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When resolving every problem item is a priority in Lebanon…

From where to start?

Every one of our problems has become a priority: waste disposal. public electricity, water availability, water quality, air quality, beach quality, public schools, public hospitals, uncontrolled public institutions, lack of transparent budgets…

Going back to the pseudo-independence of Lebanon in 1943, we can observe that nothing has effectively been resolved.

Somehow, any decision has to be incomplete in order to keep the discussion dragging and expanding the power of the sectarian/feudal parties and organization.

How can any “Central” government function when the “pseudo-citizens” personal status (from birth to death) are controlled and administered by 19 officially recognized religious sects.

🔴 *يا سياسيي لبنان*
حسن خليل

أنتم أسوأ انواع البشر .

لقد سرقتم وطني وشعبي ودولتي ، فتم نهبي من حلمي الذي بنيته لكي أقضي ما تبقى من عمري حيث تواجدت جذوري .

*أيها المجرمون*
‫لمن يقول إن ملف الكهرباء هو الأساس , والكارثة في سلسلة الرواتب والأجور ،

والمصيبة في الجمارك ، والفضيحة في التوظيفات ،

وآخر بدعة أنه لا دولة بدون بنك مركزي والليرة ستنهار ,

‫إليكم نقول : معكم حق وأحسنتم . برافو لكم .‬ لقد زورتم الفيول والرز والهواء والأدوية والبحر والنهر بالسرطانات .

أنتم حشوتم الموظفين على مدى ٣٠ سنة لتسخروهم في خدمتكم ، بدءا من أعلى قاض ، نعم أعلاهم ، إلى أدنى حاجب .


أنتم المجالس التحاصصية والمتعهدون فيها .‬

أنتم الريجي والكازينو والضمان والكهرباء والمياه والفيول والمولدات وإقامة الفنادق التي تطوف منها المجارير على الشاطئ العام الذي هو ملك الناس .‬

‫أنتم من بنيتم القصور بوقاحة على الأملاك العامة في الواجهة البحرية من شمال لبنان إلى جنوبه .‬

أنتم من صادرتم الآثار وأراضي الآثار .


أنتم المولدات‬ .

‫أنتم شركات توزيع الكابلات التلفزيونية .‬

‫أنتم مستثمرو مواقف السيارات .‬

‫أنتم مستوردو الفيول وتوزيعه .


أنتم مالكو مصانع الأسمنت وسرطان الأسبستوس .‬

أنتم الكسارات والمرامل ورخصها ورخص لوحات السيارات .‬

‫أنتم وزارة الأشغال وتراخيصها وزفتها ومطارها .‬


‫أنتم ناهبو المالية ومغاراتها وعقاراتها ومشاعاتها والتهرب من ضرائبها .‬

أنتم المرفأ وزواريبه وماليته .‬

‫أنتم سارقو أوجيرو والخليوي والكابلات الضوئية .‬


‫أنتم الهيئة العليا للإغاثة وتنفيعاتها .‬

‫أنتم موازنة رئاسة الحكومة والنواب الغامضة بمليار و ٤٠٠ مليون دولار .‬

أنتم من جعلتم لكل نائب ووزير مرافق يحمل شنط المدام بتفاهته وتفاهتها .‬


أنتم مذلو المساكين .

‫أنتم من رأيتكم بأم العين في “مؤتمر الدوحة” تتجولون تائهين في لوبي فندق الشيراتون تبحثون عن أحد ليتحدث معكم ولم يعبركم أحد ،

بيننا كنتم تبحثون عن دشداشة بيضاء لتشتموا منها المال (كما كنتم في الطائف) , ثم لتعودوا إلى بيروت في طائرة واحدة لتنفشوا ريشكم فورا من على درج الطائرة ,

وتأتي سياراتكم الداكنة الزجاج والرباعية الدفع وينزل منها زلمكم المسلحون لفتح الباب وكأنكم قادة حرب ،

بينما منظركم هو منظر المافيات في فيلم “العراب” .‬

‫أنتم مهينو الوظيفة ومذلو الموظفين مهما علا شأنهم .‬


‫أنتم كاسرو الخواطر وقاهرو النفوس .‬

أنتم زارعو المذهبية المزيفة ومستغلو العصبيات الجاهلة .

أنتم مروجو المخدرات تحمون زراعتها .


كفرتمونا وكرهتمونا ب..الأديان وسخرتم البطاركة والمفتيين والأئمة ورؤوساء الطوائف لحمايتكم والدفاع عنكم .

لا وجود لأمثالكم في أي بلد في العالم كله .


إنكم أنتم مصيبة المصائب ، وكارثة الكوارث ، ولعنة كل اللعنات التي حلت علينا منذ أن عرفناكم .‬

‫أنتم من لم تخجلوا حين لوثتم الإرث الذي ورثتموه عائليا أو بالتسلط حزبيا ، من آبائكم أو من أسلافكم السابقين الصالحين .

, ينفذ حبر القلم قبل ان تنفذ كلمات وصفكم ونعتكم .‬


‫لماذا أغتصبتم لبناننا هكذا وهو كل ما لدينا ?

مرة أخرى : أعيدوا الأموال وأرحلوا من دون رجعة

Hassan Khalil

Tidbits # 48

It was Not planned during this confinement, but I observed that my day work is split in 3 proportional categories of tasks. 1/3 for physical activities (1 hr for early walk, 1 30 min for gardening and physical exercises). 1/3 for reading, writing, publishing on my blog and following on news. 1/3 for home maintenance (laundering, washing dishes, mopping, cooking…). I take 2 short invigorating siesta of less than an hour to focus on breathing and plan the next set of tasks.

Purify your heart and mind, and pray anywhere you want, and any which way you want

Men authors are at disadvantages in describing their childhood: They failed to observe, to comprehend and quickly forgot whatever feeling and minor events might have affected them

No need for personality cult. If your “hero” figured something out, learn what he learned and don’t emulate him in everything else.

Most of Jesus’ disciples and early Christians were dead serious that they would rise on the third day. Especially the martyrs. No need to wonder how initially Christianity made any headway.

My heroes are Malcolm X and James Baldwin: Religion is Never a basis to define and demand human rights.

Malcolm X transformed many times his political model, as cruelty, violence and injustices could no longer fit within his current understanding and model of resistance.

The Modern States that learned to listen to the demands and request of its people and reacts promptly in reconsidering its laws are the most advanced, regardless of their size in land and population and are the most respectful of the UN resolutions regarding human rights. They have confidence that their educated and cultured citizens are more attuned to the world calamities than their functional institutions.

Mener une vie cachée’ n’est pas une vie décente: sans engagement face a l’injustice, rien n’est decent.

Slavery is very ancient, before even religions took hold on society.  The cruel and brutal behavior of “owners” of slaves reached a high level of discrimination as religious sects guessed correctly that it satisfies the interest of the power-to-be classes and directly their own interests.

They give you life. And they give you death. And they tell you take care of your Destiny in between. But we all know what is destined to the living species.

Age should Not entitle you to play the wise-man: Young people are Not hearing your counsel or advice or wise-cracking humors. Learn to loosen up and say “reflected humor” that are within the humanist values: Your humor should Not match the humors of the younger ones’: that’s the best message you can share with the next generations.

The Ivy League school Harvard College dropped standardized test requirements is changing its admissions requirements as it figures out how to attract the best applicants in a pandemic, and also after years of complaints that SATs penalize low-income students.

Keep digging archaeological sites: It is important to remember, every now and then, that powerful empires and great civilizations were forgotten. That all empires will eventually decline into oblivion.

Demand for private flights from Hong Kong to Australia and North America jumped 214% in January,  just as the pandemic was spreading beyond China. (In all pandemics, the elite class is never hurt, and their comfort Not altered)

Margin for Freedom? Any margin for Liberty?

Son of Man versus Son of God?

Note: Re-edit of “Son of Man: Margin for Freedom. March 30, 2009″

Does heredity define to great extent every individual?

Is every one of us the product of long lines of successive unions?

Yet, the probability of identical persons is nil among the billions upon billions of human kinds that roamed earth.

Every person that dies is never replaced and his unique set of characteristics, and the identical set is gone for ever.

Maybe our margin for developing certain characteristics is limited.

Even then, what could be modified a little by nature, environment, social conditions, and personal thrive will have an impact in defining future generations.

We have always attributed our reality to act of God, His will, our Destiny.  That’s what all religious sects wanted us to belive in.

We have been sons of God until recently.

Research and technology are altering many genomes for a healthier man, even before he is born, even when he is a fetus, even by sorting out and selecting one among the many embryos to re-insert in the mother’s uterus. 

Man has started to affect genetically future generations.

God is no longer the sole and exclusive owner of man, and that is a qualitative new perspective to humanity.

Mankind is becoming part owner, though with a tiny share so far. 

As long as man is not able to tamper with the brain on a large-scale, then all the religious sects will brandish that “God will still have the bigger share in man”.

When you partially own a person then you are responsible for the whole entity.

We tended to let God off the hook for too long. 

If man has to be taken to court for wrong doing or designing and manufacturing defective products, then it is about time that God be taken to court after each war, each genocide, each apartheid systems designed for the suffering and humiliation of fellow men.

We have always attributed to God all the good values, even the immoral values in our daily realities.

We have tried hard to interpret God frequent calamities in a lenient manner.

If God exists, and he should exist, just to be taken to the International Tribunal for crimes against humanity. 

That is the margin of liberty that we still own; to study, read, reflect, have our own opinions, take hold of our personal responsibilities, and act accordingly.

When a person denies his own share of responsibility and stop reflecting and studying… all he does is then but wind.

Hotbeds of active extremist members of religious sects

The active extremist members of religious sects live in ghettos in the suburbs of urban surrounding.
They observe the surrounding and have a notion of the civil laws but prefer to abide by the ghetto laws.
If the religion has a set of laws, they take it and run with it.
They are the most secrtetive and isolate of clans, kind of living in ghettos within ghettos.
They are what used to be the conveyor belt of tribes living close to urban cities and towns with the desert and rural regions
They understand the abstract notions of urban religious sects but adopt the remote rural sets of traditions


What is a Madrassat? It is a religious school funded by the Saudi Kingdom and teaches the most obscurantist Wahhabi brand of Islam.

Let’s face it: Until the thousands of Wahhabi Islamic Madrassat working around the world are transformed into secular public schools, Extremist Islamic sects will be around for hundreds of years.
The USA, China and Europe must find the necessary funds and training to all States ready to close down or reform these Saudi Kingdom funded Madrassat in the last 3 decades

Urban Islam and Rural Islam Western Europe (England, France, and Germany) of the 19th century was hooked to Orientalism: The aristocracies wore…

Da3esh or ISIS is back in north Syria and are recapturing lost towns very quickly: If the US and Turkey still want to control this northern region, then Syria will let loose ISIS to deal with these so-called moderate military oppositions

In a speech to Egypt President Abdel Nasser in 1953: The Moslem Brotherhood leader wants women to wear the veil when stepping out from homes: Let him himself wear the veils first

Prime Ministers in Lebanon never submit recognition: Unless an important Sunni public figure is assassinated

Israel preempted a war against Lebanon for 33 days (2006), and Lebanon Seniora PM didn’t deem it a good reason enough to resign after the war ended…

Half the ministers, minus one, resigned and Seniora PM considered he still has the “legitimity” Not to step down

The ministers represented half the Parliament members and Seniora PM stayed on his chair

Hundreds of Tents were set up for 6 months in front of the government building (the Grand Serai), and the PM didn’t give a hoot: As long as the US, France and Saudi Arabia are satisfied with his much reduced government…

A civil war started in 2008 and Beirut was on fire for three days, and Seniora PM waited to be invited to Qatar in order to find a compromise before stepping down…

Over 12 public figures were assassinated between 2005 and 2012, and not a single PM resigned. Why
1. Almost all the assassinated people were Christians

2. The only assassinated Sunni deputy was from the coalition of the PM

PM in Lebanon never submit resignation, after the withdrawal of the Syrian troops in 2005: Unless

1. An important Sunni public figure is assassinated, and

2. The opposition Sunni coalition get to the streets demanding the resignation of the PM

3. and the US, France or Saudi Arabia fail to lodge a veto 

Omar Karameh PM resigned in 2005, after late former Rafic hariri PM was assassinated, and the former two conditions were satisfied

Our current Najeeb Mikati PM waited for Wissam Hassan, the Sunni director of internal intelligence gathering, to be assassinated before he lukewarmely submitted a resignation that was turned down by the President Suleiman. Why?

The US, France, and Saudi Arabia think this is not a good time for any minor upheaval in Lebanon. In fact, the trend is it needs 6 months to form a government, for many reasons, not the least satisfying the representation of 18 official religious sects, several superpowers, and several regional powers…

As long as the US, France and Saudi Arabia are “satisfied” with Lebanon PM, all hell can break loose, and he may stay put on his chair

Lebanon PM stay put on their chair, resume travelling around the round to secure and promote his private businesses, … as long as the Sunni clerics and politicians considers him the legitimate representative to their sect…

Only the president of the republic has to swear allegiance to Lebanon, all the other public figures consider their allegiance to their religious sect first, and last…

Iraq:  What after the withdrawal of US troops?

US troops are supposed to withdraw completely from Iraq in 2011 (it is done, and Iraqis celebrated, and the US soldiers celebrated, and the US soldiers in Afghanistan are preparing to celebrate next year…)

So far, 50,000 soldiers have been transferred to Afghanistan from Iraq via two main routes.  The mostly used route is heading south of Iraq by sea and ocean, toward Pakistan and then forward by land to southern Afghanistan. The second route is going north of Iraq toward the Kurdish enclaves, Turkey, Azerbaijan, river routes, and entering Tajikistan to north Afghanistan.

It seems that moving troops and materials from Iraq to Afghanistan is one of the most complex logistic headaches of all time.  The US has to have deals with over two dozen States for the transport to reach destination relatively safely: any trouble at any junction and the logistic plans go awry for many months. The logistics troubles have surfaced violently: The safest and quickest route to Afghanistan via Pakistan is no longer that safe, that fast, or as economical:  Pakistan society is very unhelpful and unfriendly with the US taking casual liberty with their drones, bombing communities and friendly allies on the ground of mistaken identity…The collateral damage in this war far outnumbers the few tracked and targeted “terrorists”

What of Iraq after the withdrawal of US troops?  Iraq will still be a member of the United Nations in the form; Iraq will still be “independent” with a central government in the books, as is the case of the status of Lebanon.  In reality, Iraq will be controlled by three regional powers and the US.

A few districts around the Capital Bagdad will be under direct rule of the central government; the districts in the south around Basra and in the Kurdish north-east region will be self autonomous under the indirect supervision of Iran; the districts in the Kurdish northwest will be under Turkish supervision; districts in the west will be mandated to Syria, and a few districts in the Kurdish zone will be reserved to the two main Kurdish parties and supported by the US.

The two parliamentary elections and the time required to forming governments prove that forming union government is directly related to agreement and consensus with Iran, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the US.  The complex political structure in Iraq after the invasion is far worse than Lebanon’s.  Lebanon has to negotiate with 18 formal religious sects and two regional powers (Syria and Iran) and the US.

Iraq has more religious sects and many ethnic diversity than Lebanon.  Iraq has two main Islamic sects of Sunni and Shia (Chiaa) and dozens of minority Christian sects and Yazd.  Iraq has basically four ethnic groups: The Sunni Arabs, the Chiaa Arabs, the Chiaa Persian of origin, and many Kurdish ethnic bordering Turkey, Syria, and Iran.

Iraq has to negotiate with the US, Russia, and China in addition to four regional powers.  Thus, forming a union government in Iraq is not an easy endeavor.

Oil revenue will “logically” be shared with districts proportionally to population and the level of pollution generated from extracting oil and refining it (rational guesses).  A large portion will be allocated to central government and the federal army.  Regional power control will be exercised through two main mechanisms:

First, the high level public servants in the autonomous regions will be appointed by the respective regional powers and

Second, each regional power will have its lead political men in the highest echelons in the government, Parliament, and central public servant administrations.

Weak central governments have distinct characteristics:

First, reforms are incremental after exhaustive consensus procedures;

Second, crucial decisions are taken in consensus, and

Third, foreign policies in the main lines are uncompromising in order not to disturb internal coherence.

There are advantages to this potential future Iraqi status.

First, Iran’s huge interests and dominant influence in Iraq will have the most at stake for the stability of Iraq.  Thus, the stability of Iraq will be the best guarantor for cooling off any expansionist policies in the Arab/Persian Gulf such as Bahrain and Oman.

Second, Syria interests in a stable Iraq will strengthen its alliance with Iran with more glitches to iron out.  For example, Syria will have to seek greater ties with Turkey in order to counter balance Iran’s overwhelming influence in Iraq. (With current Syria mass revolts and Turkey getting involved against the regime, Syria has no choice but to tighten its links with Iran and Russia…)

Third, Israel’s intelligence agencies in Iraq and the Kurdish regions, which  grew astronomically after the invasion in 2003, will be disbanded gradually:  The regional powers will supervise tightly Israel’s interferences in Iraq.  For example, the visit of Kurdish leader Barazani to Turkey Erdogan has a major purpose to clipping Israel’s intelligence activities in the Kurdish regions. Israel had increased in the last two years its destabilizing schemes in Turkey.

Iraq has been in fact subdivided according to the US objective before invading Iraq in 2003.  Iraq has no alternative but to be a central junction of the economic union among Turkey, Iran and Syria. Such a strategic location will witness massive investment in Iraq’s infrastructure  for communication, transport, warehouses, ports, and oil pipelines.

Iraq will be the next Dubai with vaster wealth and strategic needs but no tangible independence as a State.

Note:  The highest Chiaa religious authority, ayatollah Sistani and residing in Najaf (Iraq), is adamantly opposed to any federal political structure; this is a commendable attitude but the stability of Iraq at this junction is close cooperation with the three powerful border regional powers of Iran, Syria, and Turkey.

Sovereignty is a very loose robe that fits vast countries, large population, and a history of resilience and determination to paying the exorbitant price for the luxury of dignity and being recognized as an intrinsic civilization “under the sun”. You may read one of my other posts on Iraq




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