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Notes and comments on FB and Twitter. Part 42

US and Russia set up a trap to Bashar: Their “intelligence services” guided Syria airforce to target a house claiming that Al Nusra leaders are meeting in. It turned out this house was a depot of chemical weapons.

No fighter planes over Syria for an indeterminate period: No Russian, US, Turkish, Israeli or Syrian planes over Syria’s skies. For how long? and why? Syrian army reduced to advance slowly until a “political” resolution is agreed upon by the superpowers

Des yeux gris-bleu, sans beauté. Les pleurs dilatant les pupils de l’adolescente sans seins et sans hanche. Et ses yeux apparaissent beaux par leur manque de beauté quand tout le visage s’éclaire. La petite devient belle.

Le geographe: Je dois essayer d’aller en ligne droite, pour faire une coupe du terrain, pour étudier la terre

Raphael: Tu ne pourras pas rencontrer des gens en allant en ligne droite. Comment peut-on étudier la terre sans les gens qui habitant dessus?

The military airfield in Sho3ayraat (Syria) was supposedly vacated from its fighter jets and modern weapons before the 59 tomahawk missiles strike. Another cowboy USA short-term benefit decision to satisfy all these baskets of deplorables in the USA, Saudi Kingdom, Netanyahu of Israel, and Erdogan of Turkey.

With age, the morning becomes a struggle: going through the process of getting functional, physically and mentally, to confront the waking hours

My Twitter account was hacked twice in 6 months. Apparently, when you confront serious issues, the number 200 followers becomes a threatening magic number.

59 tomahawks missiles launched on Syria? 29 reached destination with no serious damages since the airfield Al Sho3airaat was functional within the day. The first missiles crossed Lebanon airspace without permission. Where the 0ther 30 missiles landed? If they crossed Syria airspace in the north west part, they were destroyed and redirected by the Russian electronic system Krasuha-4 and by Russia defences.

Lebanese engineers finally elected a non-party chief Jad Tabeth, against vast coalition of traditional political parties. The popular movement is checking these rotten parties

Probably, this one-time missile attack on Syria was meant to free several attack ships to converge toward Korea?

Since we can grow cells, let’s grow skin stem cells and look younger: and engage in more wars

J’ai de bonnes raisons de croire que tu es hypocrite: ce sont les preuves tangibles qui me manquent

How could we see the darkness of the universe if Not for those few stars twinkling in the sky?

After focusing on the Knowledge, the wiser person senses when it is time to start the process of forgetting what we learned

Your skin can imprint the drawing of the stars locations in the sky: just lay down still for a very long time looking up

Hide the Queen of bees in one of your pocket then dance and bang slowly on a pan, or whatever in your place, and bees will converge and cover your body. Tricks are the miracles among the living.

Quand la folie persiste, on retourne vers le lieu d’ óu on est venu. Closure is the trademark of crazy people

Pope of Rome was to visit Egypt this April. Are the bombing of the 2 churches in Alexandria and Tanta meant to delay the visit?

C’est l’atmosphere invisible qui decide du sort des cultures et des batailles? Le sort de l’homme depend de l’atmosphere tangible de la femme

Quand on vit seul dans la montagne ou le desert pendant une année et qu’on ne rencontre personne, il est inevitable qu’un Dieu vous apparait dans un rêve comme une vision et qui pronounce: “Maintenant, tu peux retourner chez toi”

Credibility is key factor in cultured States for getting elected.

On blanchit tous les economies illegals: The foundation of US and British capitalist financial system

If developed States focus more on their internal markets, the external monetary fluctuation will stabilize

US State Tellerson: We are still dead serious to maintain our Manifest Destiny of remaining the policeman of the world

Her smile exhibited the beauty of her eyes

No civil war in current developed nations ended without a military Victor

The US wants Turkey and Israel to encroach on Syria territory up north and south to retain enclaves for the terrorists mercenaries

Does the US sincerely believe that it can maintain eastern Syria under its control in order to prevent a land highway among Iran, Iraq and Syria? And prevent a gas pipeline crossing these States?

Quel est mon avenir? Il reste le champ de l’âme et du rêve. Tu en occupe l’essentiel

Savoir prendre son temps: c’est un point qui peut tout, surtout en matiére de l’amour

Tu vois que je raisonne comme si tu avais envie de me retrouver. Moi, j’aimerais tant

Je vois dans ma vie embrouillée une clarté: Hors de toi tout s’obscurcit

After meeting you my love, there will be no longer absolute nights for me now: The solitude of death will be less of a solitude




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