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Tidbits #91

Brainless people? They are still boarding the most hazardous Boeing 737. The latest happened in Indonesia. The plane that cost this companies its worth and has to pay over $2 bn in penalties.

Donald Trump liberated the US of its prestidigitation policies: this century old illusionist propaganda of what the “US should have been” and Not what its society is. Behind the glimmer and glamour, the US society was Not healthy or safe compared to the other developed nations. The US was unable to break out of its apartheid and racist ideology, an ideology that impregnated the Nazis in its inception.

Not idle during the day. Not idle at night. Mental and physical activities all day long. I post 2 articles on my blog. Read hard-cover books in 3 languages. Read research articles on Quantum mechanics’ new discoveries, cosmology and Covid family new research. Follow up on world news and local news. Jog on my machine for a single km, walk for an hour in the fresh air, do exercises for the joints… Wash the dishes, do laundry, mop and vacuum. Cook and eat moderately all kinds of food (No restrictions). No excuses for laziness of the mind. No excuses for laziness to caring for the body. Stay healthy. Ma fi malal.

South Korea women are increasingly commiting suicide: 40% increase in these lockdowns due to firing the non-essential and precarious work-force and held mostly by women.

The FBI is warning that many State Capitols might be potential targets for the Trump-mob insurrectors.

Most of the authors of the 25,000 tablets during Ashur Bani Baal empire (Mesopotamia) were women

The East African Rift system made up the western and eastern continental rifts, and stretches from the Afar region of Ethiopia down to Mozambique. It is an active continental rift that began millions of years ago, splitting at 7mm annually. The regular eruption of volcanoes along the rift and new insights into the breakup of continents adds to the belief that the continent may be splitting to form a new ocean.

In the weeks leading up to the internet ban in Uganda by president Yoweri Museveni, 76, who has ruled the East African country since 1986. Museveni government regulators demanded that Google take down several YouTube channels carrying anti-government content (YouTube declined) and Facebook removed mostly pro-government accounts and pages, citing “coordinated inauthentic behavior.” Such defiance from the tech giants was a final straw for Museveni. Musician-turned-opposition-candidate Robert Kyagulanyi (a.k.a. Bobi Wine) garners backing from young Ugandans

Every couple of decades “The new generation grows up to find All Gods are dead, all wars fought, and fake faiths are predominant in society…”

Slow down on your showering routines: Fewer is better for your skin that preserves the beneficial bacteria on the skin and slow down wrinkling process. Better, take a warm bath once a week and do Not rub your skin with harsh sponges. Smelling soapy for good odor does Not mean that you are clean. Many kinds of soap ruin the quality of the skin.

Life Experiences is what we call how much we ignored how real world works

East Africa is home to several visible geographical wonders that have attracted tourists to the area. These include Lake Malawi and Tanzania Lake Tanganyika—respectively, the fourth largest freshwater and the second deepest lakes in the world. It also includes active volcanoes such as the Ol Doinyo Lengai in Tanzania, and the DallaFilla and Erta Ale in Ethiopia.




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