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Right to vote abridged in the USA, France…?

Apparently, the right to vote to citizens are being restricted in many “advanced” democratic States such as USA, France…

Fourteen States in the USA have passed a total of 25 measures that will unfairly restrict the right to vote, among black and Hispanic voters in particular.  The new measures are focused in States with the fastest growing black populations (Florida, Georgia, Texas and North Carolina) and Latino populations (South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee). The NAACP sees this as a cynical backlash to a surge in ethnic minority voting evident in 2008.

It is of no surprise if ethnic minority groups are not the only sections of society at risk of losing their voting rights. The Brennan Center warns that young voters and students, older voters and poor income groups are also vulnerable.

The same trend is evolving in France, targeting the northern African citizens of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.  It seems that the new awakening of the minority groups of their power in the voting booth is throwing the “majority” (read religious affiliations and color of skin…) off-balance.  The political structures abhor situations where serious changes and reforms are needed for newer evolving societies.

During WWI, France and England had promised the people in their colonies to obtaining citizenship if they participated in the war efforts, mainly being recruited as soldiers in front lines. Actually, the colonial powers forced many to enlist in various manners, and the promise for citizenship was a bait to reducing the resistance to joining the war…

About 940 soldiers from Senegal died of pneumonia and new diseases in the French military and training camp of Courneau (near Bordeaux) for lack of sanitary facilities.  Hundred of thousand of African soldiers died in the front lines.

It turned out that what France meant by citizenship was of the apartheid-kind: Limited voting rights, the system of fines and punishment was a collective system, and these “citizens” retained the status of indigenous Africans…

In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to vote.  Anyway, in Saudi Arabia there are no elected institutions in the first place to exercise this luxury right.  Women are not permitted to drive or to move outside city-limit without being accompanied by a male from the family…

In Israel, the last decade witnessed series of laws that restrict the meaning, right of citizenships, and voting rights for non-Jews.  Lately, Hilary Clinton, US State Department, criticised in a private meeting the new trend in Israel of segregating women from men in public transport…Israel is definitely shedding-off the external image of the only democracy in the Middle-East and moving steadily toward an apartheid and bigoted State.

For example, after over 60 years, hundred of thousands of Palestinians have retained their refugee status in almost all Arabic States: Only the few who were initially rich, with particular religious affiliations, and with professions managed to obtain citizenship.  All the remaining refugees never received the right to vote on anything.

In Lebanon, Palestinian refugees are prohibited to work in 100 jobs, particularly professional jobs such as physicians, lawyers, engineers…outside their restricted camps…




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