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Filtering knowledge: Danger; 

You have got no excuses anymore to shoulder individual responsibility and acquire knowledge: Public schools are available in most States and the internet is open to everyone for information, facts, and methods in most fields of studies and for varied hobbies.

There are calls to start filtering and controlling this mass of information on the net for untenable reasons that are meant to hide the real frightening reality that is weakening the hold of central powers and multinational institutions on the kinds of knowledge we should be learning.

There are scare tactics originating from central powers that at best 50% of information and facts are not accurate or downright misleading.

Keep in mind that before the net, even a small portion of “accurate” news and information was not available to the general public: they were hidden in locked up archives or dusty sections of public libraries.

If you believe that only China and Saudi Arabia are intent on filtering information then you are being fooled big time.

The so-called democratic States are doing the filtering and control of information camouflaged under financial difficulties: large mergers into a few multinational networks capable of efficient control in times of “national emergencies “are permitted in critical sectors of the economy.

Up until the last two decades, people everywhere were subjected to culture filtered by organizations allied to central powers, supposedly most compatible to the civilization of a particular people.

Up to the 18th century, this control and culture filtering was easily feasible:  schools were rare, illiteracy was high, and the printing of works was very expensive for common people to learn and continue their education.

Billions of students have no access to viable libraries or inexpensive updated books and their only bet is the availability of Internet for global knowledge.

I am no longer reading to acquire more knowledge or to be considered a cultured man.

I read to revisit topics and compare my outmoded knowledge with current facts and methods and then having the pleasure to synthesize the topic, dump the useless and archaic knowledge in the waste bin and keeping the refreshed updated knowledge.

The best method for this process is to write on topics and disseminate them and then re-edit what you disseminated as an ongoing process.

We are living longer but not necessarily benefiting from longevity.

Older people have to be reminded by action that they have plenty of potentials to contribute to society and to improve their capabilities.  The best catalyst to keep up the good work is to find a way to disseminate your new outlooks so that you get updated with comments and counterpoints to go the extra mile into frequent updating of your knowledge.

What’s the use of living to be a hundred if you lost hope in your potential as a valid individual when you reach retirement age?

It is not acquiring a caravan and driving around the land that is of any proof that you still got the zest for life.

Now, if you capture new trends and new cultures, then synthesize what you capture with your outdated memory stores, comparing what you know and what is changing then you are developing potentials.

I have plenty of knowledge that may not interest people or is that useful to my own survival. 

One good alternative for my knowledge to become more useful to many people and to keeping my senility at bay is to write and transmit knowledge through the process of revisiting, reworking, and synthesizing knowledge, filtering incoming information and packaging it as new knowledge so that I copy my upgraded and re-edited knowledge into other medium.

Re-editing knowledge is an intelligent overhauling and updating to newer challenges. 

The job of investing energy to synthesizing your knowledge is called culture exploration.  The best way to undertaking this job is to read all kinds of manuscripts, select what is of interest to you, select what you judge is of importance to the newer generations, and to becoming better discriminator in culture and civilization.

Within our individual responsibilities and as part of quality of life I suggest the following:

First, if you are a graduate professional then, in addition to publishing in professional blogs, do create a popular blog and disseminate your knowledge in layman terms with explanation of the professional terminologies.   I have in mind all those empiricists and experimenters in natural, human, and social sciences.

Second, if you are an expert in any kinds of hobbies then, do create a popular blog to disseminate your excitement.  It might turn out that your hobby is your best alternative “gold mine” by unconditionally your enthusiasm.  The more you share the more demands for your skills and knowledge and the more money will ultimately generate.

Third, your best protection from early senility and atrophy of your brain is to invest time and energy in synthesizing and comparing new knowledge and challenges with your archaic memory stores.  The more you discharge your overcrowded useless information the more youthful your quality of life.

Read, assimilate, compare, synthesize and disseminate accurate updated knowledge.  This is a new hobby available to every reflecting individual. You have no excuses for failing this responsibility.

A golden opportunity is now available to developing mankind moral and emotional potentials in these challenging times of hopelessness toward the fast degradation of earth and the growing impotency of the United Nations.

Time to upgrade knowledge into useful discernment of accrued challenges.




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