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Are we sure we are Not seeing an inverted world? The law of physics will Not change after all

I am told that the newborn needs an entire month to see a re-inverted world and adjust to it. Isn’t that an assumption that we like to believe in that we are looking at the real world?

Has any experiment been done to prove the contrary? That we are actually Not seeing an inverted world?

The law of physics will Not change after all. Gravity is still at work. Same for the other forces, and the cosmos will not change.

Suppose we adjusted to the inverted the world, how much visual mass brain was required for this job?

Suppose another species with the same visual characteristics as us (acuity and color vision and all) but with a lower brain mass, do you think we have to work with proportions of visual mass to total brain mass? I think Not. The visual brain mass would be the same at the expense of other faculties and sensory brains.

For example, if we select chimpanzees with the same visual characteristics as us, and we insert a lens when born that inverts the world, and thus don’t need to re-adjust, how much visual brain mass is saved and diverted to other faculties?

If blind born people have far better hearing and touch acuities, better senses of people movement, and better verbal communication, isn’t that the cause that the saved visual brain mass was allocated to those sensorial faculties?

There are always trade-off  for visual capacities. For the same visual brain mass, higher visual acuity would give way to deteriorated peripheral vision, less color perception and contrasts…

Since most products rely on vision in their design, if we need any more development in our brain, we better start designing for the other senses.

This is my theory and hypothesis.




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