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Tidbits #89

I conjecture that all the facts, observations, experiments., philosophy… will Not tell us anything “sustainable” of what is life and the universe. We need to know: How the majority, in any ethnic group, likes to conceive the nature of Life and the Universe? This knowledge is fundamental to evaluate the evolution of human “Emotional Intelligence

US usually does threaten The rest of the world for “peaceful transfer of power“. The rest of the world Leaders and officials expressed shock and disappointment as the US Capitol was invaded and congressmen locked up in their chambers.

Everything radiates: Trees and even stones, rocks, and our body radiates. Basement of homes radiates noxious chemical gases. The skin, our first defensive line against nocife radiations, will eventually degrade. And we gets older and the radiations will reach our organs and kill their cells and disturb their functioning.

As oceans will invade large swath of lands in the coming decades, generally urban regions, temperature in cities will also increase twice that of rural regions. A double calamity.

Identical twins don’t have identical genes. New research found an average of 5.2 genetic mutations per set.

Is there any actual difference between the Moderna and Pfizer versions? I know they are built on the same principle, but what about efficacy, side effects, etc.? None. Both of which are based on a novel application of mRNA. The question remains: which of the varieties of vaccines needs “normal” low cold environment to suit countries that lacks very cold facilities to transfer the vaccine?

I love Voltaire: his sarcasm transcend centuries and ages. I believe sarcasm is a potent means to provide behaviorals alternatives to customs and tradition.

Le plus habile des trésoriers n’a rien avoir avec le plus integre.

Les services rendus restent dans l’antichambre. Les soupçons entrent dans le cabinet des ministres.

La joie d’une personne heureuse serait une insulte. Mais deux malheureux ensemble sont deux arbrisseaux faibles qui s’appuient pour se fortifier contre l’orage.

Le roi de Serendib savait qu’on le pillait: Il n’avait pu changer le mode établie de partager les revenus. La petite moitié “inégale” revenait a lui/le peuple. Rien ne faisait de changer le tresorier: l’administration ne changait guere.

A lady professor of piano accompanied home one of her little young girl. She counselled her at the door: “Don’t forget to press harder your 4th finger“. I know the 4th is a weak finger, and that is why women opt for the third one.

Is sarcasm such a problem in artificial intelligence research

Posted on March 1, 2016

Automatic Sarcasm Detection: A Survey 

[PDF] outlines ten years of research efforts from groups interested in detecting sarcasm in online sources.

If a text is devoid of detailed context to the story, there is no way to detect a sense of humor. And the major problem is that most stories or documentary pieces do Not bother to provide substantive context that are Not based on biases.

“Any computer which could reliably perform this kind of filtering could be argued to have developed a sense of humor.”

Martin Anderson Thu 11 Feb 2016

The problem is not an abstract one, nor does it centre around the need for computers to entertain or amuse humans, but rather the need to recognise that sarcasm in online comments, tweets and other internet material should Not be interpreted as sincere opinion.

Why sarcasm baffles AIs|By The


The need applies both in order for AIs to accurately assess archive material or interpret existing datasets, and in the field of sentiment analysis, where a neural network or other model of AI seeks to interpret data based on publicly posted web material.

Attempts have been made to ring-fence sarcastic data by the use of hash-tags such as #not on Twitter, or by noting the authors who have posted material identified as sarcastic, in order to apply appropriate filters to their future work.

Some research has struggled to quantify sarcasm, since it may not be a discrete property in itself – i.e. indicative of a reverse position to the one that it seems to put forward – but rather part of a wider gamut of data-distorting humour, and may need to be identified as a subset of that in order to be found at all.

Most of the dozens of research projects which have addressed the problem of sarcasm as a hindrance to machine comprehension have studied the problem as it relates to the English and Chinese languages, though some work has also been done in identifying sarcasm in Italian-language tweets, whilst another project has explored Dutch sarcasm.

The new report details the ways that academia has approached the sarcasm problem over the last decade, but concludes that the solution to the problem is Not necessarily one of pattern recognition, but rather a more sophisticated matrix that has some ability to understand context.

Any computer which could reliably perform this kind of filtering could be argued to have developed a sense of humor.

Note: For AI machine to learn, it has to be confronted with genuine sarcastic people. And this species is a rarity




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