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Notes and comments or FB and Twitter Part 23

La mére: Il croit que je n’ai personne pour me defendre, qu’on peut m’humilier impunement. Comme il se trompe. Va mon enfant, va lui donner une paire de gifles. Et on a commencé a me considerer le voyou du quartier.
Chaque fois qu’une femme vous prend dans ses bras, ce ne sont plus que condoleances. On revient gueuler sur la tombe de sa mére, comme un chien abandonné. Helas, j’aurais aimer avoir ces sensations.
Saudi Kingdom Wahhabi sect share common denominator with Orthodox Jews: Heap all sins, and blame all catastrophes on women. Lock them up

Russia to deploy 400 police forces to monitor East Aleppo. Question: are they trained to behave according to Human rights law?

Stupid Ertogan: He viewed Aleppo as the main Turkish competitor in industry. He annihilated both industries for decades.

Okay. When next UN resolution for dismantling all settlements in Palestine?

There are No haphazard settlements in Israel. And this is Not a point of view

The only factor that prevent a UN resolution from being emptied of its contents is by steadfastly developing internal cohesion and unity in the nation

If astrophysicists can say: “We know nothing about Black Matters. But we know it Exist”. then I am entitled to forward a few hypotheses on that matter

Main function of any brain in living species is to Sense his limitations. Mankind made it his purpose to sanction this primal sense for survival. So much unnecessary pain, suffering and frustrations.

We used to note quick thoughts and feelings on diary booklets. No need to take it hard on notes displayed on social media: They are supposed Not to be shared.

Information overload: every accident happening in Europe or USA has to be declared and assured “Not terrorist related”

The Madoff Ponzi scheme made rich the early “investors” at 10% return rate (double any rate they could hope of) and they lead the fancy life at the expense of the late comers who joined the band wagon of greed. Those who re-invested, thinking of the future, lost their life saving. A big fish in a much bigger species of Ponzi multinational financial companies from all over the world.

Mafia and intelligence services are adopting the terror methods in order to eliminate specific persons under the cover of what looks like a Daesh terrorist. Istambul horror can be categorized under a mafia contract. An institution in the government is in cohort with this activity. The killers will never be caught: they have been disposed of.

The Turkish officials are Not making any sense. They claim the terrorist came from Syria, though they caught no one yet. They claim there was 10 guards outside and 20 inside, and yet, the killer took all his time, over 30 minutes, to reload 6 times and clean his weapon too. Can we get the complete list of the dead people in order to figure out who were the competitors? 

The Street Kid: one look is good enough to discriminate the sheep from the lion: he has got to grow or perish

Invariably, adventure find you when you are young. Otherwise, you have got to select among the adventure you are ready to undertake.

Solutions to our problems delay the growth of our lofty spirit

One day, the world that I knew would be regarded as a vulgar nightmare: the world of my dreams will take over.




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