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Tidbits #32

Funny. In the Western developed States, with this lockdown, the argument is: Do we have a moral imperative to continue the financial support of your hairdresser , your dog walker, babysitter, the kid’s piano teacher, your yoga instructor?

Rewilding? The term was popularized in the late 1990s by two American biologists (pdf), who argued that conservation shouldn’t mean just conserving an area of land but bringing back predators that kept the ecosystem functioning in its natural state.

America’s banking giants are fortifying themselves for a potential tsunami of bad loans.
The five biggest US lenders have stashed away $24 billion of loan-loss provisions as of the first quarter, almost five times as much as in the previous period, according to FactSet data.

In States that established social safety net for employment and health.. allowed individualism to reign. But in places without those means, collectivism is often the order of the day.

Lockdown reminded us that “When a poor person fall, we fall together. Survival is a collective exercise”

Should I feel much better? The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 has already been identified, genetically sequenced, and given a name (SARS-CoV-2). And what the next in line SARS-CoV-3 will spread?

An estimated 280,000 US health care workers don’t have papers and they still have to worry about being deported.

Palestinian prisoners in Israel are being subjected to a harsher version of Auschwitz: Let them all die of Covid-19. Let them take all their time to die in their confinement.

Guess why. There were no US school shootings in March. It was the first March without one since 2002.

France King Charles 9 in the 16th century, eldest son of Catherine of Medici, moved the new year from April 1st to January 1st and labeled April 1st, April Fool.

April 1st was the new year in all Middle-East since antiquity. March was the month for celebration to culminate on the first of April.

A new breathing aid device would deliver oxygen to the lungs while cutting the need for ventilators, helping keep patients out of intensive care.

“The combination of uncertainty and danger…feeds an intense desire for certainty, better known to psychologists as the need for cognitive closure,” writes psychologist Arie Kruglanski in The Conversation. “It is the time when authoritative, confident direction is much preferred over flexible, laissez-faire guidance. We need to be told what to do, plain and simple.”

The world’s biggest manufacturer of condoms said its stockpile will last just two more months.

Remember: On this date April 17, Israel bombed a UN compound in Qana (Lebanon) killing 106 civilians who thought they were fleeing to “security”. The US blocked all judicial attempts in their courts for reparation (I was in the US and witnessed a few lawyers valiantly lodging complaints in the names of victims, at no avail)

The purpose of Share on social platforms is to disseminate what opinions and articles match your world view. Use it instead of pressing Like.

India’s idle huge rail network trains with carriages having plenty of space could be used for Covid-19 patients. 

And this fat and flatulent Winston Churchill visits the battle field of Zama near Carthage. He wanted to pay his respect to the victory of the Romans in 1942, just as the allies recaptured north Africa. This ultimate of racist claimed that this battle was the beginning of the barbarian western civilization. And culture and civilization was at an end and mankind wasted 2,500 years of sustained growth and progress

Carthage was New York and Shagai combined.
It was the financial and economic power of the Mediterranean Basin
It was the industrial capital of the ancient world.
It had 700,000, most of them were foreign workers and artisan of about 500,000, sort of Dubai
Its building were of 8 floors, nothing comparables then
It could produce in record time scores of ships, for commerce and navy
It had ports almost in every known country where it stored its raw materials and traded with the autochtones.
Tunisia produced as much wheat as Egypt and had the best agricultural experts.

On April 17, French mandated troops over Syria vacated the land forcefully. Since then, French institutions were trained to hate the valiant Syrian people. France had handed to Turkey Syrian lands the size of current Syria.

Africa’s total external debt is $700 billion and its debt service this year alone is $44 billion, so the fear is some of the world’s most under-resourced health systems would suffer with debt repayments being prioritized in the middle of a global pandemic. The World Bank and IMF were early to call for some form of debt relief, perhaps forbearance. China alone loaned $140 bn

It is dawning on me this hypothesis: the air in airplanes and sleeping quarters in ships contributed largely in spreading the Covid-19




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