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If it is a must: Staying awake 24 hrs without caffeine or drugs?

Staying awake 24 hrs for doing physical work is not feasible. The fatigued muscles and accumulation of toxins in the cells will not permit it.

There are periods when mental tasks, deadline and a guilty conscience pressure you to finish a scheduled job and you are “forced” to stay awake for the duration. All that the brain needs is glucose (sugar) to function. How can you do it while sustaining your effectiveness level?

If you think that your job requires you to stay awake more than 16 hrs every day during the working week, it is time you acquire a healthy habit during your waking hours.

The brain needs smooth flow of blood, carrying the necessary sugar and oxygen to function and to remove the accumulated toxins and CO2 from the blood. Consider a routine set of tasks that would facilitate this process:

1. Every couple of hours, go to the WC and sit down, even for just pissing. More often than not, this is a great opportunity to accomplish a bowel movement. There is no way you feel asleep after a satisfactory bowel movement. Several bowel reliefs per day will carry you far in your mental job.

2. Schedule a 15-minute stroll after an hour of sitting posture. Sitting position constricts the flow of blood in your small stabilizing muscles, particularly to the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and lower back and tie your nerves into knots…

3. Schedule specific breaks to drink a large glass of water, slowly and leisurely.

4. Schedule breaks every 2 hours for stretching your body, softly and slowly.

5. Eat lightly and several times, but on a schedule: Eating and drinking are considered tasks to break from the main job.

Avoid fast and heavy physical work exercise during that waking-up day: Your body will react to an urgent need to taking a nap.

Avoid eating a full meal as much as you can: Nothing like eating to induce the need for a nap.

Only these voluntary breaks for sets of routine little tasks insure smooth functional readiness. With a great bonus: these scheduled breaks permit your mind to consider alternative perspectives for solving your problem.

People in the trucking industry must schedule in two napping sessions: the constant bombardment of the senses is literally physically exhausting. The trucker should remove his shoes, completely lie down and cover his body. Any dreams during the napping session is a safety-enhancing factor

Nothing like keeping a routine or a habit for the 24 hrs in order to maintain your purpose and steady progress




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