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F for Fundamentalist mid-age religious people

You might jump to the conclusion that F is the initial of a curse word. It was not initially meant to: I have in mind a series of newly acquired habits of middle-aged people, like E for Eating, M for Masturbating…

Why is it that middle age people discover, or rediscover God in a more intense fashion, so late in life? You think that they have seen it all, were exposed to all kinds of hypocrisies and swindling, were suckered so many times that they learned the lesson, and religion no longer fits their childhood world model.  A model built on ignorance and terrible lack of background knowledge…

Is God the “social secretary” for the lazier than normal middle age persons? A person who gets very excited and waste hours on “discussing” abstract concepts with the energy of the “know-it-all” kid?

I see them all around me: They never miss a Sunday church, a religious ceremony, a condolence event, the 40-day after for the re-condolence visitations, inviting the priest to come home and sprinkle the “Holy Water” in every nook and cranny in the house, the getting hot angry as I say: “These are all fiction stories. There are no proofs whatsoever to your claim that every single word or sentence in the Book emanate from God or one of his countless prophets and that it should be believed without reflection and knowing the context, the customs of the region…”

Why is it that middle age people discover God so late in life? Have they skipped that phase in childhood? Or religion is such a topic that make life “flow” by and hours vanish in a blink?

Have I mentioned my old dad touching every single icon in the house and crossing his face on his frequent visits to the bathroom, back and forth?

Have I mentioned my old arthritic mom kneeling in front of the TV as mass is being performed?

I contend that mid-age people revert to religion, the fundamental kind of belief, out of sheer laziness. If they were smart enough not to succumb in their childhood to fundamentalism, they grew too busy surviving to take time to reflect on life and death.

As they retire or retire themselves from the hurley burly of life exigencies, mid-age people are forced, with plenty of leisure time, to start questioning the meaning of life big time.

Since they lack the energy and initiative to keep studying, assuming that they barely kept reading and writing during their “active remunerating life”, and that they insist on reading the religious Books in their original version and language, (thus discarding reading other religious Books), the mid-age person is stuck with the Book he is familiar with.  By God, the mid-age person is patriotic, even in his brand of religion.

Out of the newly acquired joy of lazy attitudes and the habit of taking short-cuts, a mid-age person revert to accepting what he reads in the Bibles as not sustaining any sort of interpretations whatsoever.

It is normal that serial killers are found in fundamentalist religious mid-age person: Reading and emulating all these horror and violent fictional stories that Bibles are fraught with…




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