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How do you conceive self-worth? How you go about creating worthy achievements?

How to feel satisfied with or without money?

By Dan Rockwell?

Money matters.

Do you believe that money without the attached respect is dissatisfying? How to feel satisfied with or without money?

What is this self-worth concept? Is it a personal perception or actual recognition of people around you of your worth?

Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Inc. stated: “There are two things people want more than sex and money- recognition and praise.”

“Always affirm worth, even if you can’t reward financially”.


I believe we go further by focusing on strengths, but I tend to focus on my weaknesses.

It’s a constant battle. When someone comes to “help” me with a shortcoming I smile and listen but the truth is I’ve already thought of that one and a dozen more.

The bad tends to overshadow the good; failure tends to overshadow success.

Passion to improve may magnify shortcomings and failures.

Change begins with dissatisfaction. Discontent is part of passion for excellence. Organizations grow gloomy apart from large doses of recognition and praise. More criticism than praise results in depressed environments.

Don’t bury your head in the sand and pretend everything’s ok. Deal with failures and shortcomings, and stop pretending that failure is a good enough reason to withhold praise for success in another.

Celebration works better than complaint.

When failures obscure successes, darkness prevails. Negative environments are created as we keep criticizing failure more than recognizing success. Things could always be improved.

Replace discontent with recognition and praise, just for today.

How do you fall into the negativity trap?

How can you create positive energy?




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