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In a show of compassion and support for murdered and burned teen Muhammad Abu Khdeir’s grieving family.

DANIEL K. EISENBUD posted this July 8, 2014

Tag Meir, an anti-racism Israeli organization, is arranging to have over 600 Israelis visit the family’s mourning tent in Shuafat neighborhood in (East Jerusalem) Tuesday afternoon..

Shuafat riots

Suha, mother of Mohammed Abu Khudair, shows a picture of her son on her mobile phone at their home in Shuafat. Photo: REUTERS

The gesture comes after the east Jerusalem neighborhood became embroiled in riots for days following the kidnapping and brutal killing of the 16-yearold teen, whose body was found in the Jerusalem Forest after being burned alive.

As of Monday evening, Tag Meir’s Facebook page, which features a photo of Abu Khdeir, showed that 615 of 4,500 invited guests have confirmed they will attend the gathering, with nearly 200 replying “maybe.”

The page has garnered hundreds of comments of support.

“The visit is coordinated with the Abu Khdeir family, which welcomes and is moved by our upcoming arrival at their mourning tent,” the group said.

To accommodate the outpouring of supporters, Tag Meir is chartering several buses to pick up participants at 4 p.m. in front of the capital’s International Convention Center. (Since when was Jerusalem the Capital of Israel?? Isn’t Tel Aviv)

Note: As long as children in Israeli schools are taught to hate the Palestinians as their enemies, all these Israeli Peace and anti-racism organizations have missed the core of what should be done in legislating and monitoring the teaching materials and the teachers.




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