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Israeli occupation, colonization at root of violence

A couple of days ago, two young Palestinians fabricated home-made “machine guns” and crossed all the dozens of barriers and check points and the Wall of Shame  and targeted Israeli soldiers in Tel Aviv, killing 4 and injuring half a dozens.
One of the assailants got angry as his makeshift gun “jammed” and he grabbed a knife on the table of the restaurant  and started to stab. A retired colonel was among the dead.
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“As Israeli leaders vowed revenge and began to impose collective punishment on the occupied Palestinian civilian population, Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai was the most high profile figure pointing squarely back at Israel’s occupation as the root cause of violence.

Israel is “maybe the only country in which another people is under occupation and in which these people have no rights,” Huldai told army radio.

“We can’t keep these people in a reality in which they are occupied and [expect] them to reach the conclusion that everything is alright and that they can continue living this way,” Huldai added, in reference to the Palestinians.

In an even more extraordinary statement, the father of Ido Ben Ari, one of the four victims of the shooting attack allegedly carried out by two Palestinian cousins at a Tel Aviv cafe, accused the Israeli government of making the situation worse.

“Last night, after the attack, the prime minister and two of his ministers arrived and yet another security cabinet issued decrees – not to return corpses, to put up barriers, to destroy houses, and to make lives harder,” the father said at his son’s funeral.

“These solutions create suffering, hatred, despair and [lead] to more people joining the circle of terror,” he added. “What’s needed is a solution rather than saying all the time that there’s nobody to make peace with.””

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Ali Abunimah debates two former Israeli government advisors on Al Jazeera, following Tel Aviv attack.
The Israeli government has committed a collective punishment, Not only on the people in the town from which are the assailants and who didn’t live there, but also on the entire West Bank. The PM has declared that the homes of the martyrs will be blown up, as usual.
In the meantime, as every Saturday, the police force protect settlers who enters the Muslim Grand Mosque to pray, and prevent males over 45 from coming to pray in their mosque on Friday.




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