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Life is a constant sexual search struggle

It would be a nice alternative for those who harass people on their sexual preferences to be locked up and confined for a couple of days, away from the normative demands and oppression of the social system in order to reflect calmly and rediscover their level of ignorance, laziness in the mind and the dying internal fire to keep searching for their own development and sense for survival.

Many in the developed societies where people have the “rights” to move freely internally and to foreign countries and have opportunities to settle in different communities to eek out a living, away from the confinement of their home village… grabbed the “courage” to come out of the closet and declare their sexual preferences.

In almost all movies and novels, this “coming out of the closet” is described as acquiring a great sense of relief. From what exactly?

No novel or movie that I saw so far followed up on this sense of relief afterward, as if life has turned fine and dandy and smooth and straightforward in its routine. Like falling in love for ever.

As if life stops turning out events and surprises to challenge any “sense of relief“.

As if after coming out of the closet is the end of the journey and the harshest of oppression has lifted off from the chest and anus of the individual.

What if life does not forgive those who stay on their guns and refuse to change their positions and opinions no matter what?

As if desire is confined and restricted to some kinds of sexual preferences and all other kinds of emotions and evolution in the set of desires have reached an end.

In many movies you have youth, barely out of puberty, admitting that they “know” their sexual preferences. Is that possible without experiencing other kinds of sexual relationship?

It is as saying: “Listen, the other sex is a totally different genders. I am not in the mood and lack the energy to comprehend another species, I don’t need to waddle in troubled water and be challenged with and aggrieved by crappy surprises. I am comfortable with my tribe…”

The vast majority in the developing countries have no such “luxury” for temporary relief in their sexual preferences. They have to resume the struggle against social constraints, taboos… and the terrible punishment of banishment from the community life.

More often than not, they are considered the “crazies” to be treated leniently because of short-term mental disturbances in order to save them from brutal confrontations.

The constant harsh struggle in developing communities to resist customs and traditions and be able to live a decent life is not an easy task, much less to taking this useless step of coming out of the closet with nowhere else to go.




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