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Former ISIS Sex Slaves Form All-Female Battalion ‘Sun Ladies’ to Launch Massive Assault on ISIS

Hundreds of former ISIS sex slaves have joined an all-female battalion to launch a massive assault against their abusers in Iraq.

The Yazidi women – who call themselves the ‘Force of the Sun Ladies’ – have taken up arms in the quest for revenge but also to preserve the future of their race.

They are among around 2,000 captives who have escaped their terrorist tormentors who subjected them to horrific torture and rape and massacred thousands of their loved ones after storming their villages in the summer of 2014.

Now, driven by a collective desire for vengeance, the battalion is preparing for an offensive on the ISIS stronghold of Mosul where many were exchanged by militants to serve as their sex slaves.


Capt Khatoon Khider, a member of the Sun Ladies, told media: ‘Whenever a war wages, our women end up as the victims.

‘Now we are defending ourselves from the evil. We are defending all the minorities in the region. We will do whatever is asked of us.’

She is among more than 100 Yazidi women who have trained with the Kurdish Peshmerga forces which are preparing to attack Mosul, with another 500 waiting to follow suit.

Around 5,000 Yazidi men and women were captured by the militants, but some 2,000 have managed to escape or been smuggled out of ISIS self-proclaimed caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

But the United Nations says ISIS is still holding an estimated 3,500 people captive in Iraq, the majority women and girls from the Yazidi community.

Surivivors have recounted horrendous stories of sexual abuse and torture.

One Yazidi mother, who gave birth while being held as a sex slave, told how she was not allowed to feed her newborn son.

Her captor then beheaded the boy when he cried.

ISIS militants consider the Yazidis to be devil-worshippers. The ancient Yazidi faith blends elements of Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Islam.

Most of the Yazidi population, numbering around half a million, are displaced in camps in Iraq’s Kurdistan.

Last month, director of the U.N. human rights office in Iraq, Francesco Motta, said the militant group is seeking to ‘destroy part or the whole of the Yazidi people’, Daily Mail reported.

About Time? Enforcing UN declarations of Women Rights, and Everywhere?

Victims of cruelty, torture, and murder… women’s rights to safe treatment as men are not enforced by the UN World community when these infamies are being subjected to women and young girls.

The inalienable ethical doctrine of human rights shouldn’t discriminate against genders, race or religious belief…

The custom was to focus on male’s benefits when drafting conventions and drawing up lists of rights.

For centuries, even in modern history, the declarations defined woman’s rights as relative to man’s rights…

In modern warfare and civil wars, 90% of the casualties are civilians, and 75% of these are women and children.

Women constitute 80% of all refugees and displaced persons, fleeing the atrocities of wars, preemptive wars, ethnic cleansing wars…

Rape and sexual violence routinely target women.  These cruelties are adopted as strategic tools of war and instruments of genocide

And yet, women are vastly under-represented in the process of ending conflicts.

In the last 25 years, only one woman in 40 peace treaty signatories was female.

Although the 4th Geneva Convention in 1949 finally came around to prohibit wartime rape and prostitution, it didn’t become crimes against humanity until 2001.

In many countries, women do not enjoy sufficient education and access to forms of publication. Consequently, few women exercise their rights to free expression.

It is troubling that that so few women feature on lists of prisoners in troubled countries, although they form the majority of demonstrators: Women are not counted as serious offenders to mention them as prisoners of free opinion…

A discussion paper prepared for UNICEF points out that early forced sex of married under-aged girls has not been recognized by the western nations as a form of sexual abuse,,, except where warlords and traffickers have recruited girls as sex-slaves…

Rapists, domestic abuses, “honor crimes” have consciously dehumanized the women victims in order to exercise “full control” over their lives…

Declaration of specific rights achieves two target:

1. They establish values, which the signatories agreed to defend

2. They challenge the impunity that was enjoyed by torturers and murderers for centuries.

You may read the declaration of rights of women

Note: Extracted from “The Public Woman” by Joan Smith

Sex markets and trades; (Mar. 19, 2010)

            Thailand is the prime sex tourist attraction.  About 15 millions flood the Capital Bangkok every year.  Many girls are connected by internet to their favorite regular tourists who visit yearly for a two-week vacation: one week with the girl (who consider this period as vacation time on beaches, all expense paid) and another week for touring Thailand. It is estimated that over 3 millions in Thailand practice sex business, supposedly with the consent of their folks to feed the remaining members of the family. The government enacted laws proclaiming sex business as illegal; it had completely forgotten this law: this particular tourist appeal generates 14% of GNP.

            The American soldiers fighting in Vietnam and Cambodia targeted Bangkok for relaxation breaks and then opened bars and sex businesses. After the war in Vietnam, ex-soldiers resumed their preferred tourist activities to their accustomed destination. Obviously, drug trade was a major catalyst for targeting Bangkok.

            The next destination for the northern Europe and England hard working population is the Capital Riga of Latvia. Every weekend, dozens of charter planes at low cost land in Riga for a relaxing time. Morocco is the favorite destination for southern Europe.

            As for the sources of the human sex pool it is the new Republics of former Soviet Union and Africa. Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldavia are prime sources for the mafias in that trade. For example, Moldavia insures the availability of 10,000 sex slaves a year; the slaves principally land in the city of Antalia in Turkey and then to Europe; Cyprus used to be the first landing location of these girls, who had secured due legitimate papers for other jobs; but the law in Cyprus required medical check up on contagious diseases; thus the mafias shifted the target location to Turkey;  Cyprus has now cancelled this requirement: it cannot afford to lose a large proportion of its 7 millions tourists.

            Sex slave business mafias have reformed their techniques in hiring slave sex to circumvent tighter regulations. Currently, the mafias promise a sex slave freedom, after working several years in abject conditions, by luring and expediting fresh replacements.  At first, the girl is promised freedom for hiring one replacement and then this number is increased gradually for one reason or another. The replacing girls know that the final job is sex but are never aware of the conditions of the work as slaves; they work non-stop and barely have time to feed and sleep. As the fresh slave girl board the plane then the doors are shut on her freedom; when she reaches destination she is gang raped, beaten and humiliated to give her the proper taste of what to expect.

            Nigeria and Cameroon are the main African sources of sex slaves.  In Nigeria, mafias organize witch ceremonies for the hired girls called “Djudju” where the girl promises complete secrecy on the bosses and organization.  Many mafias set up faked “Queen Beauty contests” and then photos are taken in bikini and brochures are sent to select rich elite customers; first the girls are sent to work in hotels and bars and then are coerced to upgrade into sex business.

            There are 400,000 whores in Germany and as many in Spain; 85,000 in England and as many in Italy; 20,000 in Holland and as many in France. Over 80% of the whores are foreigners from Romania, Bulgaria, and Africa.  Sex slave charges between 300 and 400 in developed European States while it cost between 30 to 50 in their home States.

            Many European States have tried alternative approaches to cut down on sex trades.  Holland enacted laws to legalize this business as long as the sex provider applies legally. Unfortunately, only 4% opted to formally legalize their trade.  Sweden has proven to have the most efficacious method: apprehending the customers for illegal activities.




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