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Set fire to your ships. That’s closure

Stacked books cramming the shelves and the empty spaces and collecting thick dust.

And you know that you’ll not re-read any of them or will never try to dust off any book: You’ll too busy collecting fresh books that are marketed every day, just to show off your learned nature.

Are you dating 3 women simultaneously, love them all, would not mind marrying any one of them… and yet are unable to decide and refuse to settle down on one of them?

We feel that we need to keep all options open, and are ready to painful sacrifices just to safeguard our illusion of available options.

Though we should know that there is no such thing as Free Option“: the cost is hidden or intangible most of the time.

Every time we twaddle among several options and repeat the process frequently, we are using up expensive mental energy and resources and ending up more frustrated and apathetic.

There are a few military leaders who burned their ships after crossing a river or a sea in order for their troops to erase the idea of retreating.

This the case of China Gen. Xiang Yu in 3rd century BC, and the Arab General Tarek bin Ziad after landing in Andalusia (Spain), and the Spanish Cortes before occupying Mexico.

There many artists and authors who have this compulsive behaviour of instantly destroying what they don’t like, and others who keep every scrap of paper or lousy drawing (like Picasso who left about 100,000 painting and drawing).  Though I wouldn’t categorize this behaviour as closure’.

Write down what Not-to-Pursue list in your life and let any incoming option be compared and discarded, even if the handle of the door for options seems to turn effortlessly.

Getting rid of your “possessions” is one of the hardest task to undertake

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