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Part 3. Genesis of Hezbollah of Lebanon: Accounts of Robert Fisk

I have published three articles on the genesis of Hezbollah: One article described the geopolitical and social context of Iran Islamic revolution, and the living condition of the citizens in south Lebanon during the 22 years of Israel occupation.

How the Lebanese resistance to the Israeli occupation, particularly Hezbollah, got organized, developed, and managed to kick out Israel in the year 2000 without preconditions or any negotiation?

It is recommended, in order to appreciate the facts, eye-witness accounts, and reports of Robert Fisk, which points to the creation of Hezbollah and how it started to resist Israel occupation of Lebanon from 1982 to 2000, to read

Robert Fisk wrote the book “Affliction of a Nation” and I am reading the Arabic translated version. Fisk was the correspondent to the British The Times in Beirut and covered Lebanon civil war for nine years. I am summarizing one of the chapters.

“By 1983, a tight bonding between the political demands of the citizens in the south and religious belief set in: A close relationship between seeking peace and tranquility in isolated south region of Lebanon and the duty to martyrdom.

Every blow suffered by Israel occupation force was perceived as a means to emulating what Imam Hussein Bin Ali endured in the battle of Karbalaa against the Omayyad dynasty.

When Israel foolishly named Karbalaa one of its hired factions of militias of “Lebanese guards” to maintain “peace and orders”, the Shias comprehended the gesture as direct blasphemy.

In early October 1983, Israel threatened to close the bridge of the Awali River, the only passage to the towns and villages in the south.  Sheikh Shams el Din declared “total civil disobedience to the Israeli occupation forces”.

On October 16, the 10th day of the religious ceremony of Ashoura, an Israeli military convoy barged amid the crowd in the square of Nabatieh.  The people pelted the Israeli soldiers with stones, overturned military vehicles, and set fire in them. Israel soldiers reacted by firing live ammunition, killing two and seriously injuring 7 worshipers.

Suheil Hamoura, 19 year-old, was one of the casualties, shot in the back. Suheil was not that religious, and he came from Beirut to visit his family for the holiday. Within a week, Israeli troops suffered 9 ambush attacks.  The Shia members in the stooges “South Lebanon Army” of Major Saad Haddad, resigned their posts and joined the Amal party, created by late Imam Moussa Sadr, and headed by Nabih Beri (current chairman of the parliament).

Many collaborators with Israel were  executed.  Italian landmine named Shatchi were planted on the sides of road.

Israel blamed the two sheikhs Ragheb Harb and Abbas Harb (no relation) to be behind the escalation.  Consequently, Israel bulldozed down the house of Abbas Harb in the town of Hallousieh, in January 1984. Young sheikh 3Adel Mo2ness replaced Abbas in leading the prayer.  He told me that a helicopter flew Abbas and 5 of the townspeople to the detention center in Tyr.  When Abbas was released, he was in a terrible condition.

Sheikh Ragheb was released and rumors spread that Israel intended to assassinate Ragheb.  He was indeed killed by 3 bullets on February 1984. Within a week of the assassination, Israeli troops suffered 15 ambushes.  Israel reacted by executing dozens of prisoners in Ansar prison.  When I was visiting the town of Adlun, two Israeli jet fighters flew very low over us.

A young member of Hezbollah pointed to the jets and said: “They have no power over us

In January 1984, Saad Haddad died of cancer and was replaced by General Antoine Lahd. Lahd was to sustain several assassination attempts, and one seriously injured him.  Dozens of Shias quit the “South Lebanon Army” and joined the Lebanese resistance movement.

One Christian soldier in that army told me: “The Israelis are all pimps:  They just abuse of us with daily chores“.  An Israeli soldier told me: “I don’t want to be here. Definitely, this Ariel Sharon is a testified lunatic

Israel began constructing bunkers, 60 meters long, 6 m wide, and 15 m high.  Military buses were always escorted by tanks. In April 12, 1984, the 20 year-old Ali Safi el Din crashed his car, packed with explosives, in an Israeli convoy at Jesr Deir Kanoun.  Ali had lost his brother who was detained in Israeli army headquarter in Type. (To be continued)

Note: You may read this previous article for the political context




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