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Is secular simply an interior state of mind? Think again

Are secular States and anti-clerical States qualitatively the same in ideology and practice?

Should religious belief systems and values be confined in the privacy of homes and particular praying places?

Should public domain streets and squares be opened to religious ceremonies and display of religious customs and traditions?

Is an anti-clerical State demanding a one-way involvement into religious systems, while religious hierarchy should have no say whatsoever in State-power functions and responsibility”?

Does a secular State allow a two-way involvement in power sharing, at least in election periods, but the laws are not enacted in the name of a superior God and not explicitly applied in the name of a particular religious value system?

Does a secular State means that the political system has no rights to judge or condemn a religious sect behaviors and practices? Or religious beliefs should have no weight in the functioning of civil service institutions?

Does a secular State means that an individual religious clerics has all the basic rights as any citizens, no more no less, but the religious organization has no rights in intervening in State power in the name of faith, or expect any State subsidies to sustaining and maintaining its normal functions among the believers?

Are all secular States of “hypocrisy systems”, implicitly applying religious value systems in the name of explicit civil laws?

Are totalitarian States, dogmatic States, and theocratical States the same qualitatively in their persecution of freedom of expression and the exercise of religious belief systems and values?

The societies have witnessed and experienced all kinds of political domination power-control systems, and all powers were declared to emanate from a more superior source, even claiming the superior “power of the working people in factories”, or those working the lands, or those working in civil servant positions, or those working in the military, or those working in the internal security forces, or the elite class of nobility, or elite class of landowners, or the elite class of the bankers, or the elite portion of the upper middle-class of intelligentsia, or a God, or an amalgam of Gods, or the power of the majority of eligible voters in election period, or the majority of the elected official…

In any case, all States systems, regardless of ideological structure can transform into a totalitarian-form of government, ruled and guided by a totalitarian elite class (who want the best for their chattel citizens…)

Can we claim that secularism is meant to institute the “liberty of the spirit” so that individual citizens are capable of ferreting out dogmatic inclinations in any power institution?

Can we claim that secularism is basically an internal individual spiritual condition, a permanent discipline, an individual asceticism…that refuses the domination of abstract concepts and belief-systems on the reality of life and the true needs and wants of the common people…?

If you think that secularism should be confined to the individual state of mind, then how many of us can consider himself secular, and know the power struggle among civil and religious mind domination?

Ultimately, the living adult is an individual responsibility of a series of due diligence, but heaping up all kinds of responsibilities on the individual is blatant excuse of the power-to-be to shirk out on its basic duties toward the citizens.

The individual is already crumbling under so many responsibilities, in the name of a capitalist ideology and supported by religious sects, and expecting a secular mind to come alive is above the capabilities of even a few to shoulder.

Why it should have taken me over 50 years of living, and many higher education degrees in engineering and sciences, and constant reflective inclination on conditions and situations, personal and community, and still feel unable to discriminate the thin red line in community power struggle for domination of the citizens?

The establishment of the foundations of a secular State is the responsibility of the community.

Citizens needs to be educated how to differentiate among abstract concepts that cannot be demonstrated, concepts that can be measured and experimented with, concept that can be made operational to be measured, evaluated and tested (such as mental and emotional abilities…), concepts that required tolerance, and concepts that we should never tolerate under any excuse...

A Secular State main function is to enact civil laws that agree with the basic common denomination belief system of values, of facilitating the process for any individual to ask for a review of a law, to codify how organizations are entitled to demand their rights…

A secular State is expected to protect individual rights for freedom of expression, for learning and reading any published documents, for getting engaged in discussions that affect any power structure…

Democracy is fundamentally the process of instituting a credible civil and secular community.

What Secular States we mean?   

Note: This essay applies to all States, western, orient, animists, pagans, monotheists, secular, semi-secular, democratic, theocratic and other political systems.


In the sixties, Charles Malek, the philosopher and Lebanon’s representative to the United Nations proclaimed that Lebanon cannot survive as a State unless all Lebanese convert to Christianity.  Lately, the Moslem Sunni salafist proclaimed in 2006 that the State of Lebanon should be governed Caliphate style.  The Moslem Shiaas of Hezbollah want to establish the rule of the “Wilayat of Fakeeh”, an Ayatollah who would lead both the spiritual and political powers.


For example, the Christians during the civil war wanted to establish Christian cantons exclusively for the right wing Christian Lebanese since they over ran the Palestinian Christian camps and evacuated the lucky one from the massacre outside the Christian cantons. The Christians in the Levant have ground to be worried.  What Islam means by “Jihad” is in fact the right to proselytize Islam everywhere and all the time.  As if the western nations have not been carrying their own brand of “Jihad” since Medieval Age everywhere they wanted to colonize.  The Christians in the Levant have grounds to be apprehensive: the Christian sects have refrained from converting Moslems because conservative Islam sects demand as “halal” the blood shedding of the “blasphemous” re-converted Moslems.

The Moslem Sunni salafists in north Lebanon twice fought the Lebanese army within two years; hundreds of soldiers died and were handicapped for life. The Qaeda of Ussama Bin Laden has the same political objective with a twist; the Qaeda wants to establish the restrictive and ultra conservative Wahhabit sect as the essence of selecting Caliphates.  The Wahhabit sect is the one adopted by the Saudi Arabia theocratic monarchy.

In 1925, the Sunni Ali Abel Razzak wrote in his book “Islam and origin of governance” that “Islam is innocent of what the conservative Islam understands of the Caliphate.  The Caliphate was never in the religious planning, and neither were the religious judges nor any of the civil administrations in the government.  The Prophet Muhammad didn’t recognize them or order them or denied them.  The political and civil administrative issues were left to the Moslems to decide upon them.  Thus, it is proper that we engage our mind and consider the experience of nations, and the rules of politics that are the best around for our Nation.”

In Iran, Ayatollah Borojardy was detained because he wanted to separate States politics from religion, thus, resisting the “Fakeeh” concept of government. In Lebanon, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasr Allah, publicly harangued the Shiaa to considering “Wilayat al Fakeeh” as the official political system; and Nasr Allah is speaking as a clergy too and in every religious ceremony, blending religion with politics with resistance to the Zionist Apartheid State.

The State of Israel would like you to believe that a mythical leader they named Moses had a revelation by a superior being named Yahveh to conquer land by the sword and genocides for it was “promised” to the horde of tribes following him.  Thus, Israel would like to establish a Jewish theocratic State in Palestine.  It has been categorically proven that the Old Bible was initiated in the second century before Christ in Alexandria and then chapters were added many centuries later to and re-edited several times.


If you are nowadays following Lebanon’s politics and the preparations for the election in June 7 then you might have the impression that it is the political leaders of the sects who are manipulating the sacerdotal castes of our 18 officially recognized religious sects.  Don’t be fooled; ask any Lebanese and he will tell you that he is forced constitutionally to pay his first allegiance to his sect.  In fact, the sects were given the right to administer the civil status of its co-religionists from birth to death and the central government is totally helpless in interfering; even if any serious government  wishes to change it would never want problems to blow in its face..


My question for the western States’ citizens is: Do you believe that the separation of State and religion is implicitly a de facto reality?  Do you believe that religions have desisted from meddling in State affairs; that during voting periods the religious sacerdotal castes do not impress on the political climate? Do you believe that there is no religious backlash on religious minorities? Isn’t religion recognized in your constitutions?  Are not the civil administrative posts implicitly submitted to a quota system? I am sincerely worried about the practices of those hypocritical Secular States who force its minorities to submit to the litmus test on the ground of applying civil laws and regulations.


Personally, my position is that religious doctrines and stories are a bunch of hog wash nonsense of myths and abstract concepts that even zero IQ individuals refuse the premises.  The religious sacerdotal castes would like you to substitute you belief in a Creator from watching the cosmos and the mysteries of life into total faith in their particular ideological constructs and set of values.


I feel limited in finding a resolution where check and balance can be erected to cope with the all permeating power of the sacerdotal castes in every States around the world.  Constitutional laws need to be thought out to restrict the implicit power of the thousand tentacles that religions have instituted to infuse their ideologies.

One of the best and most efficient methods is to encourage the establishment of opportunities to exercising choices in every aspect in our lives from birth, decentralized schooling systems, kinds of marriages, legal divorce alternatives, and burial at each of the legislative, legal, and executive branches. Only available opportunities for choices, backed by political determination to honor those choices in the workforce, in the daily living, and in society structure, can permit a fighting chance for all those free minded and reflective citizens and families who respect their potential power for deciding what is best for their spiritual development.




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