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I have been wondering: “What if we engage in an amateurish profession that earn money (loving and earning what we like to do best) and focusing on a continuing education field of knowledge in our spare time as an amateur lover of knowledge?”  Simply because we have and need to develop our mind, because we are lovers of knowledge (philosophy)?

Wouldn’t that make us feel whole, happier, and richer?  Do you believe that you can make more money out of a job you don’t like, dragging your feet to work, and depleting your energy going to a job rather than doing a job you love doing?

I don’t understand how people can make a career of a job they hate.  I get literally physically sick in such kinds of jobs and my stomach aches linger for months; as I quit, I am healed instantly; it is like all these months of pain and suffering were a bad dream.  I take with a grain of salt claims such as: “I hate my job”.  Most probably people stumble on a colleague friend or befriend a “circle of friends” with a couple of “high-energy” type individuals and occasionally engage in intellectual conversations, or bounce around ideas and plans for recreational activities…

Don’t you believe, as you recharge in energy at an earning wonderful job, that you will be far more receptive to knowledge, assimilating quicker what you are studying after work? You might say that the earning jobs are selected to us and set in stone?  I say: “Said who?”

Do you think singing, painting, designing, acting, dancing, taking photos, videos, directing movies, doing sports, writing and other jobs you love doing do not earn money?  How many tried and failed?

I ask you: “How much money is enough to keep you happy, satisfied, comfortable, and healthy?  What kind of standard of living is good enough for you?”

What does give you pleasure?  Living and working with exciting “high-energy” colleagues that recharge you with enthusiasm and support your passion or you prefer wasting your time in a surrounding of envying, jealous, back stabbing colleagues in return for paper money?

I tell you, if those famous people who loved their jobs made the effort or were initiated and encouraged to continue their education in intellectual fields then, most of them would not have indulged in drug, alcohol, and led a life that degraded rapidly at an early age.

The mind is a precious trove that never deplete; and when you develop your mind you never age or sink in depression, apathy, and amoral lax attitudes.

Think of Khaled Hussein, Miles Water, and John Wood doing  it in reverse.  If Khaled started writing his best sellers “The kite runner” and “A thousand Splendid Suns” instead of studying internal medicine, he would be rich and still studying medicine.  If Miles Water started writing songs instead of doing “dentistry” he would still be studying medical journals; do you think if Water called a few clients saying: “I am at my dispensary for a week taking a break from song writing; if you need your teeth pulled then, I will be glad to turn on my drill and pull out my pliers.”  Do you think his clients won’t show up and take a picture with him?   John Wood  started on “Room to Read” instead of working as executive marketing for Microsoft, he would be enjoying learning more about marketing and software industry.  Suppose Wood calls now and says: “I decided to take a couple of months away from my non-profit organization building libraries in developing countries and stacking them with books” then, I doubt that Microsoft would tell him “go to hell”.

Anyway, why working as engineer, physicians, designer, architect…should be boring and depleting jobs if you love doing them?  Maybe it is the educational systems that render these specialties so boring and uninteresting.  What is needed is to recharge in the morning when at work and studying after work while still charged.  You win all the way to the bank, to health, happiness…




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