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Tidbits #31

The widening gulf between health and wellness? “The promises of strange elixirs and fine powders feel more deranged and seductive than ever.”

“But that life may be restored to the animal, an opening must be attempted in the trunk of the trachea, into which a tube of reed or cane should be put; you will then blow into this, so that the lung may rise again and take air.”—Belgian anatomist Andreas Vesaliu in his 1543 treatise De Humani Corporis Fabrica, writing about the mechanics of breathing used in today’s ventilators

Bidet usage is spreading as supermarket shelves of bathroom tissue are depleted. That’s no problem for those who prefer to clean their nether regions with water from bidets.

Ingenius creative solution. Vietnam set up rice ATMs. The machines distribute free rice in cities across the country, including a 24/7 dispenser in Ho Chih Minh City.

Panama papers? The indirect financial gimmick for the US multinational financial conglomerates to siphon in all the wealth of the world into the US financial treasury. The Rothschild conglomerate is the top of the pyramid and control how money should be distributed

On a trip and in a group of people who supercially know each other, a few members forget that each member is different. A few ignore some people as non-existent, some do not pay attention for the requests of others… Pretty soon, divergences emergent for Not giving each person his own due to opinions and rights.

In China, one coronavirus hospital ward served as the setting for an experimental program in which robots tended to patients’ needs. These bots can clean floors, deliver food, and even boost the morale of COVID-19 patients. 

Don’t count on permanence of waterfalls.  A sinkhole redirected water of a massive waterfall away from the San Rafael Waterfall in Ecuador.

I wrote in 2009: “Banks re-invest your safely net money in secured government bonds with outrageous interest loans ,extended to other customers who patronize the same bank.  Banks are the perfect financial sawing machine (up and down) with other people’s money. Banks are such icons that governments feel obligated to save banks, even investment banks from bankruptcy, by shamelessly propagating the myth of a most ridiculous excuse:  Banks are the “ideal oil” or lubricating medium to keeping society functioning for the capitalist system!

Les grandes puissances coloniales ont l’intention d’hypothéquer l’avenir du Nord Syrie, riche en hydrocarbure (25% des reserves de terre), surtout dans la region de Al Malikiyah (Rumaillah) pres de la riviere Tigre.

Since 2006, Israel has become a liability to USA administration. With their failure in Syria, Israel became a total liability. The USA and Israel are living in a Bubble of faked news and misinformation: All the people in the Middle -East, including the leeches of leaders, know by now that Israel is our existential enemy.

“In this age of ‘parenting as guilt,‘ please spread the guilt equally. Make fathers feel as bad as mothers.” Novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s commencement speech is funny, simply stated, and empowering.

The UN is asking for $2 billion to tackle the pandemic in conflict zones. During the past week, Syria, Libya, and Gaza all reported their first Covid-19 cases. The United Nations makes it clear that if the disease is not controlled in these places, it will affect all of us.

US senators might vote on a massive coronavirus relief bill of a $2 trillion net impact on the US economy. An amount they could have afforded if Bush Jr. didn’t invade Iraq in 2003

Grand children look more like their ancestors: No need to display your beautiful mothers

Illusory superiority” cognitive bias? People who know the least are often convinced they know the most.  Social psychologists David Dunning and Justin Kruger

The driving force to our survival is this sense of Pity. We extend a helping hand for someone to make it through the day, emotionally and financially.

We try to substitute the term Pity for Kindness or Responsibility, though responsibility is an acquired quality. If you still consider Pity as a bad connotation, then you are a pitiful person. This time around it is the worst of bad connotations.


A few current opinions on events and politics

The popular movements in Lebanon that started in 2010 and culminated in 2015 will prevail:
Those pro-bono lawyers have convinced the marchers that No one will be left behind when incarcerated.

In one demonstration in August 2015, over 53 marchers and sleep ins were detained. Two dozens of them for more than 2 weeks on No valid legal charges.

State security in Lebanon? Amn al dawlat?
This is another intelligence gathering institution attached to the ministry of Interior, that superceded the newly and illegal branch attached to the Prime minister.
The chairman of the Parliament, Nabih Berry, in basically the one trying to devalue this institution and Not funding it since the minister of finance is assigned by him.
Berry wants a council be constituted to take decision instead of the sole director, who is a Christian catholic.
A council? So that no decision or secrets is kept from the militia leaders ruling this pseudo-State?

Another legal and official intelligence gathering institution of 3,000 members is to be cancelled

This rotten political mafia government wants to blame Hezbollah for all the ailment and threat converging on the Lebanese.
For 2 years, from 2011 to 2013, Nasr Allah has been begging the government to send the army to the eastern front to ward off the extremist Syrian expansion into Lebanon, with promise to supply and back the army when needed.
At least that the government find a resolution to the Lebanese trapped in towns within Syria on the border.
Hezbollah did its best to avoid this bitter cup of getting drawn into the Syrian upheaval, knowing that there would be No return until the Syrian affairs is resolved if they enter the battlefield.
Get off the back of Hezbollah for the time being: Hezbollah can No longer suffer ghenjkon wa te2l damkon

Following the divulging of the Panama Papers, Lebanese are in tashaffi mood: all political personalities around the world should resign, but none of the Lebanese mafia leaders should be touched in media

Lebanon has always been the land of permanent refugees from the neighboring and regional countries.
It will continue to be the case, until the Lebanese start activating their will to construct a viable State of Constitution and laws

Chapeau bas to Ibrahim Can3an (deputy and chairman of finance committee):
1. It is useless to reform any institution before the current procedure and laws are applied
2. Labeling ” necessary” to convene the parliament just to increase the national debt is Not convincing.

What is needed from the Parliament to reform the election law, to let the legal system prosecute to the end all these unlawful government institutions embezzlements, to point the fingers to the responsible administrators and politicians…

For the price of $7 billion in grants to Turkey, the EU is forcing a couple hundred refugees back to Turkey. Those targeted to be sent back are detained in incarceration prisons. The EU is setting an illegal precedent. And yet, the same EU and the USA are pushing a resolution that refugees in Lebanon (over 2 million) be sent on voluntary basis. (Why those who fled the towns ravaged by ISIS and totally destroyed or those fearing the regime backlash would voluntary return?)

The neighboring countries to Syria, like Lebanon and Jordan will emulate what the European have done by force sending the 4 million Syrian refugees in their land.

How much Europe is willing to pay Israel to return the Palestinians? (According to the 1948 UN resolution 192?)

Golda Myer (late Israel pm):
When we burned Jerusalem in 1948, I couldn’t sleep a wink the night. I was worried how the Arabs and Palestinians around Jerusalem will flock inside Israel and their various reactions.
By morning, I was certain that these States were in a deep sleep and we can resume our expansionist plans.
Golda is the one who said in the 70’s: There are No Palestinians

Panama papers? The indirect financial gimmick for the US multinational financial conglomerates to siphon in all the wealth of the world into the US financial market. The Rothschild conglomerate (holding a couple of $trillion) is the top of the pyramid and control how money should be distributed.

 Kayna Samet‘s photo. April 7 at 3:31pm ·
During a marathon, thisAfrican woman is carrying a banner saying:
We run this distance every day just to carry back water




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