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Green House effects?

Calamity concatenated within 2 centuries when it previously took million of years

Apparently, earth is 3 billion years old. During its longevity, earth experienced frequent drastic upheavals that almost wiped out living organism.

Long time ago, or 650 million years ago, there was this Snowball earth Age where All earth was covered by 300 meters of ice and it lasted for 25 million years.

Other upheavals were the reverse: Earth died from hot and scotching climate and living creatures in oceans died from lack of oxygen.

In the Snowball Age, the ocean water could not absorb enough sun energy to warm up and stop the advance of the ice sheets.

Only a single cell bacteria managed to survive and transformed its outer skin to resist the cold. Scientist recovered specimen of these old bacteria and when they added water, the bacteria came to life.

During the Cold War period, Russian scientists calculated the effects of repeated nuclear detonations on cold climate since the gases of clouds will obstruct the sun rays from reaching earth.

The conclusion was that the tipping point would be if the ice sheet reach New Orleans and the Snowball phenomenon would become irreversible.

After 25 million years under the ice, powerful volcanoes started to erupt.

And after one million years of frequent eruption, volcanoes managed to break the ice sheet and the CO2 gases started to fill the atmosphere.

Oxygen in the atmosphere was a mere 1% instead of the 21% needed to support living organism and the multicells bacteria.

The hot earth periods were due to heavy concentration of CO2 that trapped the energy within our atmosphere and accelerated the melting of ice.

The acid rains burned vegetation and prevented CO2 to be absorbed and its concentration to reach equilibrium.

Temperature rise made the ocean water too warm and prevented ocean water movement to travel from cold parts to warmer parts, and consequently, the diluted oxygen in water could no longer travel and the ocean stagnated and marine organism died.

Water turned pink and smelt of rotten egg due to the heavy concentration hydrogen sulfide, a poisonous gas.

As ocean water gets warmer, the unstable and frozen methane hydrate at the bottom of ocean disintegrate and produce methane gas, 20 times worse than CO2 in its green house effects.

The bubbling of methane in the arctic seas is already very active and accelerating the melting of the arctic pole.

One of these hot periods happened 250 million years ago.

It took mankind only 2 centuries to do what takes nature one million years to raise earth temperature.

Note: And what caused the depletion of CO2 in the atmosphere that caused the Snowball period?

If violent volcano eruptions for one million years that spewed CO2 and brought the breaking point balance that made the ice sheets to recede, then why volcanoes were that stagnant for million of years and allowed the CO2 to deplete?

Is this stagnation related to weaker earth magnetic field that could not move magma at a proper speed to heat it?

If so, was the cosmos surrounding earth  in relative stagnation from activities and failed to provide the necessary external energy to resurrect the magnetic field?

Was the sun location too far away from the center of the Milky Way galaxy and could not be activated enough to provide enough energy to earth?




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