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How’s your Talent for enjoying life? Your right to pursue Happiness?

A few times I’m asked: What kinds of music you like to listen to? My answer is invariably: I don’t know.

It’s not that I don’t listen to music, all kinds of music.

I love documentaries on music bands and the history of the various kinds of music, including classical music and composers.

I tend to hop, dance and clap when I hear a music that I like.

The problem is, if the environment (people and surrounding) is not conducive to talking and listening to music, then I lack the talent to pick up and register what the environment is sending as signals, hints and rhythms.

I do lack this imaginative and sensitive sort of memory that is triggered by music.

Are you hungry? Yes. What do you like to eat? My answer is: I don’t know. I’m Not picky and can eat anything you order…

It’s not that I have no tasty buds or that I love to eat and I tried all kinds of cuisines, West and East.

The problem is that I lack the talent to retrieve from my taste bud memory what I love to eat at the time of the question.

Are you thirsty? Yes. What do you like to drink? My answer is: I don’t know. I can drink anything you order. You don’t have to fret on my account…

The problem is that I lack the talent to retrieve my alcohol-induced memory for what I feel like drinking now.

This is not restricted to alcoholic drinks.

Do you want tea, coffee, Nescafe, milk… I don’t know. Don’t bother on my account. I drink what you feel like drinking.

Probably my mental capacity feels lazy to invest the necessary effort to give a definitive answer that is appropriate to the environment.

I used to blame conditions, situations, circumstances … for my deficiency in enjoying life. I got it all wrong.

Don’t get me wrong: I like to be entertained, dance, go to concerts, have adventures….

The problem is that I had to come to term that the problem is Me.

I don’t have it this talent to enjoy life.

How you were brought up and your living conditions play a mighty catalyst in increasing the quality of your joy for living, but they are not the main factors.

The main factor is: Have you got the talent to enjoy life? Yes? No?

I feel hurt when I get to know people who are in the same boat as me: they lack this talent to enjoy life.

It has nothing to do with genders, wealth, color of skin, cultural differences…

It is strictly an individual quality, a mix of characteristics and talents that distinguish you from the rest of the lame and sad people.

You can be born in a filthy rich family and not know how to enjoy life.

You can be born in a family living in a wretched neighbourhood, and yet you know how to enjoy your life to the hilt.

I had a varied childhood in conditions and situations, with plenty of varied opportunities to learn how to enjoy life: And yet, my childhood passed me by.

I had a youth with multiple fantastic opportunities to learn how to enjoy my life, and youth passed me by.

Opportunities add dimensions to the quality of life enjoyment, if you got the talent.

What is most essential is: Have you been trained as a child to enjoy life, all the artistic facets that enrich the quality of life enjoyment?

Proper Nurturing  at an early age is the key factor to set you free from the lot of the lame ands sad people.

You hear a wife saying of her husband: He is a contented man. He never complains or demand of much any thing… He maybe a jovial person in his demeanor, but deep inside he still has no clue what to demand.

You hear a mother saying: I had no trouble raising this child… This child never learned what it is to enjoy life in order to ask and demand for more of what he is experiencing.

And I cannot help wondering:

People who were born in an environment (family and culture) that stump the talent for enjoying life, who were robbed from this nurturing zest for life, have no reason to live.

And the family has no right to give them birth: Abort all of them.

This situation is totally unfair.

This is the worst kind of crimes against human rights: Murdering the right of pursuit to happiness in the bud.

Have you got the talent to enjoy life? Yes? No?




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