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Lebanese Billionaires with account in Switzerland and Not able to withdraw a cent?

From Wikileaks?
Note that our Parliament chief, Nabih Berry, his wife and his son have accumulated $15 bn. Former Prime minister Fouad Seniora deposited over $9 bn in less than 4 years after Not recording in the Central Bank $11 bn from foreign loans received . Former Prime minister Najib and his brother Taha Mikati $16 bn. Our central bank chief Riyad Salameh deposited $5 bn, our former President Michel Sulaiman $2 bn…
And not counting the hundreds of politicians and deputies who hoarded in the millions

لائحة إسمية بالمسؤولين اللبنانيين الذين لديهم حسابات مجمّدة في البنوك السويسرية ، الغير قادرين على سحب دولار واحد منها بتعليمات من الإدارة الأميركية(المصدر ويكيلكس)

١-فؤاد السنيورة ٩.١ مليار دولار
٢- نجيب ميقاتي٧.٨ مليار دولار
٣-طه ميقاتي ٦.٨ مليار دولار

٤-نبيه برّي ٦.٣ مليار دولار
٥-ميشال المر ٥.٩ مليار دولار
٦- سعدالدين الحريري ٥.٩ مليار دولار
٧-رندا بري ٥.٧ مليار دولار
٨-رياض سلامة ٥ مليار دولار

٩-وليد جنبلاط ٤.٦ مليار دولار
١٠- الياس المر ٣.٦ مليار دولار
١١-عبدالله بري ٢ مليار دولار

١٢ ميشال سليمان ٢ مليار دولار
١٣- نقولا فتوش ١.٩ مليار دولار
١٤- فؤاد مخزومي ١.٩ مليار دولار
١٥- مريام سكاف ١.٦ مليار دولار.

بالإضافة إلى مئات الأسماء التي رصيدها يتراوح بين نص مليار دولار صعودا حتى مليار دولار. وهناك المئات أيضا أموالهم مودعة في البنوك الأميركية والفرنسية ستصدر لائحة بأغلبيتهم تباعاً

للأسف هذا لبنان وهؤلاء زعمائه.ويجب على الشعب اللبناني أن يعرف أين مقدرات البلاد.
عاش الزعماء ….مات الشعب
سرق الزعماء….افتقر الشعب

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 124

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

To increase their hourly rate, psychologists bring up the Death symbolism. Asking their hapless clients “Do you have the feeling that the world is crumbling underneath your feet?” And the candid answers “That is exactly my feeling! I kind of have the impression that I have been dispossessed when impotence set in”

Holding sex is an act of power to express outrageous disagreement of the relationship, a sort of revolt to Not reach an agreement.   Thus, when it is time to sign the truce, then Viagra is appropriate, occasionally.

Woke up at 3:30 am and turned on ARTE. The channel was showing a documentary with 10 young girls (18-22) who volunteered to express their sexuality and how friendly they are with their bodies and emotions. Most of them agreed to be videoed totally naked at the end of the session. I dare the team to repeat this experiment with young males, whom the girls expect so much to get in touch with their sexuality. The young males who are more confused and perplexed than the female counterpart,

About time to sack Riyad Salameh as Chief of Lebanon Central Bank: He is doing the job for the elite financial class . You expect interest rates to drop and he increased it with more unnecessary lavish loans in hard currencies.

It is time for another period of introspection: Ask fundamental questions “What is love”, “What happened to my youth?”, “Where did I go wrong?”, and “How could I have managed my health better?”

Rome position against Carthage was the same as Bush Junior: You are either with us or against us.  Total dominion was the motto of this nascent empire.

If simple intercourse is conveyed as a stupid act, which any mindless individual can perform, and if youth are instructed that intercourse requires preliminary high emotional and cognitive capabilities, then probably the age of impotence would recede into a very old age.

We create the most value when we do a job where exploration and a new solution is what’s needed: doing something that’s not been done before, something that might not work.

If you order the rates according to size of stores, most of the shoplifting are in the vast middle, while the small stores occupy the rare probability tails of the curve.

It is not the location of the stores that is the deciding factor in rate of shoplifting but their size. 

Basically and frequently, Saudi Arabia and the USA /Israel are the main rogue States in the world that refuses to have peace and stability be maintained in the “Arabic speaking” world.

Les grandes passions, cerebrales et sensuelles, sont affaires de gens dument repus, desalteres et reposes

Le ridicule amour-propre que les gens civilises melent aux choses de la passion

La pensee’ independente de la majorite’ est un lieu solitaire, battu par les vents des cercles vicieux

Un nain a un sixieme sense pour reconnaitre l’autre nain. Litteralement, on n’a pas besoin de  cette additionel sense pour reconnaitre un nain, sauf qu’a premiere vue, un homme “normal” ne voit pas la vieille aux yeux tristes dans un corps de petite fille coquette d’une naine





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