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Hassan Nasr Allah: Speeches  

Note: Part Two focuses on the speeches of Hassan Nasr Allah, Secretary General of Hezbollah since February 18, 1992.


            If you desire to meet Sayyed Hassan face to face then you must be highly motivated: even the Hezbollah leaders have to be driven to three different underground parking lots and then picked up in three waiting different cars before they stop at a regular building no different than the neighboring buildings.  Hassan recounted that former President of the Lebanese Republic, Amine Gemayel, witnessed a lengthy merry go round excursion and when he met Nasr Allah his face was as white as a bed sheet out of fright, imaginary guilt, or simply pure dizziness.  Then, Nasr Allah meets his visitor in agile quick steps with pink shy cheeks, large smile, friendly demeanor, and perfumed thick beard.

            Nasr Allah reads the Israeli dailies and their editorials since the Zionist State is the arch enemy of Lebanon, the Palestinians, and the resistance movements in the Levant.  Sayyed Hassan understands that Israel’s policies are heavily biased toward its internal public opinion.  Thus, the speeches of Nasr Allah have psychological undertones to win over the confidence of the Israelis to his messages more than to their proper political leaders.

            The Lebanese author and politician Kareem Bakradouny told Hassan “You are Israel’s problem. Without your leadership Israel would have stayed in Lebanon for another hundred years”.  Sayyed Hassan retorted “One hundred years is too little for them. They worked for three thousand years to return (to a fictitious biblical land)”


            “The Table of Dialogue” among the Lebanese political party leaders to iron out a strategic defense plan met in May 2006 and Hassan Nasr Allah explained in details for over 70 minutes the military status of the Lebanese Resistance. Nasr Allah said “Israel is our enemy; it wants our land and natural water resources from the Nile to the Euphrates. Israel pursues offensive wars as means to resolving its internal problems. The resistance forced Israel to withdraw from most of south Lebanon and then to build the wall of shame to retrench behind it. In military science it is not possible to oppose a regular army superior in manpower and hardware but through popular resistance.

            The Lebanese army is not prepared for such frontal assaults because not a single state is willing to offer Lebanon adequate armament of the same quality as Israel.  The Lebanese Resistance defeated the Israeli regular army because it was more agile, flexible, knew the terrain, knew the weak spots in the enemy and adopted the appropriate inexpensive arms to face Israel.  Israel was defeated because there were complete coordination between the resistances forces and the Lebanese army and the popular support of the citizens in the war areas and in the depth of the territory.  Thus, since the Lebanese government is not supporting the resistance forces financially then it is logical for the government not to take any decisions of canceling the resistance at this phase.”  The meeting was adjourned to June 8, 2006 so that the government could prepare an alternative “Strategic Defense Plan”

            On July 14, 2006 Israeli navy shelled the residence of Sayyed Hassan in Beirut and the rumors wanted hin dead under the rubbles.  Less than half an hour later, Nasr Allah was inviting the Lebanese to watch an event far in the sea: An Israeli warship “Haneet” was set aflame by a direct hit by one of secret Hezbollah land sea misiles. Nasr Allah said “If Israel go ahead with an all out war then our misiles will reach Haifa, cities further than Haifa, and further yet of Haifa.”  Israel refrained from bombing Beirut after Nasr Allah warned of targeting Tel Aviv.

            On July 15, 2006 Nasr Allah showed up again with a confirmation “We warned Israel not to target civilian centers but it didn’t listen.  We thus targeted Haifa. We made sure not to hit the petro-chemical complexes in Haifa.  If Israel resumes the all out war then there will be no red lines in war thereafter.  We are waiting anxiously for Israel to begin its land incursion.”  He went on: “We are not asking anything from the Arab States and we don’t need their aids. We are simply demanding the Arab League not to show moral weaknesses at this junction.  Think of your dignity, your future, and the future of your children.”




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