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What is this Human Spirit? Growing tendency to get detached from Nature?

This humble and confident force of Nature is being challenged by the feverish pride of modern mankind and adopting dictatorial attitudes of the romantic spirit.

Nature doesn’t care for mankind species: It follows its course as if he didn’t exist.

Nature likes the lowly kinds of species that are in mesh with, takes what it needs and restitutes all of it. Besides, these lower species aid nature to flourish, be more beautiful, colourful and more fertile.

Kids living in rural areas are unable to observe nature: They form an intrinsic part of nature that they fail to observe. There will come a time for them to grow and be able to feel detached from Nature and start to observe and appreciate nature at its right value.

The 19th century was the dividing line between the savage and the spiritual mankind: we have transformed Nature to the extent that we acquired this illusion that we can live and prosper without nature.

The colonization and exploitation of Nature was the main slogan: The more Nature is spoiled, the greater the hero shine in mankind.

We are the epitome of the “sick mankind“, mostly spiritual because we are ill and recognize our despairing position.

The frequent instances that pressure us to get detached from Nature render us sick and sicker, physically and morally. We go into these apathetic and melancholic phases that generate nothing, at least nothing of value to anyone.

The strongest spiritual category in mankind is the one who recognizes its limitations and absorbs this humiliating fact that nature care less for his being.

Modern mankind and Nature are at opposite poles.

Mankind is behaving as a brute rebel never satisfied and wants absolute power.

This spirit of independence, of pride, of opposition, of emancipation is extended toward Nature.

We are intertwined with nature but we keep rebelling against nature at every opportunity.

We want to be totally detached from nature, to be the “sick species” struggling to extend its life-force against all odds.

Our source of sympathy for the sick people is the recognition of our despairing situation, our painful struggle for a less tenuous survival state.

Some kind of compromise is necessary to compose with this devastating insane spirituality, against the ultimate materialistic and uncompromising Nature.

The compromise is evidently one sided since nature behaves as if it has no one to negotiate with.

A compromise that will give back to Nature its due rights and gain a sense of normalcy and appreciation in our behaviors.

These waves of mysticism are highly correlated with increased feeling of forced detachment from Nature. We replace the reality of nature and superimpose a wide range of fictitious supra powers, para-nature and give them all kinds of names with capabilities that cannot be demonstrated or measured.

All these fictitious powers revolve around something called God, the creator of something out of nothing, of hidden forces, of universal attraction or connection among people…

And yet, we have got to contend with nature, with Earth, with wind, rain, typhoons, tsunamis, cyclones, thunderstorms, hurricane, tornadoes, draught, ice age…




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