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Tidbits and notes posted on FB and Twitter. Part 202

Note: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. I pa attention to researched documentaries and serious links I receive. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains a month-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Hezbollah saved Lebanon from the status of Non-Entity. I feel that Lebanon is no longer just a State recognized by the UN, but has acquired the status of a Nation; a tiny Nation but with the potential of agreeing that we are one people under the law and against all contingencies.

Either Lebanon eases its way to a unified modern State, with secular civil laws and equitable election laws, or we will end up with two drastic different groups:  The theocratic parties, representing the archaic current political structure, or the secular and democratic political parties representing the aspiration of the new generations.

For over four centuries, the same kind of rather whiter man, backed up by the same missionary monk, Landed around earth’s shores and ventured inland.

This whiter colonizer said what he thought and what his God said. A sort of a universal whiter civilization exploded and expanded. This new culture didn’t even try to explain

Hitler declares war on the US and delivered this public speech: “I accuse Roosevelt of crimes against international lawsRoosevelt comes from a rich family and lived the privileged life that democratic States facilitate the existence of the rich classes, this class labeled the 10,000 ultra rich.

Roosevelt lived WWI in the shadow of his protector (President) Wilson, amid the sphere of the war profiteers and exploited the miseries of the poor classes riddled with soaring inflation and engaged in vast speculation dealsI was a simple soldier in WWI, and I got injured, and was released as poor as ever”.

Roosevelt is intent on switching his policies from the internal public opinion demands to external affairs, aided by his Jewish cohort the Frankfurter, Baruch, Cohen and Morgenthau…”

Une démarche comme si rien ne pouvait vous arriver, une beauté de la vie adolescente, les seins nus, et elle portrait sur la téte une corbeille de fruits (Une belle fille Africaine)

Jamal Dajani wrote: This picture by the ‘Islamic State’ formerly ISIS or Da’esh in Arabic was posted on Twitter.  The placards they’re carrying say (paraphrasing) that they will not defeat the Jews (Israel) until they get rid of Arab leaders. Why that strategy?

Because Arab “leaders” are standing in their way to allow them to help the people of Gaza? (Very funny opportunists when taking hold of social platforms). With friends like them who needs enemies?

No, Palestinians don’t need the help of mercenaries who kill Shia’s, Kurds, Christians, Yazidis and others. Actually, ISIS has brutally killed and massacred far more Sunnis than all other religious minorities combined, in internal battles among factions for control of power and interest monopoly.

How Hitler described Churchill on May 4, 1941?

On May 4, the British troops were on the run on all the battle fronts. The 55,000 British army, which Churchill decided to relocate from Egypt after the Libya front was stabilized, was evacuating Greece on April 27, and shortly evacuated the island of Crete.

Erwin Rommel was advancing toward Cairo (Egypt). England was on its knees internally, after the frequent air raids of the Luftwaffe during many months, and England needed 33 million tons of supplies from overseas, every month to just survive. Most of the supplies were purchased on credit from the USA, and the German U-Boats were sinking about 700,000 tons of merchandize every month.

And then Hitler decided to shift his attention eastward toward Russia, his Vital Space. Hitler was interested in being the dominant power in Continental Europe, and wished Churchill to just accept a NON-Victor deal. Churchill wanted the total defeat of Nazi Germany, clear and square.

In June, the Japanese occupied the two main military bases of England in the far east: Hong Kong and Singapore and destroyed a dozen of its cruisers and destroyers.

On May 4, Hitler mocked Churchill, and said in his public speech:

“This constantly drunk Churchill has the brain in perpetual shift, and afflicted with generalized paralysis.

As a soldier, Churchill is a lousy politician and strategist.

As a politician, Churchill is a lousy soldier.

He possesses a remarkable gift: The ability to lie through his teeth, faking pious impassibility, and presenting terrible defeats as glorious victories.

In other countries but England, Churchill would have faced the Highest Court for failing in his duties...”

Sure, Churchill drank a lot, and barely slept during the war. He frequently harassed his generals and ministers several times a day, and many times changed his orders in the same day. Churchill kept up sending a steady stream of suggestions, messages and orders… He wanted to be informed of every details, particularly the military operations.

Churchill never moved without his red velvet box that he called “My eggs”: The box contained the most current decoded messages from the enemies.

England had the best decrypting team of scientists at the time and used Enigma, a sort of large computer that the French and Polish scientists have created.

An anecdote recounts Roosevelt saying:

Churchill put out 100 orders and ideas every day. At most 4 are good. And Churchill has no idea which were the good ones…”

Isn’t Churchill who said: “Success is to move forward from one failure to another with enthusiasm…”?

State highest interest: usurping Public Opinion; (October 17, 2009)


            In a previous post “The critical decade of Radical Islam” I stated as conclusion:”

As the Soviet Union was disintegrating in 1991, the US and Europe were busy with a new world order and intentionally forgot radical Islam for an entire decade.  The US was after the financial domination of the world and playing the role of International Police Force; Europe was busy re-unifying East Germany, managing the Eastern European States seeking independence of Russia, controlling the Slavic question of Yugoslavia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia, and finding an appropriate resolution for expanding the European Union.

            Radical Islam got under way in organization and proliferation and performed many operational activities in Indonesia, Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, Chechnya, Pakistan, India, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia (the Khobar bombing of the hotel where the American aviators had residence) to end up with the 9/11/ 2001 attack on the Twin Towers.  During the decade, after the dismantlement of Russia, the US Administrations toned down every terrorist’s activities to its public opinion in order to focus on world financial domination and the restructuring of Europe.”

            Many evidences from outdated archives are surfacing that shed strong lights on the many instances that US Administrations usurped its public opinion on the ground of the “Nation Highest Interests”. The cult for secrecy in the various data (intelligence) gathering services in the US is not a recent discovery after the 9/11/ 2001 attack of the Twin Towers.

            Roosevelt had set his mind in joining the war against Germany and Japan since 1940 and was frequently deliberately provoking the navies of Germany and Japan.  Truman initiated clandestine contacts with Mao Tse Tong in 1948 that Stalin disrupted by purposely starting the Korean War.  Many nuclear American scientists were secretly permitted to flee to other foreign nations in order to appease public opinion after the debacle of the execution of the innocent Rosenberg couple in 1953. The US Administrations deliberately minimized the health risks of open ground nuclear testing and later the under ground testing.  The CIA was controlling experiments on brain manipulation and biological war fare.  President Reagan buried the conclusions of the committee of the Chamber of representatives that the assassinations of the two Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King were organized works. Irangate was the transfer of arms to Iran against the resolutions of the Parliament which also prohibited destabilizing Nicaragua.

            Two factors impress on the Executive branch to act in secrecy: Stock exchange and public polls. Two days after 9/11 the stock devalued 60%.  Greenspan injected several billion dollars in the private economy; trade level stabilized in four months. The reach this goal the tetanized public opinion was to be reassured of no further catastrophes. Thus, a quick victory in Afghanistan was urgent as well as mass disinformation on the danger of bacteriological warfare and the proliferation of the Pakistani nuclear threat. The anthrax affairs before and after 9/11 was quickly buried and toned down as related to a lunatic. Two kinds of anthrax were used; a high quality used in the US military and a rough quality. The Tcheck President Vaclav Havel confirmed publicly that the Iraqi Embassy in Prague got in contact with Al-Qaeda leader Saif Al Adl and anthrax was delivered.  The CIA promptly demanded that the Tcheck security services deny that fact. 

            Timothy Mac Veigh, one of the bombers of the Oklahoma City Federal Building in 1995, was quickly executed and 150 pages of the instruction disappeared in order not to go further in the investigation: the second suspect Terry Nichols had secret contacts in the Philippine with a girl friend who was also in close contact with Ramzi Youssef (another leader of Al Qaeda and in Manila at the time).  The downing of the TWA 800 by a small missile off the shore of Manhattan was attributed to a stray Navy missile on maneuver.  All these cover-ups were done with the close cooperation of both Republican and Democratic parties, the FBI, and the CIA. When the main superpower permits the widespread exercises of disinformation to its public opinion then this practice is capted instantly by the rest of world States.


            All these operations by Al Qaeda were backed by the triumvirate Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iraq of Saddam Hussein.  In Saudi Arabia, the financial backer of Al Qaeda and the Pakistani nuclear program, Prince Sultan was Defense Minister and his cadet brother Nayef was the Minister of the Interior (Bandar, the Ambassador to the USA and semi-brother of Sultan, was later appointed chief of the security services). In fact, all Saudi diplomats were sneaked out in secrecy after 9/11 even when evidences piled up high of their cooperation in the attack; two princes of the “Royal Family” were high ranking in Al Qaeda: They were disposed off shortly after the attack. Saudi Arabia sovereign fund was effectively cash money for the US Administration to use when the US Senate refused funding of any programs.

            Pakistan was in charge of training (the pilots of Al Qaeda received two years of training there).  Pakistan was the real threat for arms of mass destruction, nuclear, biological, and chemical, and no longer Iraq but Pakistan vital as base for attacking Afghanistan and for supply and logistics. Saddam Hussein cooperated and delivered the biological and chemical tools.   Thus, the US targeted Iraq as next pre-emptive objective after the economic fundamentals in the US stabilized; (Read my post “Why massive occupation of Iraq”).

            When the main superpower permits the widespread exercises of disinformation to its public opinion then this practice is capted instantly by the rest of world States.


Note: I extensively used information from a chapter in “The world is a kid playing” by Alexandre Adler.

“The murderer as he talks” by Nasri Sayegh (Part 3, January 3, 2009)


The dead were collected in the streets of Tripoli as Arafat tried a second come back to Lebanon in 1984.  The dead were packed in plastic bags and sold to the relatives.  A poor woman recognized her dead baby and she was asked to purchase it.  She fainted and the “good” guys helped her to recover consciousness but refused to deliver her baby.


A column of elder people of all genders was pushed to advance into a mine field. When the column slowed down the rear column was decimated with machine guns.


Asaad Shaftary, the remorseful Phalange leader, testified that the Christian forces planned to poison the potable water in West Beirut so that the Moslem population could be reduced by 500,000 in order to re-establish a confessional balance in Lebanon.

Asaad said that many Maronite fighting groups were solely constituted of members of rich families because they refused to fight along side the other poorer social strata; they fought mostly at night, they had their own command, and  they were ferocious and executed their orders efficiently.  


Mona Sokarieh interviewed many scores of youths on barricades in West Beirut and from all confession Sunni Moslem, Shiaa Moslem, Druze, Christian and even secular fighters.  The common denominators among those youth killers are that they are mostly un-educated, barely can read or write, had no idea what is fascism, Nazism, socialism, federalism, or any concept that their warlord leaders were claiming to fight for. 

Most of them started when they were barely 13-year of age and they love to carry their weapons.  They have been engaged in fights, and killed prisoners and they are not that remorseful or apologetic.  They all obey and worship their warlords and their ideology is non-existent if not confused out of ignorance.


 There have been many genocide occurrences in the last century; the Armenians, the Jews, the Cambodians, and the Rwandans; not counting the apartheid systems in South Africa and Rhodesia, the colonial massacres by the French of the Algerians, the massacres of the Zionist State of the Palestinians, the Serbs of the Bosnians, the US of the Iraqis, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the purposeful famine waves in China and Russia.


In Rwanda, the minority Tutsi tribe was selected by the German colonial power as the most fit to govern the country; then when the French took over they changed their policy and appointed the Hutu tribe to govern.  For over 100 days, the European and the US did not intervene in the genocide that killed over 600,000 Tutsis.


In Cambodia, the ultra “communist” Red Khmer had wide latitude to kill every educated Cambodian or “bourgeoisie” and massacred over one million before Viet Nam had time to breath of its war with the US and enter this country and put an end to the genocide.

The “Indians” of America were massacred because the Protestant clergy declared the Indians not of human type; they were not worth being converted to Christianity.  President Theodore Roosevelt declared in the 20th century that “A good Indian is a dead Indian

The country of Mexico had 15 million inhabitants in the year 1500. After the Spanish conquistadors entered Mexico, the population dropped to 2.5 millions within 50 years. And the population of Peru declined from 9 to 1.3 millions in the same period.

Franco of Spain committed genocide in Morocco but he was forgiven by the Europeans until he transplanted the same technique into “White Europe“.




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