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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 154

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pay attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Sommes-nous tous egaux devant l’abandon? Males, femelles, race, culture et appartenance politiques? Principalement, l’abandon d’une routine de coexistence qui prend tout comme guarantie et qu’ on croyait comprendre la source de cette routine.

Qu’ on l’ admet ou pas, durant la majeure  partie de notre vie, on ne fait qu’obéir – à ses parents, à l’instituteur, au professeur, aux traditions, aux coutumes, aux codes sociologiques qui sont les nôtres. Si on n’apprend pas effectivement a se revolte’ contre nous-meme, on appartient a cette majorite’ silencieuse que les systems politiques use et abuse continuellement.

And the other idiot: Trump tweet that he has a much bigger knob than North Korea “leader” to detonate a nuclear bomb

Don’t talk until you can improve the silence? But my silence never improved my talk. Neither did I learn anything from silence. Lost on both count

As USA is frequently using money liquidity as a weapon, China is starting to fill the void with her currency wherever US lists countries as “rogue nations”. Venezuela is first, a few States in Africa, soon Yemen and Iran will flaunt the dollar.

Gaza public servants are demonstrating for Not being paid: USA is squeezing the flow of liquid money.

As England did with the USA after its independence by delaying the flow of printed money, the same strategy is adopted by the USA on many people who are resisting its dominion.

Who pressured the Iranian Caspian Bank in Mashhad to go bankrupt, short on liquid money? Which other banks in other cities will close their doors in Iran and force demonstrations?

Les jeunes auteurs ont une obligation de commencer par raconter en details leur jeunesse: On a tous oublie’ notre jeunesse et on a besoin de raffrechir notre imagination

The suffering of Yemenis is Not about to abate: this war will end as Saudi Kingdom starts its disintegration into fiefdoms

Il n’y a pas urgence. Je peux tout aussi bien rencontrer toute ta famille a la ceremonie de marriage

“Bien sure que c’est lui qui est sterile. Sinon, Il aurait divorce’ sa femme depuis longtemps”

3am besma3 3am bi yesta3melo Scouts la aghraad intakhabiyyeh? nabsh a7kaad 3a2iliyyeh. Moush min naw3 thakafat siyassiyat le mashakel hal mojtama3. Scouts lazem yeb2o as7aab mada al 3omr.

US next in line to Tunisia: Unemployment popular revolt?

The title might be extreme; maybe the regime in the US will not change that drastically and that quickly.  Or maybe Egypt is next in line to witness a humongous popular upheaval, but if anyone is disregarding the option that the USA is inevitably ripe for a popular, non-peaceful, mass revolt is not listening, reading, and watching carefully the predicting indicators, as it happened in Tunisia. When revolt lands in the US, it might not be that peaceful as in Tunisia and Egypt.

In Tunisia, graduate students, out of a job for 5 years, were communicating their rage and frustration on the social web platforms.  There are indications that President Ben Ali was closeted in his Palaces and just listening to his oligarchic retinues and relying on the western States for times of crisis.   Ben Ali considered his citizens as invisible.  The “whites” in the US consider Obama as invisible, as in the “invisible man”; and thus, no matter what Obama does or achieve is not that relevant to the “red necks” and Christian neo-conservatives.

To the CONSERVATIVE “whites”, Obama is as good as being closeted in his White House, and if they grudgingly have to deal with the administration, it is only through the civil servants in the White House.  Obama is interested to what the Whites are saying but it is not reciprocated.  For one thing, no Black is ever to be President again, and Obama is not going to remain for a second term:  Not because he is a failure (he cannot ever be worse than Bush Jr), but because racism is endemic in the US.

Ben Ali was very close to Israel and opened Tunisia market to products coming from Jewish colonies in the West Bank.  Israel is antagonizing the US of Obama, not because the US ceased to be totally supporting Israel, but because racist and apartheid Israel hates the Black President Obama.  Obama has been doing his best to pleasure every community who hated him out of racist attitudes, and he failed to do his job as President and promoting equitable and fair negotiations and dealings.

The western media were all laudatory and praise of Ben Ali’s open market policies for financial transactions, dumping of subsidized agricultural products, and dumping of all kinds of products and services.  The industrial and agricultural bases in Tunisia were not developing and the economy relied on the tourism sector and fictitious investments by multinational financial institutions.

Are there any productive development in the US?  Paul Krugman has claimed that the US experienced no growth in the last two decades, even if profits from financial institutions increased from 8 to 16% of the total GNP.

Tunisia was witnessing over 30% of unemployment among graduate students, the same effective rate in the US among the lower middle class citizen, regardless of the kinds of misinformation the media and the administration is disseminating on unemployment rates.  The US statistics must start classifying unemployment rates according to economic classes and race.

The talking heads and financial journals are liars:  The economy in the US has not stabilized at all; growth is fictitious as before, and a mirror-image of the non-productive financial transactions consequences.  But unemployment is steadily increasing.  Most lower middle class citizens are reluctant to cashing unemployment subsidies and thus, unemployment statistics are heavily biased toward the lower trend.

Watch out America!  All that it takes is a “red neck” burning himself in front of the Capitol or the White House to rally embitered US citizen for all their frustrations at declining easy credits to sustaining their previous life-style. The US is no better than Tunisia when people are unemployed and feeling ignored and degraded. You may read my link on my prediction of Egypt’s successful non-violent revolution in note#2.

Note 1:  It is disturbing how superpowers treat smaller and weaker States.  Everyday, the US, France, and the EU meddle in the internal affairs of Lebanon, but have the guts to lambast Syria and Iran as “rogue nations” for effectively and directly aiding the Lebanese people economically and militarily to resist Israel’s frequent preemptive wars and incursions in Lebanon.

Iran and Qatar were the only States to extending cash money for the reconstruction efforts after the 2006 war by Israel.  The US and the EU offered nothing but speeches and countless political constraints for miserly pocket-money changes.  The US and France and the EU still believe that they can exert more leverage on Lebanese citizens than Iran or Syria.  The last week demonstrated that Lebanon and Tunisia do not give much weight to Western recriminations or political pressures.

Note 2:  I realized that I published this post one day before the start of Egypt’s mass revolt on Jan. 25.  I was taken by surprise that the Egyptian revolt materialized that fast, but I was dead certain that eventually Mubarak is a goner. You may read my prediction on Egypt’s successful non-violent revolution




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