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Tidbits #19

By the time Corona pandemics subsides, it will dawn on humanity that the developed Far-Eastern States are more fit to survive calamities than the western colonial powers.

Permafrost—landscapes of frozen soil and rock—begins to thaw. And when it does, microbes consume organic matter, releasing CO2 and methane into the atmosphere, leading to more warming, more thawing, and even more carbon emissions

If Schengen survives this calamity, EU will emerge more determined and stronger

And what will happens to all those refugees, if all borders are closed to “strangers”? How will they survive on the borders?

England wants to have nothing to do with containment of Corona: every transportation is functioning as normal. England is so poor that it cannot afford the luxury of the massive expenses of containing Corona. Boris PM made it clear: ” We expect many cherished members in families will die from the Corona…”

Canada shut its borders to everyone but US citizens? Stupid: USA is the hotbed for future mass victims! Recent news: Decisions reversed and borders closed.

Two-thirds of Covid-19 infections could be spread by people who show no symptoms. Thus, Behave like you have coronavirus

Coronavirus protection is for the rich. It is much easier to isolate if you’re an accountant rather than a bus driver, especially in capitalist States where the social safety, health and cooperation networks are Not valid for crisis.

 A new Covid-19 open dataset has made 24,000 papers available in one place. Coronavirus is a boon for scientific collaboration.

I saw ugly pictures of Cholera, plague/peste and smallpox deaths. I saw deaths from Ebola on TV. I saw pictures of people dying from famine and yet Didn’t see a single death from Corona. I sense that dying from Corona is Not as bad as previous cases

7,000 Newborns die every day globally.  In 1941, close to half of all infants died before their first birthday. All roads seemed to lead back to the first 24 hours of life, when infants were either being sent home with undiagnosed health conditions and dying shortly after, or, if they had trouble breathing, were often being labeled as stillborn and left to die.

An updated version of the APGAR score is used in nearly every hospital in the world to evaluate the health of newborn babies. It’s easy to learn, cheap to implement, and highly effective. The APGAR score— both its inventor’s name Dr. Virginia Apgar and an acronym—measures an infant’s appearance (skin color), pulse (heart rate), grimace (reflex irritability), activity (muscle tone), and respiration one minute and five minutes after birth. Each component is assigned a score of 0, 1, or 2, adding up to a maximum score of 10. If an infant’s score is below 7, they will be re-tested four times or until they score 7 or more twice in a row.

LetsGetChecked is an at-home testing kit that will give you intel into STDs, hormones, cancer, fertility, and just plain old general wellness?

With the Coronavirus lockdown, elevate the ScArt (part science/part art) of Idleness to new peaks and share the wisdom that there is more to life than increasing its speed.

Let’s do a trade-off: Consider that air and water pollution decreased by 50% during this Corona period, due mainly by drastic car circulation, airplanes, cruses and oil consumption. Recall the number of drastic decrease in traffic accidents , especially the handicapped cases, and cancer causing particles in the air. Then how many Corona victims are you willing for this trade-off?

If India can manage a lockdown, any other State can do it. Populous India should be the hardest hit country , economically and socially, in State stoppage of work and confinement.

Economic time has stopped, but financial time has not been stopped.” Time for multinational financial companies to abuse investors with faked financial “legal papers”

My hypothesis why the Universe is Expanding: The void spaces are made of only Higgs fields, a field that let matter acquire weight. Thus, any tiny matter is attracted by these fields to gain weight and the universe is constantly expanding.

Even after birth, Indian baby girls are left to die of famine and negligence.

The new coronavirus causes little more than a cough if it stays in the nose and throat, which it does for the majority of people unlucky enough to be infected. Danger starts when it reaches the lungs.

Facts are stubborn things…whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions.” ⁠Future president John Adams.

About time that I take this Corona seriously: Can’t see people around me going “silly clean” and thinking they are just crazy.

Applying procedures For A Schengen Visa By Lebanese

The EU and England making a mockery of Lebanese passport?

Even though it started the biometric standards.

Listomania on Aug 16, 2016

By Mira Mawla.

Only 200 more forms to gather!
1. Too Many Confusion.

2. I have a degree-this shouldn’t be so difficult.

3. Wait, so I apply on this website, but the application form is on another one? And I have to go somewhere other than the embassy for the interview?

4. Yeah I’m never going to see Europe this link is impossible to find.


*starts googling places Lebanese people can go without a visa*

6. Okay there’s no way they need all this info.

7. Purpose of travel…Business? I wish. Tourism? Mmmm yes, maybe a couple of free museums (see #8) but mostly I’m coming to sample your hipster bars and cafes. Oops can’t put that in ran out of characters. Tourism it is.

8. Income: N/A?

9. How the hell am I supposed to know how much my household spend on groceries and shit?

10. Oh, they need like an official bank statement.

11. Oops. Guess my parents are “sponsoring” my trip.

12. Maybe I’ll just go to the Seychelles.

13. The next appointment is WHEN?

14. Ah I’ll just pay a little extra for priority! What is it 10 euros more? Psh.

15. Euh, never mind I’d rather miss the flight.

16. Why has this center changed its address 400 times in the past year? Everyone I ask tells me something different.

17. Malaysia. Malaysia’s nice this time of year.

18. Ugh and this shit needs to be translated too? Sworn translation? I’ve seen a million signs for that and now I know I’ll never find one.

*finally at the center* Now what could this interview possibly be?

19. Wait you’re not going to read my employment letter? I waited a whole week for that shit!

20. 9 AM my ass there’s 10 other people here who were given the same time!

21. Oh, how nice of you to call my name an HOUR later.

22. Yes I’m sure you’ll let me know when my application is revised. A week after my friends leave.

23. Screw this hassle I’m walking to Turkey.




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