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Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 238

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page of backlog opinions and events is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory

Jesus enters Jerusalem on a Sunday morning; he had chased out the money changers and those doing “business as usual” by the Temple the day before.  Jesus is received as a popular Rabi leader and messiah; he is mounted on a donkey (jahesh) that Jesus had already rented for the day.

For six months, Jesus advanced toward Jerusalem for the yearly celebration, the first time ever for him in Jerusalem. He used to celebrate in his sect Temple on mount Carmel, atop Haifa. Thousands of pilgrims and followers were accompanying him.  Jesus was not a desk Rabi; not an urban Rabi.  Jesus was a walking Rabi followed by thousands of long marching disciples.

Robert Oppenheimer watched the mushroom cloud from the first atomic detonation bloom over a New Mexico test site. Hrepeated a line from the Hindu epic Bhagavad-Gita: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.

Yonatan Zunger, a former security and privacy engineer at Google, compared the power in the hands of software engineers to “kids in a toy shop full of loaded AK-47’s.

Tech companies, obsess over reliability—gaming out the “what-ifs” to prevent computer systems from crashing, need to apply the same planning to human consequences. “If you can do it without wanting to hide under a table, you’re not thinking hard enough,” he writes. “There are worse failure modes, and they’re coming for you.”Michael J. Coren

Evangelical Zionists starts their documentary on Jesus, as an excuse to expand on the Jewish fabricated mythical stories

Un pasteur Evangelique est un candidat a la Presidene du Costa Rica: c’est dingue.

32,000 workers are constructing the third airport in Istanbul. They work 24/24, 7 days a week. 400 died on the job. The 4 companies are linked to Erdogan.

La désobeissance civil ne peut prendre racine que lorseque l’individu apprend la sobriéte de vivre

Learning to lead a sober life is a pre-requisite for sustaining civil disobedience movement.

Correction: 1,500 Palestinians injured by Israel live bullets on “Homeland Day”. 17 dead (martyrs) and many handicapped in the legs. US Evangelical Zionist administration feeling Sad

America’s insatiable appetite for gigantic vehicles is essential to Detroit’s profits. That’s largely because light trucks have been protected by a 25% tariff on foreign-made competitors, compared with 2.5% for regular cars.

Robert Lawrence says Detroit’s cushy profits “bred bad habits, steering Detroit away from building high-quality automobiles,” and leaving them unable to compete against foreign car-makers and their more fuel-efficient autos. That eventually pushed the Big Three—Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler—to the brink of bankruptcy, requiring a taxpayer bailout for latter two, and heavy government assistance to keep Ford afloat.

Benis sont ceux qui, a un age avancé, ont le privilege des enfants: progresser pas a pas, re-apprendre les gestes et les joies.

In Middle Age Europe, 50,000 women were burned alive for witch craft

Naji 7ayek min Al Tayyar after allying with al Ekhwaan in this period of election:  we share Nothing. We want to open bars and they don’t want according to their shari3at. Go figure for this minimalist opinion

Sortou o2men bi Sa3d “kharzeh zar2at”: askatat ta2irat Israilliyyat mou7amalat bi 4 sawareekh

Hezbollah dakhal fi mar7alat jadidat: allaf jihaaz li moukafa7at al fassad. Metel jihaaz li ta7reer al selsilat al sharkiyyat.








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