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Recklessly abused your ears: And suffering from “Acouphenes”?

What they share? Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend (the Who guitarist), Barbara Streisand…all suffer greatly from hearing noises, an irreversible hearing ailment called “Acouphenes” in French.

All these musicians and singers attended countless extremely loud concerts, as loud as jet taking-off at 130 dB, and they spent at least 10,000 hours in practice sessions wearing directly loud earphone-kinds over their ears, and ruined their ear physiology…

At least, these famous musicians made plenty of money in returns for “hearing noises”, but why most youth are engaged in ruining their hearing, listening to loud music, full volume, via their MP3-type earphones, for hours on?

Acouphenes has becoming an epidemic in the last 3 decades, and increasing exponentially. A patient started hearing voices after a visit to his dentist. The metal mixture of his tooth filling played the role of radio antenna

Maybe there are other  “antenna culprit” in a few of these noise hearing cases that physicians never had taken seriously or occurred to their one-dimensional minds, but hearing noises is a debilitating phenomena that drive people mad, and eventually to committing suicide…

Any cures for hearing noises?

If your acouphenes syndrome is recent, there is a new treatment.  Acouphenes is the symptom of permanently hearing background noises or repeated beats that may drive patients crazy.  The majority of patients hear high frequency noises that become intolerable.

Getting old is one major factor, or a sudden loud bang, or recently the constant listening to the MP3 type gadgets.  It is known that high dozes of aspirin induce temporary symptoms of acouphene:  It is due to the active component salicylic.

The new treatment for recent patients is a first breakthrough in reducing or eliminating background noises for three weeks. A micro-pump is being readied to allow the patient at home to inject the solution when noises reappears.  The solution of gacyclidine is administered to the proximity of the “round window” in the inner ear; then the solution leaks in to the junction of the cochlea and then to the auditory nerve.

A catheter pierces the tympani membrane and then reaches to the “round window”.  A few surgeons actually pierced the “round window” with very thin needles.

Gacyclidine is generally used on patients suffering cerebral trauma; this substance has neuro-protective properties that blocks nerve dysfunctions.

For “ancient” acouphenes patients, electro-magnetic treatments are being tested to stimulate the auditory brain through a process of “re-organization”.  The patient listens to recorded specific sounds for about 6 months.

Refrain from loud close ear direct listening of music, and give your ears frequent breaks.  You don’t need to be listening to music all the time; remedy this music addiction behavior to ward off crazy noises.

Note: For further description of the symptoms and the other treatments link to my previous post Hearing Voices




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