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I spared the ground floor

They spared the ground floor; wide open to winds and nature, bare of walls, doors, and windows.

They spread on the dirt floor a carpet of dry leaves, dry nuts, hay, straw, and chaff; a couple of buckets of fresh water in corners.

The neighboring animals have the tendency to pray a lot in a shelter; most of their prayers are for the kindred spirits.

Animal have acute subconscious:

A caged canary sings for the hunter to remind him of its hopeless

And its unnatural conditions to be ended.

The first line in a poem should be the gift of grace.

The remaining lines a proof of skills: only skills are materially rewarded.

Details, describing living details are the art of writers;

Only when the writer feels the approach of death should he focus on distilling the honey of wisdom.

A liked poem has already conveyed an act of resistance for capturing human dignity.

Note: I read an article on imagining  the roles were reversed between the Palestinians in Gaza and the Zionist State.

Then, how the world community and the US and the European Union would respond to a 3-month siege of famine and air strikes if the Palestinians of Gaza had cut off Israel from the world; in what terms the war would be labeled (genocide, war crime, holocaust…) and how quickly the US would have maneuvered to end the war?

The death toll of the Palestinians in Gaza, after 13 days of Israel savage genocide, climbed to 1,500 (half of them babies) and over 4,000 seriously injured.

This genocide is mainly targeting the next generations of Palestinians and the Bush Junior excuses are beside the point.




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