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“But I do not love him…”; (October 14, 2009)             

            A love on and off affair of one of my close relatives got me thinking.  Invariably we all think that we are acute psychologists in interpreting the behavior of others and that we need no formal schooling in that practice. Our reduced life experience enlarges our abstract notions into the realm of truths; but not many would venture into writing an article that smacks of psychology.  My earlier decision to shrink my posts to less than a thousand words will save me many mishaps by lengthy chatting on this peculiar topic.

This fundamental concept dawned on me: Women would instantly marry men they fall in love with, regardless whether love is reciprocated as long as the man is accommodating. Most women are viewed as pragmatic because they prefer to marry men able to provide a comfortable standard of living.  This perception is in the “common sense” category of evidences among men: in most cultures men are the ones expected to make the first moves and ask for the hand of their selected choices and parents have definite say after financial investigation of the targeted family. 

This perception is far from the truth. First, if a woman has the choice between a comfortable provider and the one she loves then she would select the man she loves with no hesitation in most cases.  Fortunately, these moments of choices are rare, simply because either the woman has not yet fallen in love, or the one she loves is not available (basically, unreachable to work diligently on him). Second, the ratio of achiever man combined with an imagination running wild into recounting enchanted stories and projects (that women tend to fall in love with) and the rest of the other kinds of men is pretty abysmal; and thus, women have a puny pool of men to fall in love with among the eligible. 

The perception of women having practical streak is the result of the rare occasions for women to show their fundamental sides. I am not distinguishing between the “independent” and “non-independent” women because the concept of “preferring the man she loves” is a truth for all normal women when the right occasion is available.  One advantage for an independent woman to marrying the man she loves is that she has a wider intellectual and practical range of means to work on her man as long as he is receptive. Mind that I didn’t define an “independent” woman by her economic status of financial self-sufficiency, although that would give the woman a powerful advantage in most cases.  What I mean by an independent woman is the one that was permitted freedom of choices in many sectors of life during her upbringing, or her folks were lenient enough to encourage her to take initiatives and allow her to impose the choices in most instances.  Thus, an independent woman has acquired a flexible and trained mind to investing energy and time at studying her choices and carrying them into satisfactory results.

Allow me to go one step further in matter of truths; a “pragmatic” married woman would never relinquish her God’s given right to seeking the love of her life.  That is why divorces and unhappy houses are so widespread everywhere and in among all cultures.

I would be interested reading studies or stories on attractive enough spinsters, and then discovering the main reasons for them failing to marry.  My hypothesis is that a spinster was in love with a “local” man and the “rich” practical men were not forthcoming or felt that the spinster was not a good actor for sending the right signals as expected of her. I reduced my sample of “attractive enough” spinsters because I feel the attribute “beautiful” is such a strong characteristic for men that no beautiful woman will go unmarried in most cases.  Mind that I will not insists on the characteristics of men simply because a man needs a lifetime to applying Socrates’ dictum “know your own self!”

Women in general do not give words coming from man much weight as evidence for truth; women believe that they have a set of battery of their own lie detectors to verify if a man is saying the truth; they need constant affirmation that the man is behaving correctly in order to control their hold on him.  The best criterion for women to discriminate strong from weak men is to demand from men to pour their heart out and provide total description of their status, life, and inclinations; women insist on their men to tell everything: implicitly, to convince men that they believe in their words; but this is the most important first test. 

If men fall into that trap and divulge everything then they have lost the war already; women want strong men and those men who tell them everything are categorized as weak in character and useless to protect them or to fall in love with them.  Those men who failed this critical test and succumbed to weakness should never expect the woman to fall in love with him even if she decided to marry him; in this case she loves to play mother.  The woman who marries such a “weak” man has fundamentally no real interest in men but prefer this front to save further exacerbations with constant wowing and pressures from men.

No, it is not an undertone power struggle for the search of a weak man to dominate because women naturally want to be the leaders in the family and they would ultimately grab that power with minimum determination.  All that women want from men is to constantly tell them what women like to hear and to hell with the truth which they can always discover with their own array of lie indicators and detectors. Men should master the techniques for perfect confident lie stories that women love to hear as long as they never forget to compliment them frequently and act very devoted to them.

            Consequently, a word of advice for grown up men, those who didn’t marry in their mid twenties: dig into whatever intuitive power you have to feel whether the girl of your choice may fall in love with you.  Rushing mindlessly and immediately into investing energy, time, and resources to just wowing her is a typical man’s weakness.  Now, if your intuition was high jacked by an evil spirit into believing that the love of your life is indeed in love with you, then the next step is to discourage your girl from meeting with comfortable providers by any means available. 

            All these suggestions are for just the practical situation of getting married.  Living happily is a totally another issue and I am no redundant prophet.  Simply remember what I said of woman’s single uncompromising faith of her God’s given right “to falling in love with a man once in her lifetime”. The harshest instances for me are being under constant investigation: Being forgotten in a gulag is a more tenable alternative for me.


Note: this post is a re-edited version of my prior “She let go of her suitor” written in November 17, 2007 

Henry Miller’s purely porno book

I am reading a French translation of “Opus Pistorum” by Henry Miller and I still don’t know what opus pistorum means but the book is plainly porno.  (A comment reminded me that it means The Work of the Miller).

The epilogue explains how this book came to be published.

Henry Miller visited Larry Edmunds’ library in Hollywood (California) in 1940. Miller had spent many years in Paris and knew very few people in California.

Milton Luboviski was partner in the library and used to offer Miller some money and places to bunk.  By 1941 Luboviski started selling porno manuscripts for clients in the movie industry such as Joseph Mankiewicz, Julian Johnson, Daniele Amfitheatrol, Billy Wilder, Frederick Hollander, and Henry Blanke

Henry Miller proposed to write short porno stories that should sell for one dollar per page; Luboviski was to keep the rights of the stories.

After a few months the stories were gathered in a book that Miller titled “Opus Pistorum”.  Luboviski typed 5 copies in 1942 and sold four of them and he saved the original.

When in need of money and had multiple exotic personal experiences and can write with humor then writing porno manuscripts is a legitimate business.

I will offer a few excerpts and will skip the porno details. Miller calls his tail or prick John Thursday (Jean Jeudi).  The opening pages set the tones of the porno short stories.

“I have been living in Paris for so long that I’m no longer surprised of anything.  Paris is not like New York; you don’t need to deliberately seek adventures. Life flushes you out in unbelievable locations and all kinds of incredible surprises track you down. I am visiting a shop and the 13 years old girls is masturbating her dad and then sucking ravenously his tail…”

“Billie and Jean are American Lesbian living in Paris.  Billie dresses as men and act like one; she does second rate aquarelles to maintain Jean and relax her nerves.  Billie allows Jean to have sex with men because she is not purely lesbian.

Billie visits Henry (Alf in the stories) to get to an understanding with respect to Jean; she knows that Jean has been visiting Alf. Alf satisfies Billie’s worry that his intention toward Jean are not honorable; in return Billie sign an agreement by satisfying Alf’s sexual desires.

Billie refuses categorically the anus way because it is pervert.  Alf is fucking her vigorously the normal way but Billie is showing signs of boredom: Billie is drawing on the wall during the intercourse with a pencil and her rouge stick. Alf is upset and use force to enter Billie in the anus.  Alf managed this feat because Billie adopted man reactions instead of showing her claw or attempting to kick in the balls.  Billie threatens Alf with calumnies and hollering, but to no effect. Alf did not manage to get Billie to reach orgasm but at least Billie will no longer visit him without female bodyguards.”

“Her asshole agitates; it is alive; it contracts and breathes. You might not discover the secret of the universe through that path, but it is far more exciting than observing your own navel.”

“Alexandra converted into Catholicism and her priest confessor initiated her to worshiping the devil too.  Alexandra got deeply involved in mysticism and exotic cults and confessed to Miller that devils would appear in her dreams pretty alive. All the devils were gorgeous young men; a few had three sexual functioning tails; one would be inserted in the mouth, another in the cunt, and the third would enter the rectum and extends to sniff the tail in the mouth…

Miller or (Alf in the stories) participated as witness to one of the devils’ worshiping sessions. The priest entered in his normal ceremonial attire; he was also wearing a red hat with two corns.

A lady undressed and lied on the officiating table; the priests slaughtered a coq and let the blood drip and smear the naked body.  A wood statue of the devil was carried inside with a tail ejecting red wine when activated by sucking. An orgy followed and led by the priest.  It was not outrageous or out of the normal since no human sacrifices was offered.”

“Toots confessed that she was initiated by a Chinaman.  Toots is very articulate and precise in her language: I figured out that the man was an old tiny Chinese who owns a Laundromat, leg bowed, chest curved inside…I even pissed in her asshole

“You cannot take a walk with Arthur without incredible events happening.  Arthur usually tones down his stories to sound credible but the realities are far more hallucinating.

I am trolling with Arthur and he picks up a woman wallet off the street. It contains no money but a picture of a beautiful blonde lady called Charlotte.  We decided to knock at her door nearby: we needed a free drink and whatever other sexual freebies that might come along.  A kid’s voice answered.

We are facing a midget woman. She works in circus and is taking a well deserved rest.  Charlotte brings us whiskey and we serve from the bottle as we need.  Charlotte is beautiful; her thighs are “pawable“; her behind and bosoms are normal with respect to her stature; I look at Arthur and I realize that he is having the same thoughts…

One day Charlotte visited Arthur; he was not home and she left him a note.  Arthur joined me and he was very agitated. He is curious how midget woman are, but he is apprehensive of going solo.  We visited Charlotte; a monster German shepherd, big as a house attacked us; Charlotte attached the molosse in another room.

Arthur wants to know all the particularities of midgets and how different they are from normal people. It turned out that they are as different among themselves as normal people are among normal people; the hardest problem is finding tiny shoes.

The tails of the giant men were as big as the baseball bat that Charlotte uses. They had sex with Charlotte with exaggerated fever; Alf kept apprehensive that his tail might do serious damages, but Charlotte was pretty flexible and accommodating.  The monster dog got too excited and got released from his prison and chains. The dog raped Charlotte as a piston sliding at 100 miles an hour. The two men watched for a couple of minutes and then they figured out that the dog will be very famished after the exercise and they left in a hurry”.

Sam Backer is a rich American businessman trying to conquer Paris openness to sex.  Sam has already experienced with Tania, an adolescent with plenty of expertise but he doesn’t know it.  Alf present Sam to Alexandra, Tania’s mother. Sam would like to meet the mother and he hits off with Alexandra.

Now Sam is confused; he is worried about this innocent Tania and how to arrange things.  Tania is playing her big game as the totally passive inexperienced girl.  Alf had plenty of sexual parties with both mother and daughter and knows all about them but he is not going to inform Sam and exacerbate the situation.  Sam had told his wife Ann (intent on playing the tourist all the way), that he was playing poker with Alf while Alf was polishing Ann that night in his apartment.  Now Ann has rented a “garconiere” to meet people; she is falling for Billie who has been selling Ann erotic aquarelles.

Alf and his friends Sid and Ernest made Ann drunk and took nude pictures of Ann fornicating with them and with half a dozen strangers.  Tania had enticed Sam to have sexual intercourse with his own daughter Snuggle who has become a very experienced bitch by associating with Tania.  Sam got hold of Ann’s horny pictures and has lost it.  Sam is fucking simultaneously his wife and daughter and planning to invite Paris to an orgy party. After the party, Sam intends to beat up harshly Ann and Snuggle and send them packing to the good old USA.

Note: One night, I got up at 1 a.m. and could not go back to sleep because of a bout of sneezing. I read “opus pistorum” for three hours. I did not finish the book that morning. For 24 hours, I lived with a hard on and could not sleep, though I felt weak and needed to get some sleep. Miller would have described my walk as “a limping gait” throughout the day.

Women in Foreplay

I read a short post on foreplay.  I corrected a few typos and edited it my way, and the comments in parenthesis are mine.  I let her speak:

“Foreplay is a large part of the entire lovemaking experience. Most women will say that if a man knows the importance of foreplay, the experience will be greater for both partners.

There is no such thing as spending too much time on foreplay. The trick is to start intercourse when both partners are having a hard time controlling their desires. Foreplay comes in many forms from hugging, kissing, undressing each other, and all over body petting (oral sex optional).”

She goes on:

“Men who know how to enjoy sensitive foreplay and apply it to their partners will:

1. enjoy their sexual encounter more,

2. their partners will reach an orgasm more easily.

Most women need a lot of stimulation in order to reach an orgasm; and that is where foreplay comes in handy.

To reach this stage (orgasm) you need to understand what will make your partner hot.

Since all women are different, some enjoy gentle kissing while other prefer oral stimulation (including dirty verbal stimulation?).

Women also like to be complimented; tell her she looks beautiful, sexy, how much you appreciate her. Complimenting your partner awakes her sense of security and excitement.”

“Try to set the mood.

Make sure the room is warm, lighting subdued, and the sheets clean! ( Do not worry about that if you are spending the night at her place).

Often women spend a fortune on lingerie: it makes them feel sexy. Therefore, (stupid) kiss around and under the lingerie telling her how good she looks in it. Go as slow as you can; tease with kisses (the lingerie?), long and slow, fast and hard, lots of cuddles and hugs.

Most women complain their partners don’t kiss enough (they might be heavy smokers), just rush directly to the genital area. Don’t be shy (which gender?), experiment, and remember to prolong foreplay with kissing and cuddling.

If she enjoys her sexual experience then she will make sure you enjoy yours!!! (I repeat, men are not endowed to feeling sexual pleasures; they like to pleasure or gratify their “nice” partners).

Practice makes perfect (Virgin women cannot seem to take that advice at heart).”

Rationally, there should be high positve correlation between seduction skills and foreplay teaching skills.

It seems that this correlation applies to seductive men.  Women are much better in seduction, but lousy foreplay teachers.

That is why they prefer to teach kindergarten kids.  Unpracticed women tend to confuse seduction with intercourse.

Women display a wide array of seduction techinques and then play passive: it is more dignified.  They have been trained to remember that at the intercourse stage, love must be the driving force (meaning marriage?): “making love” must mean sharing love.

Actually, sharing is not the correct term.

On the first intercourse with any new beau, many women utter the sentence “You are mine!”, and all of them think it.

Women who swallowed their tongue at the last second, most probably got another occasion (with the same beau).

All that talk is irrelevant if the man is not “beau” or the women not that “belle”.

The longer time is invested in foreplay, the surer the indication that shared love is stronger.  Once this most practical of “quality time” is neglected, then signs of “fatigue” in a relationship emerge.

Man has to keep investing in foreplay if he values his partner and respect her needs to bloom and be of serious support and joyful companion.

3mol mneee7 wa keb bil ba7r.

Foreplay is always a quality time, regardless of genders.

Note: Not sure if that post was not my own creation and invention.

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Seduction Tales (June 9, 2009)

Are you an avid reader?  A few reminders of what you have read on seduction might be touching.

The French lady writer George Sand seduced the Venetian physician Pagello who was treating her sickly lover the poet Alfred de Musset by writing to him a series of questions such as:

“Would you be a master or a support?”

“Would you consol me of the suffering before I got to know you?”

“Would you understand why I am sad?”

“Do you know compassion, patience, and friendship?”

“Do you know that women have a soul even though you were raised to believe the contrary?”

“Would I be your companion or your slave?”

“Do you desire me or love me?”

“When you satisfy your passional urges would you thank me?”

“When I pleasure you would you tell me?”

“Do you know the soul desire that no human caress can numb or tire you?”

“When your lover sleeps in your arms do you keep awake gazing at her, praying and crying?”

“Does sex exhaust the moron in you or you are driven to divine ecstasy?”

“Does your soul survive to your body when you leave the bosom of your lover?”

The French novelist Stendhal fell in love with the divorced lady Mathilda.  He sent her letters such as:

“I know myself. I love you for the rest of my life.  Whatever you will do can never change the idea of you that stroke my soul; the idea of happiness of being loved by you; the idea that I have contempt for all that gave me pleasure without you.

I need you.  I am thirsty for you. I will give the rest of my life to have the luxury of talking with you of indifferent matters for just a quarter of an hour. I am leaving you to be present with you more frequently, to dare speak with you leisurely with al the energy and passion that devour me.”

Another one of Stendhal’s seductive letters reads:

“I have courage only when far from you. Close to you I am timid, like a boy as words expires on his lips; I just cannot resist but contemplating and admiring you.

Do I have to be reduced to an inferior state and as flat?  Love me Mathilda but never despise me. That agony is way above my forces.  I am afraid to displease you.”

Seduction is a patient and persistent act of proving generosity, attention to details in the loved one, and being “present” most of the time which is the best publicity for reminding the loved one that she can never feel lonely if she cares.

Seduction is a cultural phenomenon; warm and colorful environmental climate help a lot.

Did you visit the puritanical USA New England region or the northern cold part of Europe?  You might realize that seducing is an exceptionally rare occurrence there; people do not dare look at you frankly for fear of “losing control of the self” and of being caught unprepared.

Now visit Latin America, the non –Arab Africa, or the Philippines and you discover the dancing gait of people, the colorful dresses, and the generous genuine smiles.  The entire posture of the body, the gesture, and the gazing are seductive.

Seductive cultures show openness, readiness to please people they cross and meet, and openness for opinions and discussions; they act as if they are used to caressing and extending compassion.

It is such a fresh air to mix with cultured seduction.

Learn to seduce; abuse of seduction and let people feel appreciated, wanted, and desirable.

The simple generosity for pleasing others is the characteristic of genuine and confident people.

To seduce is to kill reality and to metamorphose into lure“.

Islam never neglected seduction; seducing in Islam used to be a culture of refinement; the process of knowing and learning how to seduce used to be part and parcel of constant discovering and an attitude of good behavior.

Love Tales (June 8, 2009)

The Moslem Caliph of Baghdad, Haroun Al Racheed, had expanded the Arab Empire to its apogee.  He still had insomnia thinking on the meaning and sensations of amorous passion; he wanted to learn more about love and desires, though he had all kinds of concubines.

Caliph Al Rasheed fell in love with his cousin Zubaida, and married her in 781, and she conserved her privilege in Haroun’s heart because of her intelligence and refinement.

The erudite Al Asmai described to the Caliph what love is:  “A light that illuminates the mind and permits life to vibrate through its radiation.”  Apparently, the caliph was satisfied enough to bestow a fortune to the interpreter.

Al Rasheed was the son of a powerful love affair between Caliph Al Mahdi and his concubine Khizarane whom he married.  The early caliphs liked to communicate with women more than with men: they had realize that women made the effort to increase knowledge in varieties of disciplines that Caliphs shared interest in such as poetry, playing musical instruments, medicine, theology, astronomy, and mathematics.

Ibn Hazm who lived in Andalusia (994-1064) was a prolific writer, scientist, statesman, and politician; he wrote the famous “Treatise of Love” which was translated in all kinds of languages and was the main source for Medieval Europe to educate their sentimental and chivalrous behaviors.

Have you ever fallen in love?  How do you know that someone is falling in love? Examples of Ibn Hazm description of falling in Love:

“When I get up to leave you, my gait resembles the one who is taken to be executed.  When I rejoin you, I hurry as the moon crosses the sky.  When I say good bye I am as slow as the fixed stars.”

When you move I follow you.   I take the same direction as yours as the chameleon trails after the sunshine. When you stop I contemplate you intently: the eye is the wide open door for the soul’s secrets.

When I speak to you I utter incongruities. I listen intently at anything you say, I am astonished of whatever you divulge to me, I acknowledge your opinions, and I believe your lies.”

“I feel sensational pleasure being squeezed with you in enclosed quarters.  I extend my hand toward the same object you desire to grab.  I love to drink from your same glass, where you placed your lips.  I am constantly aching to touch your hand and to lean on you.”

I am discovering that with you, what I loathed is gorgeous and colorful; what was hard is pretty easy to take and do.  My inert heart is burning amidst this storm.  I am ready to open up on my deepest secrets. If I had not met you I would have never known why my mother conceived me.”

The energy released by Eros is devastating and all consuming.  Falling in love is a transforming source of energy; it excites inert and dessicated hearts; it pacifies frenzied tendencies.

It is a bad sign when your lover acts normal when he meets with you or speaks evenly.  It is a bad omen when you realize that your lover has excellent appetite and is gaining weight.

Are you a man who likes mostly the company of men?

Are you a woman who likes mostly the company of women?

Then, most probably, you are seeking love in the wrong spheres of society.  Falling in love within the same gender is easier than facing the challenge of knowing a different type of love partner; routine communication is the sure way to killing a relationship.

Remember, in matter of feeling, an experienced man is twice better than a regular man; an experienced women is four times better than a novice girl.

Note: I translated many sections from the French manuscript “Love in the Moslem countries“. You may refer to my post “Seduction Tales” on how the French writer George Sand and the French novelist Stendhal describe “falling in love

Sex is Stupid: Ask Viagra (February 11, 2009)


            Do you know that the sex medicine molecule for impotence, named VIAGRA, happened to be an acronym for its discoverer Ronald Virag in 1980?  Doctor Virag tested a procedure of micro-injections of papaverine in the cavernous body of the penis.  A few years later, prostaglandin (secreted by the two glands seminal vesicles) had proven to have fewer side effects. 


With Viagra, the supposedly impotent old fart of a penis was shocked to be standing still “saluting the Chief”, for hours.  Could you imagine a situation more ridiculous than an elder man carrying a stupid face for an incongruous condition?  Many had to be admitted to hospitals for painful relief procedures, admittedly less painful than the erect position case.


Do you know that over 40% of men in the developed countries become impotent by the age of 40?  Male menopause or middle age difficulties are setting in early on, and psychologists are making fortunes with the high turnover rate of impotant male. To increase their hourly rate, psychologist bring up the Death symbolism.


For example, psychologists ask their hapless clients “Do you have the feeling that the world is crumbling underneath your feet?”  Guess what, the client invariably and candidly answers “That is exactly my feeling! I kind of have the impression that I have been dispossessed”


Naturally, the impotent male feels dispossessed of a woman to love or a 14-years old pretty boy… This is the time when a male obsessively observes himself and starts to have presentiment of his own mortality, an unimaginable occurrence as long as his prick reassured him of its vivacity. 

 Now the impotent is ready to bow his head for “le coup de grace”.  Most probably, the new impotent failed to observe the reactions of his mate for so long, a mate “who was content for once in a while, a night every month…” because she was tiring quickly of physical exercises.    

It is time for introspection.  It is time to ask fundamental questions “What is love”, “What happened to my youth?”, “Where did I go wrong?”, and “How could I have managed my health better?”


There is this deep misconception that the act of sex is a re-establishment of power or a confirmation of power.  Reality is proving that sex is actually the signing of the political agreement after negotiating a balance on the terms of liberty, choices, and responsibilities.  Holding sex is an act of power to express outrageous disagreement of the relationship, a sort of revolt.  Thus, when it is time to sign the truce, then Viagra is appropriate, occasionally.


Sex is stupid; that is why youth is exciting and attractive. As we rot with age, we long for our stupid youth.  Usually, those who rot fast and suddenly, are those who denigrated the pleasures of reading, writing, and reflecting in their healthier period.  As impotence sets in, they have got nothing to revert to or compensate for, but their stupid esthetic recollections of failed prowess and inconsistent masks, which never fooled any one.

If sex is conveyed as a stupid act, which any mindless individual can perform, and if youth are instructed that intercourse requires high emotional and cognitive capabilities, then probably the age of impotence would recede into a very old age. Thus, feeling cool about intercourse and investing more time on knowing the partner would achieve better performance for all concerned parties. 

Maybe then sexual intercourses would be more pleasurable and meaningful and would offer most of the answers for later years existentialist questions.

French women (January 19, 2009)

France is expected to become the most populous country in Europe within 50 years: 

1. France has currently the highest rate of procreation in Europe. 

2. The Sate is investing lavishly on “crèches” (kindergarten) so that 50% of mothers can work full-time. In fact, a mother of two can expect to earn $600 as family support;

3. Not a single political party even suggested that cuts on budget should affect family support.

Over 85% of French women in the age range of 50-59 have sexual intercourse compared to 65% of the Anglo counterparts (Brits and USA)

75% of the French women in the age range of 60-69 still indulge in intercourse; compared to the Anglo counterpart rate of 45%. 

In general, mature French women do not select men in order to have a lasting relationship. The motto is “It changes your life to be viewed as a woman”.   The corresponding Anglo-Saxon women have a description of a mature male “Try finding a woman over 50 on the internet.  They all want a retired gentleman worth over $100,000 per year, willing to tour the world, be athletic, a dance loving partner, loves crazily their pets, and has no one in charge of.

24 out of 30 school kids in Paris are of divorced couples. 

French actresses over 60 can expect to be offered a leading role, and not at all the roles of an old decrepit and complaining woman. 

Very matured public figure women flaunt their new acquired young beaux; they raise children without feeling the obligation to be officially wed.

Why French women consider elegance in attire, even at advanced age, as a national doctrine

The French/British actress Charlotte Rampling said it clearly

“It is the French men who render their French females beautiful and desirable”  There have been a lot more complicity between French males and females than in other cultures that set French women apart. 

Feminism in France raised the motto “Women want the power to seduce and be entitled to be seduced.  We are never going to have war of sexes in France.”




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