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Youth in Lebanon have begun serious demonstrations, on regular schedule, once every week, demanding reforms in the sectarian political and social structure in Lebanon.

Youth have many demands related to survival, living conditions, educational reforms, opportunities to work…

The youth demand civil marriage, non-discriminating laws based on gender or religious affiliation, fair and equitable election laws that represent all section of the communities…

The list of demands is unending but the movement for sectarian reforms has to acquire a specific target, independent of the huge basket for change and successive reforms.

I would love to believe that this youth movement is not guided by secular political parties.  However, when youth carry banners showing a wide range of demands with no specific pragmatic demand to focus attention at and unite everyone around it then, it is legitimate to suspect that the youth movement is not in control.

I have no qualm that political parties with definite ideological agenda take the lead in the beginning, but it is the youth that have got to taking over the movement.

Obviously, marches and demonstrations for other demands must take place, but when the secular youth call for their marches, a single demand should take precedent and utmost priority:  We want religion to be deleted from all official documents.  “El8a2 taifiya min kul al noussouss al rasmiyah”.

Once this demand is obtained then, the next step of the movement is to agreeing on the follow-up next demand.  We don’t have to be divided before we win our first step toward change and reforms.

If we start separating with irrelevant arguments at the first stage then, it is the sectarian regime that will be disturbing the youth movement.  The only dialogue with the political system must be focused on deleting religion from all official documents and agreeing on a timeline for that execution.

That is the goal in the first step and the only one until we move forward to the next pragmatic step in our list of demands.  The ways the first demand was won will play a great factor in the selection of the next focused demand.

I suggest that youth movement plans and organizes small marches in every village and towns in Lebanon with a unified banner: “Delete religion from official documents”.  By the by, the movement will be ready to organize a nationwide marches, at specific dates, all over Lebanon.  That would be a success story that proves that the youth are in complete control of the movement. 

I have confidence that this process will encourage youth into eliminating sectarian mentality and behaviors from their habits and spirit.  The Arabic World is looking aprehensively and analyzing seriously our drastic demand and how our movement is unfolding. 

Let us be leaders for the next revolution in the Arab World.




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