and salaries…years before the mass uprising ignited.

You have the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the Romantic cultural periods that set the ground work for reforms and change…

Most of the uprisings failed and were crushed in the short-term, but the programs for reforms were carried out by the successive governments, the programs and policies were executed and applied after the first fire was put down…

What pragmatic programs the “Arab Spring” uprising had discussed prior to the revolution?  The liberal civic movements failed to generate useful day-dreaming detailed projects of what society needs and how to go about establishing institutions to sustain the projects of eliminating the abuses, indignities and humiliating behavior of the power-to-be.

All that we got is the arrival of the theocratic Moslem Brotherhood movements to power, carrying out reductive, ready-made day-to-day prohibition laws and detailed descriptions of corporal punishment…

“The people demand Dignity, and Destiny bows down”

The Moslem Brotherhood of Egypt leadership woke up in total shock:

The youth in Tahrir Square are scanding

“When the people demand to recapture dignity

Destiny has no alternative but to bow down.

The dark night can’t but clear up…”

The Grand Mourchid (spiritual guide) discovered the revolution aflame

He told us: “You have got to submerge the liberals

Go in by the thousands

Infiltrate their ranks as if one of them

Shave your long beard, look one of them…

As the Square is swarmed by you

And the military becomes your accomplice say:

“We are the leaders of this mass disobedience movement

We are in charge of guiding the revolution…

If they respond “we revolted for man’s liberty…|

Reply: “No, No. To gain paradise, you have got to submit to Allah’s will

Destiny is in the hand of God.

Allah is in charge of men’s destiny

Any contrary opinion is apostasy and doomed to failure…”

Say: “Wahabi, Wahabi, Allah hates Springs, Arab and Islamic…

The masses chanted:” No, No , No

No Wahabi, no petrodollar

The people demand dignity and human rights

And destiny will bow down

And the darkest of skies will clear up

To the bright dawn of Liberty and free conscious opinions…

Note: Inspired by the poem of the Egyptian Hasan Taleb.

The Tunisian Abu Kassem al Shabi wrote a poem of 80 verses in 1930 while in Egypt that started “The people demand Dignity, and Destiny bows down”. The Tunisian national hymn adopted part of this poem and the new Tunisian Moslem Brotherhood Al Nahda is trying to alter this hymn that replace Allah to people’s will…

Part 2. Eastern Christian Nestorians: Personal Secretaries to Caliphs, Sultan and Viziers

My interest in translating and reviewing books on the history of “minority” Christian sects in the Middle-East is the direct result of the current trend of heavy diaspora for these sects who lived in Iraq and Syria.  Successive waves of relocating to NO-Man-Land started during the 2003 preemptive war of the US against Iraq.

Most of these eastern christians have lost everything and are paying the dear price to “professional passers” in order to land into a European State.

Since the start of the uprising last year in Syria against the Assad regime, no less than 150,000 Christians were forced to vacate from the city of Homs and its environs. They are flocking to the Christian quarters in Damascus and barely surviving the increased cost of living and the shortage of foodstuff, cooking gas, and heating fuel…

The Nestorian sect followed the Syriac Eastern Church till the year 431. In that year, its Patriarch Nestor was demoted by the “Orthodox Byzantium Church“.  Since then, the Nestorians developed and expanded within the Persian Sassanid Empire on the eastern shores of the Euphrates River and beyond, all the way along the silk road and into China.

In the early Arabic Abbassid dynasty around 762, the Nestorian Church was bestowed preeminence over all the other Christian sects till the year 1258 as the Mogul of Holago entered and destroyed Baghdad.

Scribes to the Caliphs and viziers were mostly selected  from the Nestorian Church, and a succession of personal secretaries to the caliphs were among them.  The personal secretaries were indispensable to the good and smooth running of the administrations and they had the eyes and ears of the highest authorities…

It seems that the governor of Basra Abi Moussa Ash3ari initiated the hiring of non-Moslems as personal secretaries. Caliph Omar Ben Khattab was very upset, claiming that the Coran forbade hiring non-Moslems in high positions… Ash3ari replied: “My Christian secretary has his religion and I have his letters…”

Since then, non-Moslem scholars were heavily engaged in the translation of manuscripts (mainly Greek, Persian, and Indian…) and writing the necessary documents for the Arabic administrations…

In fact, the Nestorian Church graduated the best medical personnel and scientists during that period and were hired as personal physicians to Caliphs and viziers…

The Abbassid Caliph Al Mo3taded preferred Nestorian scribes and personal secretaries on account that “the Christians have no design to capture political power. The Jews worked for the return of their Kingdom, and the Persians wanted to recapture their lost kingdom…”

In 5 centuries, 37 caliphs succeeded to power, which corresponded to 36 Nestorian Patriarchs. Caprol listed 115 Nestorian secretaries, 35 of them converted to Islam but refrained from pressuring their family members to follow suit…A few of the converted secretaries became viziers, such as Sa3ed Bin Mukhled.

The secretaries overcame many political upheavals and participated in the election of their Patriarchs, and aided their coreligionists to accede to prominent positions and wealth.  The Patriarchs used to relocate their headquarters to wherever the Capital was transplanted, from Baghdad to Samera2 for example.

In the 15th century, a faction of the Nestorian Church paid allegiance to the Catholic Pope of Rome and were labelled the Chaldean Church.  The loyal faction was recalled the Assyrian Church.

Note 1: Mahmoud Al Zibawi published a review in Arabic of the French book “The Nestorian secretaries in Baghdad 762-1258” by Cecile Caprol.  This book is a series of publications within the “Collection of Christian Arabic Studies” established by the Jesuit St. Joseph University in Beirut

Note 2: Caprol referred in the book to four other scholars in his topic: 1. Louis Chikho, 2. Louis Massignon, 3. Gerard Trubo, and 4. Jean Maurice Fiyye.  Chikho collected documents that were used after his death in 1929. Massignon studied the Secretaries who graduated from the convent of Kani on the eastern shores of the Tigres River in the 9th century

Note 3. You may read part 1.




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