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Henry Kissinger: “I don’t care about the partition of Lebanon. I’m worried of its repercussion on Yugoslavia…(in 1976)”

Samir Atallah, veteran Lebanese journalist, reported in the daily Al Nahar (Aug.22, 2012) that former US Foreign Affairs minister Henry Kissinger asked Clovis Maksoud (former UN Arab League delegate) in 1976: “Who is this politician in Lebanon who is hammering on the idea that I am working for the partition of Lebanon?”

Maksoud replied: “He is Raymond Eddeh“. Kissinger said: “Tell Mr. Eddeh that the US has no plan to partition Lebanon at this junction.  It is not that we care about the partition of Lebanon. I’m worried of its repercussion on Yugoslavia, and how this country might get this virus of getting partitioned after Lebanon…”.

By 1989, Yugoslavia was on its way to be partitioned after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Milovan Djilass, former vice President to Tito and author of ( The New Class), had predicted that his country Yugoslavia is pretty ripe for partition if no serious reforms for freedom of opinion and real democratic system are not instituted.

Currently, Yugoslavia is partitioned into 6 new States, recognized by the UN and split according to ethnicity, religious affiliation and languages.

In 1977, Canada PM, Elliott Trudo said: “I won’t let Canada be partitioned as is happening in Lebanon…”

During Lebanon lengthy civil war (13 years), many States were apprehensive of reaching the same fate of Lebanon. The new coined term is the “Balkan partition example

Sudan was freshly divided into two State last year and going nowhere. Many other States are in a de facto partition situation: Iraq into three, Libya into two so far, Yemen back into two or even three, Lebanon has 3 cantons, Syria is quickly following suit to satisfy the US Grand Plan in the Middle-East…

The Us foreign policy in the Middle-East to divide even further is totally outdated and unnecessary: The colonial imposed States were weak and not functioning properly to pose any threat to the US or even Israel.

As if the US refused to learn from the examples of Hezbollah in south Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza: The more the division unites minorities, the more efficient is the resistance.

Outside the Arab and Middle-East States, you have:

1.  The Rep. of Mali in west Africa that experienced a de facto partition (the northern part is under the hegemony of radical Islamic fighters).

2. Nigeria is split, with the radical islamic forces taking over the northern part (Boko Haram faction)

The notion being disseminated is that the US is executing a “strategic plan” of coalescing the Arabic/Islamic States in the Greater Middle-East to form a block against Russia and China growing power. Iran is supposed to be part of that block, and its resistance to that plan is what bringing it all that trouble, along with Syria…

This strategy makes no sense: The central powers in those States that are being split were not sustainable to be of any major threat to anyone outside the Middle-East, not even to Israel. Israel is learning quickly that all its modern military weapons are impotent against a unified and determined resistance movements

Note 1: The people in the Middle-east have realized that the only policy of the US is destroy, destabilize, and ruin any institutions…an outdated colonial policy. The people in the Middle-east appreciate the constant efforts of the European Union of reconstructing and rebuilding what the US has destroyed, and consistently coming to aid to the displaced and refugees… I have no doubt that within a decade, the US will be ousted from this region, including Saudi Arabia…

Note 2: Milovan Djilass wrote “The New Class” describing how the new communist regimes are emulating the previous oligarchies (monarchies, capitalist systems…) and doing it very badly and unwisely…

“Fleeing to Hell” by Samir Atallah

This post is inspired by an article published by the Lebanese journalist Samir Atallah in the daily Al Nahar Sept. 28.  I will be mostly translating liberally from Arabic, and not in the order the article proceded.

“The French daily “Humanitee” is celebrating its 107 birthday.  It was turned to a communist media in 1920 and the communist party still hold 40% of its shares. Joan Baez sang in the festivity along with Jane Fonda…You had the impression that the “Arab Spring” revolutions are behind us, a momentary curiosity, and part of history…

Late French President, Charles de Gaulle, said that “Religion is an extension to moral standards. The prophet has to apply his own guidelines and principles…I will call the first part of my Memoires “Years of hope“.

Hope always sounds a slap and an offense to whoever utter that word in the Arab World: Hope is understood as an offense to reality and frustration, contrary to the golden dictum “Silence is gold and keeping your tongue warm is the road to safety and security“.

What could be worst than encouraging social civil wars by keeping silent of the causes that will ultimately ignite a civil war?

Qadhafi wrote a short story titled “Fleeing to Hell“.  He said: “Not only you fail, but you also fail to learn the lessons…What set you apart is that you are unable to recognizing right from wrong no matter how you deny it…The citizens want you to build a road to the sea, to plant the garden, to kill the dogs and replace dogs with cats…”

Maximilian Robespierre, the bloodiest French revolutionary was the role model of Qadhafi. Why? Because Robespierre understood that the people are heartless and practiced the motto “Do not spare anyone of your companions and never trust the people“.

Qadhafi learned from Romania dictator Ceucesco to build underground tunnels under every property you live-in, in  order to secure an exit route. But this tactic never worked.

Indeed, Qadhafi fled to hell, and his people got out of hell.  And returned to hell…

Still, Qadhafi keeps shouting and threatening to exterminate all the rats and roaches that rose to dislodging his regime.

Communism did not end because of any success story of capitalism, but for the arrogance they ruled the people, as if they never learned from their Caesar the Emperor.

Communism played the game of Russian roulette, while liberal capitalism is playing Las Vegas kinds of roulette. The consequence of any political system that enslaves the mind of its citizen.

The western societies lambasted the oriental people of accepting their fate…What kind of rational processes the west is applying nowadays? It is a wide open casino:  The Greeks want money and enter the European Union totally drunk, the Italians are stealthy inserting their hands in other States pockets, and the US enters all guns out, hoarding the cash register and funding the largest army that mankind ever imagined.

Charles de Gaulle decided to retreat to his house in the Boiserie as he realized that his staying in power is liable of initiating mass upheavals…

Apparently, the period of Orientalism is not over yet: The western societies see the Arab World in romantic visions, as exceptions to the rules: All these mass popular upheavals are just attempts at looking out the window, but not a purposeful decision to exiting from the doors of jails…

Western scholars still believe that the only rational mind was Ibn Khaldun (6 centuries ago) and no rational mind and leader succeeded Ibn Khaldun.

(Sprawling cities, surrounded with shantytowns, dying out of boredom in Amman, Algeria, Riyadh…

Sprawling cities transformed into caves, tunnels, and bunkers in Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Gaza, Syria…to be followed by Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain…)

Chant for the dead: Tesh Bohto’l Moryo

Has the State of Lebanon to be “officially” re-confirmed every year?

Normal people get scared with rumors of incoming anarchy; people get very apprehensive when society verges on chaos.

The Lebanese people, (since their “formal independence” in 1943 from French colonial mandated power, and then recognized by the UN in 1946, have been living a continuous series of Hitchcock ‘s kinds of scary and harrowing movies.

The genius of Hitchcock, in keeping audience totally riveted to the screen, is that he understood the psychic of normal people for aversion to situations going out of hand from normal expectations.

After over 74 years of formal recognition by the UN as a State, Lebanon is still Not sure of having acquired a real and long-lasting independence and a permanent recognition as a State by the world assembly.

For example, almost every year, the States with veto power in the UN such as US, Russia, China, France, and England feel the need to convey the good news to the Lebanese that the decision is to safeguard the independence of Lebanon and its autonomy!

Every now and then, Lebanon has been under formal mandate since its independence in 1943.

From 1943 to 1952 Lebanon was supervised by France (all the main first level positions in public service and the government formal political guidelines were to be pre-approved by French government);

From 1952 to 1959 it was the turn of England to control Lebanon’s “independence” (the Camile Chamoun Presidency).

From 1959 to 1970 it was Egypt of Gamal Abdel Nasser that had the annoying duty to guiding and training Lebanon to proper political attitudes.

From 1971 to 1977  this job was leased to Yasser Arafat of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

From 1977 to 1982 it was the turn of Syria’s Hafiz Assad/Saudi Kingdom to shoulder that burden.

From 1982 to 2002 Israel cooperated with Syria to re-direct Lebanon’s fundamental political guidelines.

From 2000 to 2005 it was Syria’s Bashar Assad sole affair to control Lebanon with the total support of the USA.

From 2005 to 2008 it was the coalition of the USA and Saudi Kingdom to oversee Lebanon’s newer political positions.

From 2008 to 2010 it is the consortium of the US, Saudi Kingdom and Syria to calm the anxieties of the Lebanese “citizens” of the possibility of total anarchy.

The Lebanese are getting used to foreign interference in their internal affairs: the Lebanese are very “understanding” of the rationales of foreign interests in Lebanon.

Last week, Lebanon witnessed the visits of at least 5 international and regional Head of States, Prime Ministers, and Foreign affairs ministers.  All these dignitaries had a single message to convey to our “leading” political figures (the same militia leaders in the our civil war):  Israel and the US mean business by their threats of waging another pre-emptive war on Lebanon if Hezbollah is not contained (meaning satisfying UN Resolution 1701).

All those delegates are apprehensive of Hezbollah’s acquiring performing missile systems that can hit Tel Aviv.

It is the same threats that the US effectively got under way in 2006 by ordering Israel to contain Hezbollah in launching a pre-emptive war that lasted 33 days, and by the insistence of the Saudi monarchy funding to continue the war by Israel.

The US and Israel, and many “moderate” Arab heads failed miserably in their purpose and this embarrassing war strengthened Hezbollah position and hold on Lebanon’s political system. (Since 2005, Hezbollah had decided to be part of the Parliament  and in every government)

The Lebanese are very “understanding” of foreign States meddling in their internal affairs:  Our sectarian and “comprador” political and social system didn’t change for 8 decades.

Lebanon has 18 formally recognized religious sects; the hierarchy of each sect is vying for the support of a foreign State in order to maintain their “shares” in the spoil at the expense of the general benefit of the population. (Religious institutions don’t have to pay taxes, even for whatever it import)

We have a “Constitution” that describes the procedures and dates for elections and the forming of governments and Parliament.  The dates or schedules for elections (municipal and Parliament) are called “Istehkakate”; neither the dates nor the procedures have been applied in the last 30 years.

Lebanon experienced the living without a President for the Republic for many years and at many instances; Lebanon survived living without Prime Ministers many times and for long duration.

Funny, Lebanon lived under two Prime Ministers more than once; Lebanon lived under three formal Lebanese armies, and salaries paid on time by a “central government”.

Lebanon survived situations of Not having recognized governments; Lebanon survived the last 5 years without any government budget: Seniora PM hoarded the decisions of half a dozen ministries and allocated funds as he pleased.

These situations were welcomed by Lebanese as excellent good luck: huge burdens were removed off their shoulders of having to sustain the expenses of redundant governments that never cared for any sustainable public infrastructure.

Lately, the sectarian political leaders used the “Constitutional” dates for elections as excuses to circumvent needed political and social reforms.  Yes, our leaders lacked the time to study (extra deeper study) of the required reforms such election laws, proportional election system, eligibility of voters above 18 of age, women enjoying the same rights as men to extending citizenship to their offspring, instituting civil marriages, and so on.

Last day, a marginal leader of a Maronite political party was upset with the President of the Republic.  Why? The President re-iterated his support for Hezbollah as a national resistance, along side the army against the aggressions of Israel, as the government has stated when formed last year.

Samir Geagea (a militia leader of the Lebanese Forces ) does not like this “strategic plan” for defending Lebanon and lambasted the President as “emulating the Maronite priests chanting for the dead “Tesh Bohto’l Moryo.”

The Maronites have a very ancient Patriarch; Nasr Allah Sfeir (not Hassan) has been chanting Tesh Bohto’l Moryo for over 30 years now; Sfeir is very upset with the US for attempting normal diplomatic relations with Syria.

At every “Constitutional requirement” Lebanese get into a Hitchcock psychic; waiting in terror that anarchy might soon befall Lebanon.  Every time a syndicate or a movement decides for demonstrations fomenting the horror feeling of a recurring civil war.

Nothing goes smoothly and constitutionally in Lebanon.  Yes, we have plenty of freedom for lack of any serious government, but Lebanon is democratic by name.  And yet, Lebanon is currently officially the head of the UN Council ready to manage world’s problems.

One thing I know, which all Lebanese share in their hearts and minds, is that without the power and steadfastness of Hezbollah’s resistance to Israel aggression,  No foreign heads or dignitaries would have felt the need to physically visited Lebanon:  They could as easily dictate orders by e-mails.

The political system in Lebanon must in a couple of years extend serious reforms and put food on the tables.  Otherwise, the French guillotine will be installed to absolve years of famine, humiliation, and indignities.

After the 2006 war, the Lebanese have regained confidence in their values as citizens with equal rights as any sovereign State under the sun. Lebanese spies and foreign agents who worked to destabilize Lebanon will be hanged.

Spying to “friendly” neighboring States or to powerful “friendly” States must experience the same sentences:  Friendly States can receive all the intelligence they need from official government agencies, but common citizens should not: period.

Note 1: The topic of the analogy of Lebanese as addicted audiences to Hitchcock horror movies was borrowed from the Lebanese journalist Samir Atallah.

Note 2: Currently, the Lebanese are grabbed by rumored fears that any civil war in Syria has got to overlap to Lebanon.  That would be very probable, if not for the strength of the Lebanese army and Hezbollah for checking any full-fledged civil war.  Yet, it does not take that much to ignite the fire of another civil war in Lebanon.

Note 3: Syria experienced 10 years of world aggression by colonial funding of terrorist Islamic groups, and Hezbollah and Iran had to move in to preserve the military overthrow of the regime. Hezbollah had to go the further step of dislodging the terrorist implantations in Lebanon Easter mountain chains, and against the approval of the USA.




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