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Worst traitor to communism:  Who is Joseph Stalin?

After WWI, the communist parties in the western European States were on the ascendance and fast becoming the main well-organized movements with an ideology that responded to the need of the impoverished populations.

Italy and Germany were ripe to fall into communism, and the US was ready after the financial crash of 1923.

The Red Army of the Bolshvik revolution, headed by Trotsky, succeeded after 5 years of relentless civil war in defeating the White army financed and armed by the US and England.  Lenin died and the hot question was: “Communism to where and how to go about strengthening it” was a heated debate in Russia.   Two major political perspectives were on the table.

Trotsky’s political line was to disseminate communism everywhere and to encourage western communist parties to take over power.

Pragmatic Stalin reasoned as follows: “If any communist party take over in one of these performing western nations, then capital and expert “know-how” will no longer be converging into Russia, a State still very much in need of everything, because the communists in the western nations will invest in improving the welfare of their own people“.  The consequence would be that the center of gravity will shift to the west and Stalin will no longer be the main representative of the international communist movement.

The Stalin league forced Trotsky and his supporters to exile and sacrificed most of the western communist movements for juicy deals.  For example:

Stalin gave the green light to Italy and Germany.  The communists in Germany and Italy were decapitated by the fascist Mussolini and the nazi Hitler in Germany.  The communists in Spain were ordered to split the socialist and left Republican alliance and then were sold out to dictator Franco.

As Germany was suffering from the heavy constraints imposed by the Versailles “peace treaty“, Germany found Russia of Stalin welcoming them in open arms.

Even before the advent of Nazism, Germany was training its army in Russia, operating military production industries, inventing new war planes and tanks, and conducting joint military training with the Russian army…

The old guards of the Russian communist party were appalled by Stalin decisions of sacrificing western State communist parties:  They have given the best of their youth, energy, and time to spreading communism ideology, only to discover that all their effort vanished in thin air.

Stalin undertook a massive counter-offensive on Russian communist dissidents:  For over a decade, Stalin ordered the trial, execution, and deportation of million of citizens to the Gulac-type camps in Siberia.

The Soviet Union type of communism was given a reprieve from falling into oblivion, and its life was extended 50 more years, after the foolish invasion of Nazi Germany to Russia in 1942.

The Russian citizens were exhausted from the climate of sustained terror exercised by Stalin in the 30’s, by recurring famine, humiliation, and indignity.  This is the main reason the German army advanced quickly into Russia:  It faced no opposition or resistance from the people or the Russian army.

Why Hitler, on the height of Germany military power, changed strategy and moved eastward to invade Russia?

England was on its knees and unable to manufacture enough fighter planes to counter Germany air superiority.  Hitler even decided to cut off supplies to Rommel’s Africa Corps in Libya that was advancing toward Egypt.  Declassified document of that period have to be dusted off.

Most probably, Germany intelligence was infiltrated by British intelligence alleging that Stalin is about to be deposed or overthrown by angry dissidents and the army.  Germany was entirely reliant on Stalin’s supplies in oil and raw materials and could not afford critical downturns at this stage.  Germany decided to preempt any political or military coup against Stalin and take control of Russia immiadiately.

The USA came to the rescue of Stalin and infused money and military hardware to stem the German tide in Russia.

Stalin repeated his tactics with the Chinese communist party of Mao Tse Tong: Stalin supported Chang Kai Check, a general allied to the US, to countering communist victories in several cities that were under Japan occupation forces.  Mao had to flee on his 1,000 miles march. Barely a few thousands of the 100,000 Communist soldiers survived this long march.

As Mao took power in 1950, Stalin waged a mass military campaign against China, but failed.  It is said that Mao said to Stalin after the first wave of Chinese soldiers were massacred by the Russian army: “Are you ready for the next one million wave?”

Stalin was in no mood of permitting the center of gravity of communism shifting toward a potentially powerful nation such a China, and on his borders.

Stalin was progressing in Korea and defeating the Japanese forces.  The US hastily dropped two atomic bombs on Japan to pressure the Emperor of Japan to surrendering quicker:  The US wanted to share the spoil in Korea and obstruct Russia expansion eastward.

Communism failed for a basic reason: Communist Russia had no other success stories to share with another powerful communist State or communicate viable alternatives for failing programs.

International communism was entirely biased to the line of the power-to-be Russian politburo.




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