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No Papers, No Fear, Ride for Justice: Women Art inspiring fearlessness?

A large group of Mexican activists converged to Albuquerque to opposed the yearly weapons display and trading. Why? In the last decade, 60,000 Mexicans died from drug gang retaliations, and all gangs are getting their weapons exclusively from the USA.  Actually, the US hoards two-third of world weapons market share, evaluated this year to $67 billion.

Another group of “Undocumented riders” is converging from Arizona to the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina. They are coming out of the shadows and getting on the bus. They are saying: “Our rights and our families are under attack and we’ve come too far to go back now”.

Undocumented riders are coming out publicly, supporting local people to build barrio defense, and performing peaceful civil disobedience to challenge the promoters of hate and set an example of love and fearlessness from Arizona to the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina.

Nos Tienenmiedo Posted on August 2, 2012:

No Tienen Miedo by jesus Barraza, Photo by Diane Ovalle[Español abajo]

We’re tired of the mistreatment and can’t wait for anyone else to stop it. We’re rolling through the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice to set an example of courage that we hope the country will be brave enough to follow.

Already we’ve faced down Sheriff Arpaio, gone into his jail with our head high, and because we’re part of an organized community, came out with our heads held higher.

We urge artists, musicians, and writers to take action and create an image, song, or poem to be used as part of our online viral campaign for and to possibly be published as prints to raise funds for the effort with the consent of the artist.

Create an image, song, or poem that shows your support for the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice and especially for the riders who are risking everything and conquering fear.

Make sure to include the specific words on the image such as “no papers no fear,” “sin papeles y sin miedo” “levanta tu cara” “dignity is here.” “We can’t wait” “right side of history.” For visual images size must be 18×24 inches with a 1/2 inch border all the way around.

Calling for Art that inspires fearlessness.

Send all questions to

Note: As a gesture to get latino votes, President Obama gave the undocumented people in the US (fulfilling a few conditions) a reprieve of two years and issued them work permits.




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